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Strengthen cleansing and moisturizing, which is not as good as moisturizing products. Indiscriminate use of toner may cause sensitization.

Strengthen cleansing and moisturizing, which is not as good as moisturizing products. Indiscriminate use of toner may cause sensitization.

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As the weather gets cooler, skin care products also need to change seasonally. It needs to be refreshing in spring and summer, and moisturized in autumn and winter.

After removing makeup and cleansing, do I still need to apply toner?

Brand A’s toner claims it can remove excess oil; Brand B claims it can replenish moisture; Brand C claims it can shrink pores. What exactly does toner do? Does it apply to everyone?

Family doctor Ye Rongrong

Dr. Wang Qingrong, Department of Dermatology and Venereology

(Hong Kong News) The Hong Kong Consumer Council earlier tested 25 toners on the market, and 9 of them were found to contain a total of 6 allergenic fragrances, 3 did not contain relevant allergens on the packaging, and 3 had high alcohol concentrations. at 10%.

What exactly does toner do? Is it to remove oil and cleanse, or to moisturize and moisturize? Different brands have different claims. For example, they claim that it can further cleanse and condition the skin after cleansing, remove residual dirt, oil and cosmetic residues on the face, provide a slight moisturizing effect, balance sebum secretion, tighten pores, adjust the pH value of the skin, or it can Follow-up skin care products provide better absorption.

Should be used according to individual skin type

Are the above claims true? Family doctor Ye Rongrong pointed out that generally speaking, the basic ingredients of toner are water, solvents, moisturizers, softeners and additives. Different brands add additional ingredients to achieve specific effects, such as adding antioxidants such as green tea extract or vitamin C, claiming to provide anti-aging effects; or adding soothing agents, anti-inflammatory agents, plant extracts, salicylic acid, etc. Different ingredients such as acid, hyaluronic acid and glycerin.

Many people are accustomed to using toner after cleansing and regard it as an indispensable skin care routine. However, Ye Rongrong does not think so.

“The main function of cleansing products is to remove dirt and oil, while toners are used to further cleanse, but it is not a necessary step. Whether to use it or not depends on individual skin type and needs. Excessive cleansing may increase the risk of allergies.”

As for some people using it as a moisturizer or essence, Ye Rongrong pointed out that toner is mainly used to clean the skin; emollient products are mainly used to moisturize and lock in moisture.

“Even if toners on the market have moisturizing effects, their moisturizing effect is usually not as good as emollient products that specifically target moisturizing ingredients. If the skin needs moisturizing, it is recommended to directly use emollient products containing water-locking, moisturizing, and moisturizing ingredients.”

Ye Rongrong analyzes the claimed effects of common toners in the market.

Use with different products

Question: Can toner solve any problems?

answer:Toner is not a panacea, its main function is to cleanse. Everyone’s skin needs are different, and you can’t expect toner to solve all problems. Other effects, such as moisturizing, antioxidant, antibacterial, etc., usually need to be used with skin care products with different active ingredients. To understand the function of toner, it is best to judge the product ingredients and choose a product that suits your skin type and needs.

Can’t open skin channel

Question: Can toner open the door of skin absorption and better absorb moisturizing products?

answer:Toner does not open the skin channels, it just helps clean the skin and provides a clean surface for subsequent skin care products, making it easier for the skin to contact and absorb skin care products.

Cannot replace the function of facial mask

Question: Can toner be used as a facial mask?

answer:Toner usually cannot replace the function of a facial mask. While some toners contain soothing or moisturizing ingredients, the concentration of these ingredients is usually low enough to provide the same benefits as a facial mask.

Facial masks usually contain high concentrations of active ingredients that penetrate the skin layers over a period of time to provide moisturizing and repairing benefits.

Alcohol causes dry skin

Q: Toner can control oil and prevent acne, especially if it contains alcohol, it can remove grease and disinfect”

answer:Alcohol has degreasing and bactericidal properties, and can remove oil and disinfect. However, it can also cause skin dryness, which is more serious for people with sensitive skin. Excessively dry skin will stimulate the secretion of oil glands, exacerbating the problem of excess oil. In addition, long-term use of alcohol-containing toners will damage the skin barrier and make the skin more susceptible to external irritation.

Ye Rongrong pointed out that the Consumer Council report is of reference value, especially that it points out that some toners contain allergenic fragrances, which may cause allergic reactions on the skin such as itching and redness. Alcohol, that is, toners with a high concentration of ethanol, can cause dryness of the skin and can also Increased risk of allergies.

Remove residual dirt——Doctors believe that the function of toner is to remove the remaining dirt and oil on the face. It is not a necessary step. The suitability should be determined according to the needs of the skin type.

Moisturizing products –To moisturize your skin, it is recommended to use emollient products that contain moisture-locking, moisturizing, and moisturizing ingredients.

Reduce fat and treat acne A acid increases risk of skin peeling

For people with excessive oil secretion and severe acne problems, using alcohol-based toner may not solve their skin problems.

Dermatology and venereology doctor Wang Qingrong points out that for oily skin and acne problems, the skin must be properly cleansed and moisturized, coupled with healthy diet and living habits.

A acid drugs are for external use orally

“The causes of acne are closely related to lifestyle habits. For example, irregular work schedules, eating a lot of greasy, high-sugar foods, and dairy products will increase oil secretion and cause acne. If the acne problem is serious, you should consult a doctor to discuss appropriate treatment options.”

“The market is filled with various products for treating acne.

Among them, A acid is regarded as the killer of acne.

Vitamin A can be obtained from animal livers and plants.

It can derive A ester (retinyl ester), A aldehyde (retinaldehyde),

A alcohol (retinol), A acid (retinoic acid);

Among them, acid A has the highest strength. “

Wang Qingrong pointed out that medical research and clinical experience have proven that A acid can effectively reduce oil secretion, pore clogging, and acne formation, promote short-term cell metabolism, treat acne, and have anti-inflammatory effects. A-acid drugs are divided into topical and oral drugs. Topical A-acid is the first-line drug for treating acne, while oral drugs are used for moderate or severe acne problems.

However, A acid is a drug prescribed by a doctor and needs to be used under medical supervision. He explained that when topical A-acid drugs are applied, the application area is more likely to become dry, increasing the risk of peeling, and may cause redness, stinging and itching reactions. Mild cleansing products and regular application of moisturizing cream are needed to reduce side effects; in addition, Avoid using fruit acids or other irritating cleansing and skin care products at the same time, and avoid exposure to the sun.

Taking it during pregnancy increases the risk of teratogenesis

As for oral A acid drugs, it may cause dry eyes, itchy eyes, burst lips, etc. Using high-concentration drugs may dry out the nasal mucosa and cause nosebleeds. If you take A-acid drugs for a long time, you must draw blood regularly to check liver enzyme and blood lipid levels.

“Taking acid-A drugs during pregnancy will increase the risk of teratogenesis. Therefore, women who plan to become pregnant must stop taking oral or topical acid-A drugs for a period of time before they can become pregnant.”

There are many products on the market claiming to be A-acid products. He pointed out that most of these are A-alcohol products. Alcohol A, also known as retinol, is a low-dose A acid with low irritation and is mostly used for external use. It can help lighten spots, reduce fine lines and improve skin texture.

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