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Straight to Summer Davos: Foreign guests also use mobile payment

Straight to Summer Davos: Foreign guests also use mobile payment

  After four years,The “Summer Davos Annual Meeting” restarted,Guests from all over the world gathered in Tianjin again,The international guests were pleasantly surprised to find:“Tianjin is more open and international!”

  Whether it is Tianjinairport, hotel,stillthe mostTianjin Folklorefeatureof“Jinmen Hometown” Ancient Culture Street,More and more places on the streets of Tianjin have blueAlipay+ logo, guide overseasguestscan also be likelocallike people,It is convenient to come to Chinafreelyto use mobile payment.

  closeOn the 1st, the Tianjin Municipal Government issued the “Action Plan for Tianjin to Accelerate the Construction of an International Consumption Center City (2023-2027)” (hereinafter referred to as the “Plan”), it is clear that by 2027, the number of domestic and foreign tourists will reach 320 million, and domestic and international tourism spending will exceed 500 billion yuan. A gathering place of consumer resources and a well-known tourist destination in the country have become a beautiful business card to show the style of a large domestic market.

  Previously,ChinaThe Tianjin Branch of the People’s Bank of China actively promotes the improvement of the mobile payment environment for inbound tourists to consume in Tianjin. At present, international guests attending the conference can use overseas bank cards to bind Alipay to enjoy a more convenient payment experience.

  “forImprove foreign nationals’TianjinConsumer experience, after communicating with the Alipay team,We quickly plugged into the service. Through all-staff training, we let all staff know this work and be familiar with the operation process. During this period of time, users have reported that the usage is very good.They said that like a local, wherever you go, wherever you buy, China Mobile Payment is really convenient!Wu Qingying, the person in charge of Lianshengzhai, a time-honored Jinmen brand that has been operating hand embroidery in Guwenhua Street for 20 years, said.

  Since the first half of this yearAlipay Uniteddomestic and overseasPartners, further upgrade overseas usersservice plan.According to reports,Provided by Ant GroupAlipay+cross-border payments and technology solutions,Overseas touristscome to Chinainland,Same as domestic residentsEnjoy a convenient mobile payment experience,accomplish“Acell phoneTravel all over China“.

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