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STO Express connects to Cainiao Smart Warehouse Distribution and launches next-day delivery in some areas

STO Express connects to Cainiao Smart Warehouse Distribution and launches next-day delivery in some areas

On May 24, Cainiao and STO Express announced that they would launch a logistics upgrade plan for key economic circles across the country and launch a next-day delivery service for smart warehouse distribution.

It is reported that the first batch of Cainiao smart warehouses will be launched to deliver next-day delivery, relying on 15 Cainiao warehouses in the four major warehouse groups of Wuhu in Anhui, Jiaxing in Zhejiang, Guangzhou in Guangdong and Foshan, covering categories such as consumer electronics and beauty care, and STO Express will be in charge. Collection and distribution, providing committed next-day delivery services for major cities in the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta economic circles. When consumers place an order on Taobao Tmall, they can see the eye-catching “next day delivery” logo on the product details page, as well as the promise of compensation for late arrivals.

Cainiao Smart Warehouse Delivery sets two new records in the industry: the cut-off time is as late as 10:00 p.m. Compared with the industry’s usual stop of collection from 4:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Cainiao takes 6 hours more and takes 90% of orders a day Achieve next-day delivery, and the average speed of each package is 8 hours. At the same time, redefining the next-day delivery, no longer calculates the timeliness according to general express delivery from pick-up to receipt, but realizes about 30 hours of fulfillment in the whole link from payment to receipt, which is the real next-day delivery.

This is another new warehouse distribution product launched by Cainiao Supply Chain in March this year after the launch of the preferred warehouse distribution half-day delivery. The former focuses on the ultimate experience, while the latter focuses on the ultimate cost performance. This is also considered by the industry to be Cainiao’s further development of “volume” services, and to meet the diversified needs of merchants by providing tiered services for merchants.

The joint venture between Cainiao and STO has attracted much attention from the outside world. Talking about the reasons for the cooperation, Shuai Yong, vice president of Cainiao Group and general manager of the domestic supply chain division, and Wang Wenbin, president of STO Express, introduced that the products are jointly created by the two parties to achieve complementary advantages and resources.

Among them, the Cainiao supply chain has more than 30 million square meters of warehouses in China. Many merchants will take the initiative to type the words “Cainiao warehouse delivery” on the product details page of Taobao Tmall. Cainiao warehouse delivery has become a fast delivery and good experience. synonym. As for STO Express, the time limit for signing a visa has been shortened to 44 hours recently, which is the best over the years and ranks first in the industry.

This cooperation is based on Cainiao’s long-term digital intelligence capabilities. Driven by digital intelligence and in-depth collaboration, the two parties have realized the integrated connection operation of warehouses and distribution networks, ensuring the speed and efficiency of the entire link. Shentong also specially opened the green channel for the distribution center to arrive on the next day, which can be distributed immediately when it arrives; it has built a special trunk channel to start the car on a regular basis, and at the same time, it has improved the service quality without causing a significant increase in costs.

Baseus Technology is the leading brand in the industry. In 2023, Baseus has become the top 1 brand in the 3C digital accessories industry. The company’s products have been shipped by Cainiao warehouse for four years. According to Han Mianjun, the logistics director of the company, after the next-day delivery of Cainiao Smart Warehouse Delivery, Baseus’ return rate due to timeliness has dropped by 40%. It is estimated that this alone can save millions of expenses throughout the year.

It is reported that the current Cainiao supply chain has formed eight professional networks covering light and small items, large items and cold chain, covering more than 2,800 districts and counties across the country. The preferred warehouse distribution under Cainiao Supply Chain, through self-operated warehouses and self-operated distribution capabilities, has launched a half-day delivery service, which has covered many cities such as Hangzhou, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, and will achieve full coverage of cities with a population of tens of millions within this year. Cainiao Smart Warehouse provides next-day delivery. Cainiao’s self-operated warehouses cooperate with STO Express to allow merchants to use economical express delivery to deliver next-day delivery. It is expected that Cainiao warehouses in the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta economic circles will realize smart warehouse delivery within this year. Full coverage of the day.

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