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Stay away from dandruff trouble Moon’s Vitality Shampoo lets you bid farewell to “hair like snow”

In daily life, many people sometimes have this embarrassing phenomenon: how pleasing to the eye is a head of black and beautiful hair from a distance. Looking closely, the shoulders are full of dandruff…Why can’t the dandruff always be washed off? Many people are deeply distressed by this. According to the questionnaire in the “China’s Dandruff Distress Index White Paper” released by the Chinese Medical Association, 2/3 of the respondents have had dandruff problems, and nearly 95% of the respondents have relapsed. It can be said that dandruff is a problem for Chinese people. It has been a long time.

Aiming at common skin care problems such as dandruff among Chinese people, the cutting-edge skin care brand Yuezhisheng has been researched and developed for a long time, and through an exclusive professional scientific formula, it has launched a scalp maintenance shampoo, focusing on solving various scalp health problems. Since its launch, it has been well received by Chinese people trust.

Deep anti-dandruff nourishes the scalp

Modern studies have found that human dandruff is mainly due to the exfoliated cuticle cells of the scalp, and partly due to seborrheic dermatitis or local inflammatory stimulation leading to excessive hyperplasia of the cuticle. The generation of dandruff is closely related to the dysfunction of stratum corneum. Therefore, in order to solve the problem of dandruff, in addition to timely removing the exfoliated cuticle in the scalp, it is also necessary to improve the function of abnormal cuticle.

For this reason, Moon Life has added PENTAVITIN®, a sugar isomer with anti-dandruff and moisturizing effects, to this scalp care shampoo. This ingredient can simulate the natural moisturizing process of the skin, lock in moisture, and at the same time uniquely combine with the free amino group of lysine in skin keratin, thereby improving the scalp environment, naturally achieving the purpose of deep anti-dandruff and nourishing the scalp.

Control oil and relieve itching on both sides

In real life, many people have dandruff, oily scalp and itchy scalp at the same time. The data in the “White Paper on China’s Dandruff Difficulty Index” also shows that 55% of the interviewees troubled by dandruff have symptoms of itchy head, and more than 49.5% of the interviewees have the problem of excessive scalp oil. This is because the scalp secretes too much oil due to greasy diet, staying up late and other reasons, and the metabolism of scalp cells is accelerated, which leads to the symptoms of increased dandruff. Therefore, in order to completely solve the dandruff problem, oil control and itching are also necessary.

In this regard, this scalp maintenance shampoo specially added patented[1]Plant oil control factor, composed of Forsythia extract and Anemarrhena root extract, combined with Pueraria mirifica root extract, can astringe the scalp, shrink pores, inhibit the activity of sebaceous glands, control oil secretion and release, and reduce scalp oil from deep in the scalp. Suppresses scalp production. At the same time, in order to improve the scalp itching associated with dandruff and prevent dandruff from scratching more and more, the plant-sourced maltotetraose (TETRUP) is added to the Lunar Vitality Scalp Maintenance Shampoo, which can improve allergic chronic itching and make the scalp more comfortable. Refreshing and soothing without burden.

In addition, the addition of 4D hyaluronic acid, squalane and other ingredients in Moon’s Vitality Scalp Care Shampoo can also better nourish and protect the hair and scalp.

Stay away from dandruff, say goodbye to “snowy hair”. In addition to starting from the inside, controlling diet and changing bad living habits, you also need to choose the right shampoo products. Moon’s Vitality Scalp Maintenance Shampoo adds targeted active ingredients for various scalp problems, creates a good environment for the scalp, and restores your healthy scalp!

  [1]Patent No.: ZL200910048788.2, a combination of traditional Chinese medicine and its application

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