Start with payment, expand with service | The development path of Yeka


Since the emergence of mobile payment, there have been more and more related companies and brands on the market. It is undeniable that their emergence has given the market great convenience and has also promoted the development of the payment industry to a certain extent. As one of them, Yeka has not only provided convenience to merchants over the years, but also innovatively launched a variety of services to provide strong support for merchants to retain consumers.

From an industry perspective, based on payment business, the use of blockchain technology can help merchants provide marketing and promotion services. In addition, there are application scenarios such as blockchain electronic invoices. Taking Yuohuiquan as an example, Yeka Technology provides a tool based on the WeChat applet. Merchants can create discount coupons, cash coupons, vouchers, package coupons, etc. through the WeChat applet. After these coupons are created, they are not placed on the public domain traffic platform, but directly fissioned through WeChat to help merchants conduct private domain traffic operations. In addition, all coupons are on the chain, with security and traceability, ensuring the safety and convenience of the transaction process.

As a company focusing on mobile payments, Yeka has always regarded payment as the basis for building an ecosystem. Together with its massive data assets, Yeka uses Internet thinking and the ability to integrate and process information to help small and medium-sized merchants digitally transform. Taking smart catering as an example, it can help merchants achieve intelligence from the back kitchen to the front end to taking takeout orders. It doesn’t matter even if a merchant does not have customer acquisition resources. Yeka Technology uses precision marketing services to help merchants attract customer groups (C-end traffic users) within 3 to 5 kilometers of the surrounding area and match the needs of merchants and C-end consumers. .

Against the backdrop of new consumption upgrades, Yeka Technology’s technological research and development capabilities are reflected in Yeka’s various business models. Yeka Technology uses advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing to launch a variety of smart service products such as Juhui Scan and Yuehui Circle, which can effectively help merchants reduce order execution rates and achieve accurate customer acquisition. By developing an intelligent risk control platform, Yeka Technology makes risk interception more real-time, accurate, and intelligent, fully guaranteeing users’ information security and financial security, and truly realizing the use of technology to bring new service value and user experience to merchants and consumers.

In order to help more merchants operate conveniently, Yeka has been continuously innovating and established its own mature service system to provide effective, convenient and safe solutions for multiple industries. We look forward to Yeka being able to provide better payment services and marketing solutions in the future, allowing every merchant to leverage the power of digitalization to achieve longer-term development.


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