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“Start and build new” Tianjin Wangfujing Outlet Supplier Conference and 10th Anniversary Event Press Conference was successfully held

“Start and build new” Tianjin Wangfujing Outlet Supplier Conference and 10th Anniversary Event Press Conference was successfully held

On December 1st, the “Start and Create New” Tianjin Wangfujing Outlet Supplier Conference and 10th Anniversary Event Press Conference was held inCrowne Plaza Airportheld.nearly a hundredWangfujing Outletimportant brandsPartners gather together to witnessTianjinTen years of Wangfujing Outletcoursediscussing the development trends of the outlet retail industry, and discussing how new retail can create change and empower,At the same time, the Tianjin Wangfujing Outlet 10th anniversary series of activities was officially released.

Tempering and deep plowing outstanding achievements

Tianjin New Yansha OutletOpened in December 2013, it is the first out-of-town store invested by the original Beijing Shougang Group and managed and operated by Beijing Yansha Outlet. At the beginning of 2022, Wangfujing Group and Beijing Shougang Group completed the merger and reorganization. Wangfujing Outlet Management Company officially took over the operation and management, and officially changed its name to: Wangfujing Outlet·New Yansha Town.

Over the past ten years, Tianjin Wangfujing Outlet has been deeply involved in the local area, always adhering to a customer-centered business philosophy, keeping up with fashion trends, constantly adjusting and optimizing its brand portfolio, and providing consumers with more diversified shopping options.As a business card of Tianjin, Wangfujing OutletPay attention to the organic integration of culture, business and tourism,It creates a new consumption scenario with multi-dimensional experiences such as culture, entertainment, shopping, leisure, and tourism.It has just been recognized as a tourism and leisure demonstration district in Tianjin.Become a shining commercial landmark and provide Tianjin withbonded areaEconomic development has injected new vitality.

In 2023, Tianjin Wangfujing Outlet will seize the opportunities in the post-epidemic era and face the difficulties. Through brand adjustment,environmentMany effective measures such as landscape improvement and diversified activities have delivered a brilliant report card.Tianjin Wangfujing OutletMs. Bai Lijin, Deputy General ManagerIntroduction, this year so far,projectThe brand adjustment rate reaches60%, a brand with sales reaching tens of millions of storesnumbercompareIncrease by 83% in 2022.Overall annual salesForehead,Annual passenger flow,New membernumberboth hitting record highs.

Ten years of great contributions Participate in the grand event

The 10th anniversary store celebration is superimposed on the year-end promotion. Tianjin Wangfujing Outlet carefully plans many preferential activities, innovates marketing methods, and joins hands with many big brands to create a shopping carnival for consumers.Festival.Hot-selling subsidies, exclusive purchases for anniversary celebrations, full discounts and rebates, interactive prizes for full purchases, gifts for large orders, etc.N-number of surprise promotions will be launched one after another, with big brands gathered and low prices to enjoy. Consumers will have a shopping feast at Tianjin Wangfujing Outlet. Member activities also launch many blockbuster “drama”, and the benefits are unprecedented.

To celebrate the tenth anniversary,oneA series of unique activities will also be staged.In early December, the “Ten Lai Operation” city parade;In mid-December, large-scale Year of the Dragon displays and “Blessings” themed series of exhibition installations will be presented in the mall one after another, waiting for you to interact and check in to welcome good luck in the New Year;On December 23, the Guochao dragon and lion performance will kick off the 10th anniversary celebration, and 10-year memberships will be awarded on site.present,Share a thousand birthday cakes;December 31On the occasion of New Year’s Eve,There is also a lottery carnival, atOn the occasion of the 10th anniversary and the New Year, join the vast number of consumers in celebrating the New Year.

Upgrade and plastic new Let’s go to the future together

Faced with many changes such as the iteration of customer groups, changes in consumption characteristics and structure, and the normalization of coexistence of online and offline competition, Tianjin Wangfujing Outlet also urgently needs product upgrades to adapt to the changes of the times.In this regard, Tianjin Wangfujing OutletMr. Sun Zhiqiang, Assistant General ManagerThe introduction said that we will launch a series of upgrade plans. First, the catering business will be upgraded and will be built into a systematic catering district to allow customers to feel the atmosphere of fireworks. The second is the upgrade of business groups, which will create a number of characteristic business clusters such as a jewelry gold area, entertainment and video game area, and fast fashion area. The third is scene upgrade.neighborhoodThe interior highlights the sense of design and space. Fourth, marketing activities have been upgraded.Activities with themes such as trendy toys, art, and environmental protection will be planned, as well asCoffee, cute pets, desserts, camping, etc. will be organizedmarketActivity.The fifth is self-upgrading, fromcustomer service,environmentpromoteSoftware and hardwaremanyComprehensive improvement at all levels.

Outlet in the new era and new environmentfaceInnovation and change,Tianjin Wangfujing OutletWith a new layout and new thinking, we will keep up with changes in consumer demand, focus on market hot trends, continue to introduce various first stores, rare categories and business formats, and strengthen project product capabilities and conferences.brand partnersThey all expressed congratulations on the tenth anniversary of Tianjin Wangfujing Outlet, and hoped to continue to develop hand in hand with the outlet, focus on the future, and embark on a new journey together. I believe that Tianjin Wangfujing Outlet will continue to work with the outlet.brand partnerLet’s write new glory together.

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