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Start a new healthy lifestyle in the new year! GINTELL S7 Plus second generation 8-hand fitness chair “Buy 1 Get 5 Free” | Business News

Start a new healthy lifestyle in the new year! GINTELL S7 Plus second generation 8-hand fitness chair “Buy 1 Get 5 Free” | Business News

New Year, New Me! Although this statement makes some people very unhappy and say that the New Year is new, you are still you!

It is true that you will not immediately look new as you enter a new year. However, you can take advantage of the New Year to set a new goal for yourself, such as starting a new healthy lifestyle.

At this time, the GINTELL S7 Plus second generation 8-hand fitness chair will be your great help. Why?

Let’s take a look at the highlights of GINTELL S7 Plus second generation 8-hand fitness chair one by one!

First of all, as the latest member of the GINTELL wellness chair series, GINTELL S7 Plus is equipped with the second-generation 8-D double rollers, which allows you to feel that there are 4 masseurs and 8 massage hands massaging the whole body, hands, shoulders, etc. at the same time. Back and arms, allowing you to enjoy a comprehensive and thorough massage.

In addition, the world’s first 178° L-Flex track of GINTELL S7 Plus is the first dual-track massage track in Malaysia, where the “L” stands for Lumbar. This means that its unique flexibility allows the massage track to be tilted and adjusted at different angles, adapting precisely to the upper and lower back.

Unlike other massage chairs, this design tilts at an angle of 178°, allowing us to lie upright as if sleeping on a bed. In addition, it adjusts to the curves of your body for massage, allowing the massage rollers to precisely target the right nerves, especially in the lower back and waist. Massaging the lower back and lumbar spine helps maintain good posture and relieves stress on the lower back.

The Thai massage is a full-body stretch meter enhanced by a 178° L-Flex track and second-generation 8-D double rollersrow, which is tilted at an angle of 230° to help stretch the body from the neck to the feet

This function was developed and built by Datuk Seri Liang Runjiang, a famous domestic ironsmith. Not only can it help users perform slight stretching exercises, it can also relax joints and improve body coordination and agility!

Exclusive AI biological fatigue scanning technology

Next, GINTELL S7 Plus has exclusive AI fatigue scanning technology. Its AI scan (AI Fatigue Bio-Scan System) system can scan and measure heart rate, blood oxygen and fatigue index, just on the “thumb surface”Touch the “board” for 30 seconds to customize a suitable massage program based on your current index.

GINTELL S7 Plus also has the first 360° heat therapy function. The air bags can heat the back, waist and feet.body parts.It also has a criss-crossing, cape-like strap that goes over the belly and is heated to help with overall reliefMuscle tension and relaxation of abdominal muscles, and relief from muscle spasms or pain caused by menstrual cramps and more.

In addition, GINTELL S7 Plus’ brain soothing therapy can improve sleep quality and relieve psychological stress.The therapy willPlay soft and soothing background music during the massage to easily create a peaceful atmosphere, effectively soothing and relaxingnerve.

In addition to the regular AI voice control or touch screen controller, just download the GINTELL Super App OS from Google Play Store and App Store, and you can control the fitness chair through the Bluetooth connection of your smartphone and the app.

GINTELL S7 Plus second generation 8-hand wellness chair provides 20 automatic programs, 11 unique massage techniques, adjustableMassage speed and 4D intensity up to 5 levels, wireless charging port and USB connector, VI memory program andRelaxing Zen Light that enhances the user’s mood and surrounding ambience.

GINTELL Chinese New Year promotion buy one get five free!

If you want to become a true New Me in the New Year, what you need now is action!

By purchasing the GINTELL S7 Plus second-generation 8-hand wellness chair now, CIMB users can not only enjoy up to 60 months of zero-interest installments, starting from only RM1XX per month, but also buy one, get five free. During the promotion period, you can enjoy additional rebates of up to RM1,988, a warranty period of up to 3 to 5 years, 1 leather replacement warranty, free door-to-door delivery and free installation (*Terms and conditions apply).

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