“Starlight Bright Future of Calligraphy and Painting” Dream Calligraphy and Painting Public Welfare Exhibition officially opened-Times Finance-Northern Network

“Starlight Bright Future of Calligraphy and Painting” Dream Calligraphy and Painting Public Welfare Exhibition officially opened-Times Finance-Northern Network

On April 1, when the 16th “World Autism Care Day” is approaching, CPIC Blue Public Welfare Foundation, Huangpu Binjiang Party Building, and Xiaodongmen Street in Huangpu District jointly organized the autism care theme event “Starlight Bright Calligraphy and Painting Future” Dream Calligraphy and Painting Public Welfare Exhibition officially opened in Shanghai Huangpu Binjiang. Li Zhongxing, Deputy Secretary of the Huangpu District Committee of the Communist Party of China, Dai Guangming, Vice Chairman of Shanghai Disabled Persons’ Federation, Song Hanguang, Chairman of Shanghai Notes Exchange Co., Ltd. Ji Zhengrong, chairman and honorary vice chairman of CPIC Blue Public Welfare, Ma Xin, vice president of China Pacific Insurance and chairman of Pacific Health Insurance, and other leaders attended the opening ceremony. Binjiang Party Building, Xiaodongmen Sub-district, a number of caring enterprises, autism schools, representatives of institutions and relevant people from China Pacific Insurance participated in the event.

  Stick to the original heart Make public welfare more warm

In his speech, Li Zhongxing pointed out that the public welfare action of the “Children of Star Core” Dream Calligraphy and Painting Thousand Talents Cultivation Program is a fruitful result of the regional party building joint construction project in Xiaodongmen Street, and it is also a vivid practice of party building leading grassroots governance. The development of public welfare and charity is an important part of the continuous improvement of urban civilization. It is hoped that the majority of public welfare organizations will adhere to the principle of “the party and the government are most concerned, the disadvantaged groups are most in need, and donors are most willing”, and effectively use public welfare resources in the most critical links of high-quality development and in places where people’s livelihood is most needed. Lay the foundation of Happiness Huangpu more solidly and more firmly. It is hoped that CPIC Blue Charity will keep pace with the times, grasp the connotation of the era of public welfare undertakings, continue to develop high-quality public welfare projects, accurately implement public welfare assistance activities, and contribute to economic and social development.

Ji Zhengrong said that China Pacific Insurance attaches great importance to assuming social responsibilities, actively leverages the advantages of the main insurance business, innovatively launches “CPIC Red” for insurance poverty alleviation, donates funds to build “CPIC Green” to protect the water tower in China, and initiates the establishment of “CPIC Blue” that cares for the elderly.make society warmer. Taibaolan focuses on the fields of senile dementia and juvenile autism, extensively carries out public welfare practices, shares the worries of the government, fulfills its responsibilities to the society, and solves the problems of the people.make the city more warm. The opening of the Dream Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition marks the official launch of the “Star Core Children” Dream Painting and Calligraphy Thousand Talents Training Program. The next step is to fully integrate public welfare resources, gather social forces, and complete the project well, make the platform bigger and stronger, and The brand is louder and brighter,Make public welfare warmerwarm.

  beneficialhand in hand Caring for children with autism

On April 2 last year, Pacific Health Insurance donated to CPIC Blue Public Welfare to set up the “Xinganxin Autism Special Fund”, focusing on caring for children with autism. On November 16, 2022, at the joint meeting of regionalized party building in Xiaodongmen Street, Taibao Blue Public Welfare officially released the “Children of Star Core” calligraphy and painting dream thousand people charity training plan, including “Dream Painting and Calligraphy Package” and “Dream Painting and Calligraphy Album” , “Dream Painting and Calligraphy Public Welfare Exhibition”, “Dream Training Class”, “Dream Painting and Calligraphy Camp” and other five one care actions. After several months of preparation, more than a thousand paintings of star children from 28 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government, including Shanghai, Beijing, Heilongjiang, Sichuan, Tibet, Xinjiang, and Hainan, were received. After expert review, nearly 150 pieces were finally selected Excellent painting and calligraphy works on display.

The opening ceremony also held the “Blue Love Makes the Stars Bright” Party Building + Public Welfare Action Flag Presentation Ceremony. Chairman of the Shanghai Notes Exchange, Chairman Song Hanguang of the Rotating Presidium of the Binjiang Party Building·Financial Bund Regionalization Party Building Joint Conference, awarded the Party Member Volunteer flag, calling on party members and cadres to strive to be pioneers in public welfare, and form a new trend of “Party members are happy to participate and everyone does public welfare”.

At the event site, certificates were issued to representatives of outstanding young authors, as well as the “Dream Painting and Calligraphy Package” specially designed and lovingly sponsored by Shanghai Chenguang Kelipu Company for the Dream Thousand Talents Public Welfare Training Program. Autistic children from Shanghai Qingcongquan Children’s Intelligence Training Center and Luwan Supplementary School Affiliated to East China Normal University performed a wonderful chorus “Auld Lang Syne” and recited “Chinese Dream”. The longing and love of this world.

Ma Xin awarded the “Public Welfare Partner” plaque to Shanghai Chenguang Kelipu Office Supplies Co., Ltd. and Huangpu River Wharf Shoreline Construction Management Co., Ltd.

After the opening ceremony, the leaders and guests who attended the event watched the children’s works together.

It is reported that during the exhibition period, CPIC Blue Charity will also donate a total of 400,000 yuan to Shanghai Qingcongquan Children’s Intelligent Training Center, Hobby Children Rehabilitation Training Center, Shanghai Cao Peng Charity Foundation and other autism charity organizations, which will be used for the dream painting and calligraphy studio Caring activities for children with autism such as construction and “Xingxin Children” calligraphy and painting dream training class (camp).

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