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Stark Executive Suite Penang Island’s premier social lifestyle model

Stark Executive Suite Penang Island’s premier social lifestyle model

(Penang News) The Stark Executive Suite will tower over The Light Waterfront, an extraordinary testament to visionary urban planning and sustainable innovation.

This groundbreaking project seamlessly combines advanced artificial intelligence technology with forward-thinking green practices to redefine coastal living for the 21st century.

Small topic: Covering an area of ​​2.3 acres with 618 luxury suites

This 34-story architectural masterpiece has 618 luxury suites and 26 commercial units to cater for the needs of leisure and business travelers.

Invited guests reveled in a gala dinner filled with elegance, excitement and sophistication.

The freehold executive suites and Lam Siang Hsiung Gallery will be built on 2.3 acres (0.93 hectares) of land and offer a comprehensive range of exclusive services including Stark Lounge, Stark Yacht on The Sea, Stark Waterfront Retail, Stark Green Commercial Car Park, Stark Super 3D LED, Stark X-Perience Club, Stark Suites and Stark in The Sky. These are carefully designed to create a unique and memorable experience for the residents.

The project developer, Stark Development, has an experienced and knowledgeable professional team. Its Acting Chairman Datuk Toh Chin Leong and Managing Director Lee Teng Leong bring a rare blend of innovation and time-tested methods to the company’s first project.

The two are no strangers to the industry. Dato Toh Chin Leong is the former senior general manager of the northern region of IJM Land Sdn Bhd and the recent chairman of the Penang branch of the Real Estate Developers Association of Malaysia (REHDA); while Li Zhengliang is the founder and group of Zeon Properties Sdn Bhd President.

With an in-depth understanding of market dynamics, construction practices and client needs, Stark Development is equipped to deliver exceptional results.

In line with the slogan of “Building a Green and Intelligent Future”

Li Tengliang said the project will feature carefully designed state-of-the-art development, as well as optimized energy consumption, waste management and overall resource efficiency.

“Stark Executive Suites will be a stunning new addition to The Light Waterfront in Penang.

It is designed with the future in mind and combines smart technology and environmentally friendly concepts to create a new coastal lifestyle. “

“This is in line with our company’s slogan of ‘Building a Green and Intelligent Future,'” he said.

Li Tengliang said this when introducing the project for the first time recently at the “Greatness is an Odyssey” event presented by the world-famous cognac brand Hennessy XO held at the East Hotel in George Town.

Li Zongliang (second from right) shared a relaxing and happy moment with the guests. Attendees included Stark Development Acting Chairman Datuk To Chin Leong (seated) and Yi On Industrial Group Deputy General Manager of Corporate Communications Lui Wen Ni (right)

Li Zongliang was commended by Hennessy XO

The evening event was to commend business leaders with outstanding leadership skills among the young generation of entrepreneurs in Malaysia. Li Zhengliang was selected by Hennessy XO because he embodies the pioneering spirit that this brand should have and inspires strength in the journey forward.

Apart from Lee Teng Leong, other business leaders selected include Paragon Globe Berhad executive chairman and Joland Group managing director Datuk Seri Tan Pei Seng, electrical and electrical contractor Zhenyuan Electrical Sdn Bhd director Chung Bing Hong and CRWN Idea Sdn Bhd executive director Andy Yip Fuxuan.

Several of these leaders have hosted over 200 guests at various locations in Malaysia and shared their secrets of success with Hennessy XO to inspire the next generation of Malaysian business leaders.

In his speech, Li Tongliang also thanked Hennessy Singapore and Malaysia Senior Brand Manager Aiko Lee for bringing this event to Penang.

“Hennesy XO is more than just a drink, it’s a symbol of success and excellence.”

“Tonight, we are here to celebrate this spirit of achievement and share the stories of those who have achieved extraordinary things in their lives and careers.

“Tonight is less about celebrating and more about being inspired, meeting new people, learning from each other, and thinking about how we can become stronger in our own way,” he said.

Aiko Lee: Success is about unremitting pursuit

Aiko Lee said in her speech that success is more than just achieving great achievements. It’s about one’s journey, resilience, and relentless pursuit of passion; it’s about overcoming obstacles, meeting challenges, and turning setbacks into stepping stones.

“Li Tengliang’s achievements reflect all of these values, as well as the values ​​of our founder Richard Hennessy.”

For more details about this project, please contact Yee On Industrial Group Corporate Communications Department Deputy General Manager Lu Wen Ni at 013-4498888 or email [email protected].

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