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“Standing in the same boat and the people first” Ping An Property & Casualty Tianjin Branch carried forward the spirit of continuous combat and daring to take responsibility and resolutely won the battle of flood prevention and disaster relief

“Standing in the same boat and the people first” Ping An Property & Casualty Tianjin Branch carried forward the spirit of continuous combat and daring to take responsibility and resolutely won the battle of flood prevention and disaster relief

In late July, North China was affected by typhoons and heavy rainfall, and some areas suffered severe floods. In the past half a month, the flood caused by this heavy rain has affected the hearts of the party, the government, and the people of Jincheng at any time.

The Tianjin Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government efficiently dispatched and commanded, and all departments performed their duties and were ready to fight. There were no bystanders in the face of the flood. The insurance industry has never been absent from flood fighting and disaster relief. In the face of the disaster, the Tianjin Supervisory Bureau of the State Financial Regulatory Administration took action upon hearing of the “flood” and guided the banking and insurance institutions within its jurisdiction to do a solid job in flood prevention and disaster relief. After the disaster, Xu Ting, Assistant General Manager of Ping An Property & Casualty Insurance, led the head office’s guidance team to Tianjin, commanded the front line, went deep into the front line, kept abreast of the disaster situation of customers, and deployed claims and disaster relief work. Xu Ting said that Ping An Property & Casualty is united with the Party and the people, actively fulfills its bounden duty of insurance protection, spares no effort in claim settlement services, and cooperates with the local government in tasks such as flood prevention and rescue. Ping An Property & Casualty Tianjin Branch conscientiously implements the deployment of the government, regulatory authorities and the head office for disaster prevention and relief work, adheres to the principle of putting people first and life first, and regards supporting flood prevention and relief and post-disaster recovery and reconstruction work as the most urgent task at present.

As of August 17, the Tianjin branch had received more than 4,100 disaster-related reports. Among them, the auto insurance reached the target of 90% pre-payment rate required by the regulatory authorities 15 days in advance. In terms of economy and society, adhering to the original intention of “insurance for the people” has played the role of a social “stabilizer” and an economic “shock absorber”.

  Take the initiative to take full responsibility for all staff to do a good job in risk reduction services during the flood season

“Seven downs and eight ups” is the most critical stage of Tianjin’s flood control. In the face of frequent torrential rain disasters in summer, as an industry that transfers and protects risks, the actions of insurance companies to deal with extreme weather disasters have gradually shifted from a single claim settlement to a comprehensive contest, extending to cover pre-disaster risk prevention, disaster emergency rescue and post-disaster high-efficiency Settle claims and protect the lives and properties of the people.

On the eve of the heavy rain test, Ping An Property & Casualty Tianjin Branch held a work meeting on flood control for rainstorm disasters on July 28, launched a disaster emergency response mechanism, and established four working groups, including risk early warning, claim settlement and rescue, service experience improvement, and comprehensive guarantee, to fully improve Disaster accident handling efficiency. A tough battle against the rainstorm disaster “race” began. Statistics show that more than 5,600 short message warnings were sent to customers through the Ping An Eagle Eye System (DRS), and relevant disaster warnings were sent to Tianjin for more than 2 million times through Ping An Good Car Owner APP, official Weibo, and SMS platforms. The Tianjin branch has organized more than 60 people, visited more than 130 key enterprises and engineering projects, issued 47 proposals for disaster prevention and loss prevention, and assisted 3 key engineering projects in carrying out disaster prevention risk inspections, and contacted 30 enterprises in Tianjin in advance Vehicle rescue cooperation unit, to ensure that emergency rescue, investigation and claim settlement work is carried out in the first time. In addition, the Tianjin branch distributed a total of 2,000 flood control sandbags to five institutions involved in the flood discharge area, Wuqing, Beichen, Xiqing, Jinghai, and Dagang.

During this period, Qian Honghua, the general manager of Tianjin Branch, led a team to Xinkou Town, Xiqing District, visited related companies, held discussions with the government of Xinkou Town and the heads of related companies, and introduced Ping An Property & Casualty’s catastrophe emergency response mechanism and claim settlement service measures , and on-site deployment of targeted risk inspections and disaster prevention and reduction work.

 Linkage of the total score to improve the quality and efficiency of claim settlement to ensure that compensation should be paid as quickly as possible

Facing the once-in-60-year flood disaster, Ping An Property & Casualty insisted on"people-centered"The service concept is to simplify the claim settlement process and procedures to the greatest extent, open up “green channels”, and launch a number of emergency service measures, so as to ensure that the compensation can be paid quickly, and the compensation should be fully compensated, so as to help the disaster-stricken enterprises and the people to tide over the difficulties as soon as possible.

Under the guidance of the head office’s steering group, the branch companies adopted a hierarchical handling mechanism for difficult cases such as auto insurance, property insurance, and agricultural insurance, laying a solid foundation for subsequent timely loss determination and claim settlement and payment of advance compensation. During the work of the steering group in Tianjin, they went deep into the fields to inspect the situation of the affected farmers and formulated a claim settlement plan; they visited Ping An car dealer cooperation outlets to guide and track the implementation of maintenance timeliness. They also led the organization to visit the Tianjin Supervision Bureau of the State Administration of Financial Supervision and Tianjin Municipal Finance Bureau , Tianjin Municipal Agricultural Commission, Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, etc., timely report the progress of claims settlement and flood control work, and strengthen communication with the government.

In addition, the company uses a technologically intelligent platform to make full use of the efficient operation of online remote teams to improve the efficiency of case processing. Among them, more than 2,400 cases of home property insurance were determined online, accounting for 98%. In terms of claim settlement and rescue, a total of more than 550 survey vehicles have been dispatched, more than 620 survey manpower have been invested, and 532 directional rescue vehicles from cooperative units have been dispatched; a green channel for non-accident rescue has been opened. From July 27 to August 15, Provided non-accident road rescue services for more than 2,200 car owners trapped in disasters.

  Rapid investigation and efficient compensation cannot be separated from the selfless dedication of front-line employees

Loss investigation is the initial stage of insurance claim settlement. Whether you can arrive at the accident scene as soon as possible and fully record the loss of the subject matter of insurance is the key to the smooth conclusion of the case. In the face of responsibility, the front-line surveyors devoted themselves to intense work day and night, showing the industry style of tenacious struggle, dedication and dedication.

Race against time, respond in real time, and fulfill the promise of insurance with actions. On August 3, a warehouse in Zhuozhou City was flooded due to floods, causing a large number of books in the warehouse to be flooded, and customers were extremely anxious. After receiving the report, the branch company sent a working team to Zhuozhou on August 4. After wading for 1 kilometer, they took an “engineering vehicle” to enter the site. The entire warehouse on site was flooded with about 1.5 meters of water, and a large number of books were in urgent need of rescue. Due to the lack of manpower and material support in the local area, the working team did not hesitate to take out all the mineral water and food carried in the car and send them to the customer, and at the same time helped the customer rescue the damaged books. The customer was very moved. “The most urgent task now is to collect materials as quickly as possible to complete the claim settlement, so as to solve the urgent needs of customers.” Zhao Xin, head of the on-site claims management department, said. In response to this case, the company urgently launched the catastrophe quick compensation procedure, completed the damage verification work on the same day and paid a compensation of 1.1 million yuan in a timely manner. Ping An people interpreted the “warm” claim settlement service with actions.

Open a green channel for disasters, reduce and exempt documents for remote survey and loss assessment, and help enterprises resume production.

On August 7, a chain fast food restaurant was washed away due to floods and suffered heavy losses. Due to the road closure at the site, the company was unable to enter the site immediately. Faced with this situation, the claims department of the branch company urgently contacted the customer to check the fixed asset details, checked the on-site photos and the fixed asset details, and the working group worked overtime to verify the loss on the day. After reducing and exempting various unnecessary documents, on August 14 Completed the prepayment of 2 million yuan, and customers praised Ping An for its professional and convenient service, which reflected the economic compensation function of insurance and demonstrated the responsibility of the insurance industry.

During the rainstorm, the auto insurance branch of the branch received more than 1,600 reports. The claim of “the car was flooded” was one of the most concerned concerns of the public. Ping An Property & Casualty Tianjin Branch ensured that 100% of each case would be contacted within 5 minutes. The pre-compensation process will be completed within 24 hours after the pre-compensation requirements are complete, and the claim materials will be reduced and exempted to improve customer service satisfaction.

Claims adjuster Lin Qiang is responsible for the damage determination of a certain brand’s repair station. During the heavy rain, many cars were damaged and sent to the shop for repairs. Lin Qiang coordinated the repair station to dismantle and repair the customers as soon as possible to avoid further losses. He also communicated with parts suppliers for efficient supply. Get high praise from customers. After the heavy rain disaster, there was a surge of vehicles going to the repair station for repairs, and a large number of damaged vehicles were waiting for repairs. Ms. Wu needed the car urgently. After understanding Ms. Wu’s needs, Li Qi, a claim adjuster, communicated with the repair station to give priority to repairs, and quickly determined the damage. It only took 3 days After the maintenance was completed, Ms. Wu presented a pennant to express her gratitude to Ping An for its efficient and thoughtful service.

In this flood, the planting industry and farmland in Jinghai District and Xiqing District of Tianjin City were seriously damaged. On August 8, the Jinghai branch company received a report from the affected farmers, saying that the corn they planted was hit by heavy rain, and there was a lot of water in the field, and the corn seedlings were flooded in a large area. Zhao Kaixuan, an agricultural insurance claimant, received the task immediately. He rushed to the scene to appease the farmers’ emotions and quickly carried out investigation work. He shuttled through the muddy and waterlogged farmland to record the loss of corn. Due to the different depths of water accumulation in the field, it became extremely difficult to investigate and take pictures. After insisting on completing the loss record, Zhao Kaixuan Analyze the disaster situation for customers, formulate re-survey work plans, propose loss mitigation plans and follow-up management measures from a professional perspective, and quickly assist farmers to complete the pre-compensation process.

Front-line claims service personnel, they serve customers during the day, and work continuously for more than ten hours; they return to the station at night, discuss the claim settlement plan, and carry out work deployment overnight to ensure that the interests of customers are not lost. They have never called A tiring word. A simple greeting from family members is the greatest comfort to them; a loyal thank you from customers is the greatest compliment to them. In the face of a catastrophe, the insurance industry condenses into a torrent and gathers where it is most needed. This is the call of responsibility and the concentrated expression of the spirit of unity and cooperation.

  Fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibilities Demonstrates the Spirit of Great Love in Insurance

The flood is ruthless, but there is peace and love. On August 12, Ping An Property & Casualty Tianjin Branch donated exclusive short-term accident insurance products to special groups in some flood discharge resettlement sites in Jinghai to protect the normal life of residents in the resettlement sites. Our branch has the courage to assume corporate social responsibility, actively contact the Tianjin Red Cross and the disaster-stricken counties, and actively apply for relevant resources to support post-disaster reconstruction. Ping An’s specialized subsidiaries in Tianjin will also leverage the Group’s comprehensive financial advantages to provide comprehensive guarantees in post-disaster reconstruction and financial services.

At present, Tianjin’s flood control and disaster relief work has entered the stage of flood relief and post-disaster restoration and reconstruction. Ping An Property & Casualty Tianjin Branch will continue to pay attention to the flood situation and maintain a high level of alert. Speed ​​up the processing of claims, focus on vulnerable groups, actively cooperate with government departments, and comprehensively improve the timeliness and initiative of services to meet the insurance needs of business entities in disaster-stricken areas for post-disaster reconstruction and production recovery, so as to win the battle against floods and disaster relief and disaster-stricken areas The tough battle for mass security.

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