Spring protection is indispensable, Sufina’s skin care tips are online!


The wind is sunny and the sun is just right. The warm spring is coming quietly, and the mood is gradually clearing up. Although the sunshine in spring does not look that strong, the ultraviolet rays are actually very strong! You must not relax your protection in spring. Sufina’s skin care tips teach you the correct posture for protection. Take a small notebook and write it down!

SOFINA Sofina Clear Beauty Protection Milk

Many people think that the sunshine in early spring is not poisonous, and then neglect the important link of sun protection. You must know that even if the ultraviolet rays in spring are not strong, they will cause a certain degree of damage to the skin. Sofina Clear Beauty Protection Lotion takes into account both sun protection and skin care. It has a high SPF of SPF50+PA++++ to help resist the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin. It also added double essence ingredients – peony root extract, rosemary leaf extract, the lotion has a fluid texture, the skin feels refreshing and not sticky, allowing you to embrace the spring day under the bright and warm sun!

SOFINA Sofina moisturizing beauty protection cream

This Sofina moisturizing beauty protection cream is a moisturizing sunscreen, suitable for sisters with dry skin. Contains double essence ingredients – peony root extract, rosemary leaf extract, sun protection while helping the skin maintain a sense of moisture, high SPF50+PA++++ SPF, to help resist the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin. It has the triple effect of sunscreen + lotion + pre-makeup. The texture is silky and soft, helping sisters with dry skin to protect themselves while sunscreening!

SOFINA Sofina Tutai Beauty Essence

When the seasons change, the skin will inevitably feel a little uncomfortable, and an essence that helps the skin moisturize and moisturize is needed. Use Sufina Tutai beauty essence in the first step of daily skin care. The rich and delicate carbonic acid bubbles are gently absorbed when touching the skin, moisturizing to the stratum corneum of the skin, helping to relieve dry skin troubles, and at the same time helping to improve the absorption of subsequent skin care products. Skin feels hydrated.

SOFINA Yingmei Radiance Oil Control Clear Makeup Primer

Before applying liquid foundation, use Sofina’s popular star product – “Little Powder Bottle” makeup primer, which can help create a delicate makeup. Add sebum-resistant formula to help absorb excess oil on the face, and help make-up look delicate and obedient for a long time. Light pink lotion texture, the skin feels moist, light and non-greasy, refreshing and oil-controlling, helping to relieve the troubles of easy powder sticking and makeup removal. Live up to the good spring, travel beautifully with exquisite makeup~

When spring is in progress, the skin should always be online! Have you remembered these protective tips that Sofina prepared for you? Let Sofina’s popular star products protect your beautiful skin in early spring~

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