Spring Marketing | Chow Tai-sheng’s twelve flower gods reach new heights of beauty



“The spring breeze is not as good as you wearing flowers.”

When spring comes, all the flowers bloom. Chow Tai Seng, a national jewelry brand, welcomes the warmth of spring and uses “women to please themselves” as the theme to create a new Chinese jewelry product with flowers as the core element – the “Twelve Flower Gods” series, using artistic techniques to present spring flowers in bloom. artistic conception.

This series is inspired by the Chinese legend of the “Twelve Flower Gods”. By integrating modern aesthetic design, it draws floral elements and images of flower gods that represent different months and seasons, showing the unique charm and symbolic meaning of specific flowers. As the first product series that comprehensively and systematically uses traditional Chinese flower culture as the core element, the brand not only responds to the public’s expectations for the blooming of spring flowers in its spring marketing, but also expresses to the public the concept of using flowers as metaphors for people, loving others and loving yourself. It demonstrates the diversified product concepts of the “Twelve Flower Gods”.

  1. Live up to the spring glory, the “Twelve Flower Gods” series of products are born for love

In the past year, Zhou Taisheng has always been able to accurately understand market needs and create product series that consumers love. Whether it is the Chow Tai Sang Zhou Dasheng is using “culture + creativity” to refresh people’s understanding of the brand, which shows his dedication to the product.

This time, Zhou Taisheng deeply explored the inner connection between floral elements and women, using the flower gods corresponding to December as design inspiration to create a series of jewelry related to them. For example, the plum flower god of the first month will incorporate the tenacity and elegance of the plum blossoms into the design; the apricot flower god of February will transform the delicateness of the apricot blossoms into soft lines on jewelry; the peach flower god of March , cleverly captures the delicate beauty of peach blossoms, and uses light pink tones to interpret the beauty of peach blossoms in full bloom; and so on, the peony flower god in April, the pomegranate flower god in May, the lotus god in June, the orchid god in July, the osmanthus god in August, and the nine-month god. The Moon Goddess of Chrysanthemums, the God of Hibiscus Flowers in October, the God of Camellia Flowers in November and the God of Narcissus Flowers in December, the Chow Tai Sang Twelve Flower Gods series will also run through the four seasons, not only blooming in the early years, but also blooming in spring, giving every piece of jewelry The unique vitality and artistic value show women’s diverse aesthetics and unique personality, and express the brand’s long-standing value proposition of “born for love”.

  2. In the name of flower, the concept of “freedom to please oneself” deeply reaches women

Based on the International Women’s Day, Tmall launched a Tmall super launch event with the theme of “Great National Brand”. As the only jewelry brand invited, Chow Tai Sang released a new product in the Twelve Goddess of Flowers series – Xi Shang Mei Shao.

It is reported that this product is a joint model with the top cultural IP “National Treasure”. The design elements are taken from the Wangong sedan, the treasure of the Zhejiang Provincial Museum. By extracting the magpie elements and plum blossom elements on this national treasure, the homophonic “Happiness on the brows” has the beautiful meaning of “magpies are a sign of joy and good things will come to you”; combined with the new technology of “honey flash enamel”, it restores the vivid colors of plum blossoms and received many praises as soon as it was launched online.

“Xi Shang Mei Shao” is the main product of this event. Through the topic activity #she will buy flowers by herself, it conveys the product concept of “elegant and strong” to women, and hopes that every woman can bloom like a flower. , has a tough heart. It can be seen that rather than just doing a wave of marketing for Women’s Day, Chow Taisheng wants to take this opportunity to establish a long-term spiritual connection with female consumers with his intention of exploration and creation.

In this event, Zhou Taisheng relied on precise product positioning and concepts, and through both online and offline lines, he impressed the product image and series concept of “Twelve Flower Gods” into the hearts of the people and successfully penetrated the minds of consumers. In just two days since the event was launched, it has successfully mobilized market enthusiasm and achieved a total exposure of online and offline activities exceeding 2.7 billion. It vividly explains the power of “viral communication” and shows that the national brand “New Chinese Style” is in the current consumption environment. There is a positive trend in the first group.

On March 2, Tmall Super Release teamed up with 13 domestic brands including Chow Dasheng to release a creative TVC. The short film was introduced with Bai Xiaosheng, a character in the TV series “Flowers” that became popular at the beginning of this year. Through novel The way of eating melons presented to the audience the “super creativity” released by Chow Dasheng Twelve Flower Gods × Tmall Super. So far, this TVC has covered multimedia channels such as Tencent and Byte, with a total broadcast volume exceeding 17 million+ and achieving 80 million+ network exposures. There is also an online “super interactive” activity, attracting nearly 14,000 users to participate , achieving more than 90,000 brand interactions. It has truly achieved brand marketing out of the circle.

From March 3rd to 4th, Shanghai INS New Paradise was transformed into a “national brand paradise”, and an exhibition area “Chow Taisheng | She will buy flowers by herself” quietly appeared here. It is understood that this is an immersive flower feast carefully arranged by Zhou Dasheng and Tmall Super Publishing. “Create a new dream of amusement park with new Chinese style”, Chow Tai Seng’s brand booth, through the use of floral elements and new Chinese style design, instantly attracted attention in many exhibition areas and became the most popular check-in point at the event as soon as it started.

During the offline activities, many experts came to the scene in person to check in for the “Chow Tai Seng Twelve Flower Gods Scratch-Off” customized experience, and spread the topic on social networks. The event frequently appeared on Weibo and other well-known social media’s top 3 hot searches, and related topics successfully went out of the circle.

It is worth mentioning that Tmall’s official platform also launched a “super live broadcast” with brands, bringing online audiences to an immersive experience exhibition area. The number of people online in a single day has reached 11,000+, and the total viewing volume has reached 2.54 million+ , realizing the “new dream of visiting the garden” to maximize the number of people. Through the powerful combination of domestic brands and the Tmall platform, this event has accumulated 5,000+ expert content on the entire network. So far, the total exposure of this event has exceeded 2.7 billion, successfully detonating the popularity of the entire network.

Not only that, the Chow Tai Sang brand also cooperated with Jiang Xunqian (September), a celebrity with millions of fans, to release a short video about “Intangible Cultural Heritage Blooming Hairpins”, with 15 million+ exposures and 800,000+ interactions. The quantity proves that the concept of “pleasing oneself” in Zhou Dasheng’s Twelve Flower Gods series has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Since the Twelve Flower Gods originate from the poetic imagination and personified expression given by ancient people to flowers, they can express their feelings on the scenery and objects. Unlike the twelve zodiac signs, people can choose their own flower god. In the short film, Jiang Xunqian (September) chose his favorite plum blossom god, and worked with Pan Shixue, the inheritor of intangible cultural heritage, to personally create a “plum blossom hairpin” that can open freely and interpret the legend. The graceful posture of the plum flower god in the middle expresses the strength and pride of plum blossoms, and also conveys to the audience the value concept that “women can also buy flowers for themselves.”

The “Twelve Flower Gods” series of products not only allow the audience to feel the charm of traditional culture, but also an affectionate response to women’s “pleasure of oneself”, hoping that every woman can “love herself”, which is why Zhou Taisheng created this series of products The meaning of.

Through offline immersive experience + online storytelling interpretation, an effective closed loop from “offline experience” to “online weeding” is formed. Zhou Dasheng has also truly implanted the brand concept of “women please themselves” into the hearts of users. .

  3. Fearless of the flowering period, “flower stories” continue to spread

In the new era, China is showing the world the cultural heritage and innovative power of a five-thousand-year-old civilization with a new attitude. The “Twelve Flower Gods” new Chinese style series created by Zhou Taisheng is a vivid interpretation of this cultural confidence.

It can be seen that Zhou Taisheng uses flowers as elements not only to create a fashion accessory, but also to use the monthly flower god to output different female ideas, using the form of jewelry to continue the flowering period to help every woman “bloom in life” “, I hope that every “she” will have the determination to “love herself” and the power to “fearless blooming”, and look forward to more voices about “them” being expressed through the Chow Tai Seng brand.


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