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“Spring in the Sky” starts today and Resorts World Genting invites you to celebrate the auspicious Year of the Dragon

“Spring in the Sky” starts today and Resorts World Genting invites you to celebrate the auspicious Year of the Dragon

Participate in the New Year’s Eve countdown to welcome the New Year with your family and friends on the cool plateau, enjoy the “Dragon and Phoenix Dance to Welcome the New Year” performance, firecracker performance, dragon and lion parade, visit the New Year flower market… Is this the New Year reunion activity you have dreamed of?

In fact, you don’t need to travel thousands of miles, you just need to embark on a unique New Year trip to Genting Highlands, and you can be with your loved one at the altitude6000ft. resort to welcome the auspicious Year of the Dragon together!

Chinese New Year activities are in progress2moon25day

In conjunction with the arrival of the Spring Festival, Resorts World Genting brings you “Spring in the Sky”2024——New Year activities with the theme of “Celebrating the New Year with Dragons and Sky”. From now on to2moon25On Sunday, the “Spring in the Sky” activities and promotions throughout Resorts World Genting will bring you a unique New Year celebration!

A series of exciting activities include dazzling firecrackers, sumptuous banquets, luxurious accommodation, cultural performances, exquisite decorations, joyful shopping and entertainment experiences, and more.

The colorful avenue of Wutong becomes a hot spot for celebrations – countdown to New Year’s Eve to welcome the New Year

During this period,Genting World’s Wutong Colorful Avenue, Arena of Stars, and Sky Avenue will usher in a series of colorful programs; among themWutong Colorful Avenue will become a hot spot for happy New Year parties.One of the highlights of the event was the2moon9The New Year’s Eve countdown to welcome the New Year.

That night,DJA wonderful countdown party will be presented to everyone to lead the audience to welcome the new year. In addition to the wonderful dance performances by the God of Wealth and the fairies, they will also conduct a spectacular parade together with the dragon and lion troupes, which will add a lot of color to the entire celebration.

Xingmeng Lake – dragon and phoenix dance to welcome the new year

In addition, you can also2moon9Solstice25In the evening of the same day, head to Xingmeng Lake to enjoy the charming performance called “Dragon and Phoenix Dance to Welcome the New Year”. Witness the first spectacle of dancing dragons and phoenixes in Malaysia, synchronized with the immersive drum performance!

As for2moon12Solstice18On the same day, there will be a meet-and-greet for the Dragon and Lion Dance Club of the Qunle Sports Association at the same location. At that time, attendees can enjoy the award-winning and stunning lion dance skills up close!

Tracy McGradyXunPlaza designgolden money tree——Entertainment andCheck-in photo spot

In addition, Madison Square will also usher in a series of exciting entertainment activities.

Weekday celebrations will begin in the afternoon6proceed until evening11hours; Friday and Saturday, New Year’s Eve to the third day of the Lunar New Year (2moon9to12Sunday) celebrations will be extended until early morning1hour.

The meeting between the God of Wealth and the Fairy will be held in2moon9to18Held on the day.The firecracker show will be held at2moon10to18day and nighttwenty fourIt will be performed grandly every day to add a lively atmosphere to the Lunar New Year!

There is also a special one in Madison SquareEye-catching and dazzlingExcellent check-in point – the golden money tree,Light up the Lunar New Year atmosphere in the square.Brilliant shades of red, yellow and gold will have you inIGThe photos taken above are even more eye-catching.

Arena of Stars – Lunar New Year Grand Performance

On the other hand, the first and second days of the Lunar New Year (2moon10and11day), every afternoon3,6and8You can also go to the Arena of Stars to enjoy the grand Lunar New Year performance! Exciting activities include the meeting and performance of the God of Wealth and the Fairy, New Year performances, lion and dragon performances, etc.

Yuntian Avenue – Jinhuating Golden Dragon welcomes you

During this period, a golden dragon will be placed in the Jinhuating Garden on Yuntian Avenue as a unique decoration for the Lunar New Year. Remember to come and admire this carefully crafted majestic golden dragon up close, bringing good luck and wealth to the Year of the Dragon!

In terms of entertainment activities, the Minion Meet and Greet will be held at2It is held every Saturday and Sunday in the month, bringing you unlimited joy.

Genting’s little heroes, including Darby the tiger, Ellie the elephant, Zhuoyi the ape, Benny the performer, Kelly the dragon and Gino the dinosaur will be there.1moon13Solstice2moon25Wear gorgeous New Year clothes during the New Year and celebrate the festival with you. Don’t forget to wear your favorite holiday attire and take photos with them!

Wonderful light show——SkySymphonystage performance

2moon10From the dateSkySymphonyWe will present you with a wonderful “Zodiac Story: The Competition Begins!” performance.

This stunning light show will show the twelve zodiac animals competing on their way to the Jade Emperor’s heavenly banquet.

Chinese New Year Promotion – Shop and win rich prizes

In conjunction with the Chinese New Year, Resorts World Genting also launched the “Spring in the Sky”2024——“Long Teng Yuntian Celebrates the New Year” New Year Promotion – Golden Lucky Wheel. Through shopping, you can participate in “Consumption, Spin the Wheel, Win Prizes”, spin the lucky wheel and win rich prizes!

Spend at any store with a single receipt150For ringgit or above, you can redeem a skyline cable car ticket(Awana SkyWay)One way ticket.Only the first one per day50shoppers.

Full consumption in a single receipt350Available for ringgit and above1A chance to spin the Lucky Wheel.Maximum of two receipts required700Ringgit and above, you can get2spin opportunities.Only the first one per day100shoppers.

New Year flower market Genting flavor

In addition, from now on until2moon18Day, “New Year Flower Market”2024″will be in the ground floor lobby (Located between Crockfords Hotel and First Hotel) A grand event! There are a dazzling array of pop-up stalls, including not only “Genting-style” snacks, but also a variety of groceries and gifts, presenting you with a unique shopping event.

Resorts World Genting will also launch its signature snack and must-have Chinese New Year treat – pineapple cakes during this period. In addition, don’t miss their homemade plum pudding and fruit cake bread, which are perfect for giving as gifts or for personal use.

Jiqing Nature Journey Suite Package

On the other hand, in the new year, Resorts World Awana launches new natural wood elements that can accommodate4Villa-style and apartment-style suites for guests allow you to welcome the Lunar New Year in the tropical rainforest with your relatives and friends and share family happiness.

The “Jiqing Nature Journey Suite Package” not only allows you to stay in the latest luxury suites, but also includes a variety of nature-themed activities.

Not only are youJom Makan AwanaEnjoy breakfast or share on the cool plateau”Celebrating reunion around the fire”Hotpot dinner, Awana leisure hiking experience, etc..Check-in date for relevant packagesFrom now on to2moon29day.

Other activities include special New Year craft workshops, five-a-side indoor football, morning gymnastics, calligraphy writing, family dumpling competition, etc. Everyone is invited to participate in the fun.

“Grassland Feast” unique reunion dinner

Book a reunion dinner package and enjoy free accommodation

Food is an indispensable and important part of the New Year. This festive season, bring your family to Awana Resorts World Genting to enjoy festive delicacies and sumptuous reunion dinners to welcome the Year of the Dragon together.

You can choose to enjoy a warm and comfortable fireside dinner with your family and friends at Awana Secret Garden, or sit on the floor at the “Prairie Banquet” and enjoy delicious food surrounded by nature. Reunion food package options include “New Year Auspicious Fish Sashimi Dinner” and “Firefire Reunion Dinner”.

Awana Secret Garden Fireside Reunion Dinner.

“Feast of the Grassland” New Year’s Auspicious Yusheng Dinner.

In addition, you can also shop here for “New Year’s Eve dishes to take away and great gifts” carefully prepared by Awana’s award-winning chef team at Resorts World Genting.

It is worth mentioning that if you come here to hold the closing and opening banquets, book at least five tables for the reunion dinner, enjoy an eight-course Chinese set menu, you can also enjoy free accommodation!

To learn more about Genting’s “Spring in the Sky”2024——For details of the New Year event “Celebrate the New Year with Dragons and Sky”, please visitOfficial website.

*Information is accurate at the time of publication

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