Spring health diet, there is a perfect solution to the integrated stove


Spring is a season of vitality and a period of vigorous liver energy. At this time, we should follow the laws of nature and take good care of our bodies. To adjust the diet in spring, we should pay attention to light and palatable foods, and choose pungent, sweet, and lukewarm products. The integrated stove has a large capacity and integrates multiple functions such as a steam box, an oven, and a thermal storage table. It can cook a table of nutritious and healthy dishes in a short time. It’s hard for a clever woman to cook without rice, and a good integrated stove is handy to use, so how to choose an integrated stove without making mistakes? We can refer to the top ten brands of integrated stoves to choose. Big brands are more secure. The following are the latest top ten brands of integrated stoves. See if there is one you like.

1. Martians


Martian Integrated Stove is a listed enterprise of integrated stoves. Since its establishment in 2010, Martian has been adhering to the research and development, manufacturing and sales of kitchen appliances, and participated in the drafting of integrated stove industry standards. Martian has a precise insight into the kitchen needs of Chinese users, and constantly understands the pain points of consumer groups. With the support of strong production strength and technological innovation, it has launched a number of high-quality integrated stove series that can meet consumer needs, and has performed well.

2. Yitian


Zhejiang Yitian Intelligent Kitchen Electric Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003. It is the leader of China’s integrated kitchen, the top ten brands of integrated kitchen, and the investment promotion agent of integrated kitchen. It is a high-end kitchen appliance manufacturer specializing in R&D, production, sales and service. The products cover independent integrated stoves for steaming and roasting, integrated stoves for steam boxes, integrated stoves for disinfection cabinets, integrated stoves for ovens, integrated stoves for dishwashers, integrated sinks for cupboards, integrated sinks for dishwashers, built-in steam ovens, etc.

3.Mori song


Founded in 2004, Senge Integrated Stove is a global quality kitchen life solution provider with smart kitchen appliances as its core business. For 19 years, Senge has focused on the research of high-quality kitchen life, and its product line covers 7 major kitchen products, including integrated stoves, integrated dishwashers, integrated sinks, and high-end stainless steel cabinets.



Founded in 2010, Banchuan is an integrated stove brand company that focuses on safety. Banchuan was born for the five major safety hazards in the kitchen, and completely solved the hidden dangers in the kitchen such as gas, air, electrical appliances, environment, and design. Up to now, Banchuan has passed the national industrial product production license certification and the national mandatory 3C certification, and has successively won the “National Excellent Supplier of Indemnificatory Housing Construction Materials”, “Milan World Expo Designated Integrated Stove Brand”, “China Kitchen and Bathroom Exposition innovative products” and many other honors.

5. Shuai Feng


Shuaifeng Integrated Stove was established in 1998. It is mainly engaged in the research and development, design, production and sales of modern new kitchen appliances with integrated stove as the core. “The development idea is to become the leader of modern healthy kitchen life and the leading brand of China’s integrated stove industry.

6. American University


As a well-known brand in the industry, Meida has won many loyal consumers with its excellent appearance and excellent performance. Meida has innovated the lower exhaust fume system. It is a modern new high-tech company integrating R&D, production and sales. It is one of the largest professional manufacturers of integrated stoves with the strongest R&D strength in China.

7. Golden Emperor


Jindi integrated stove is an integrated stove brand held by Robam Electric Appliances. It was established in 2008. Its main business is integrated stoves, and it is also one of the drafting units of integrated stove industry standards.

8. Okuda


Auda was established in 1987. Product R&D and production have been concentrated in the field of kitchen appliances. Since then, Auda has finally focused on integrated stoves. Relying on a moderate cost-effective and high-end product strategy, Auda’s integrated stoves are famous for their good looks. Good market competitiveness.

9. Mido


Meiduo integrated stove has always been committed to the kitchen appliance business. Under the guidance of the “product leadership” policy, it continues to produce energy-saving, environmentally friendly, fashionable and high-end, intelligent kitchen appliances.


10. Haier


Haier integrated kitchen can keep abreast of the latest developments in the industry. Based on the needs of the new generation of consumers, such as healthy eating and efficient cooking, Haier has launched smart kitchen solutions, achieving new breakthroughs, and allowing users to achieve personalized customization and intelligent enjoyment. Great satisfaction.



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