Spring day anti-aging does not stop, Curel will take you to clear your mind

Spring day anti-aging does not stop, Curel will take you to clear your mind

What causes poor skin condition and age? After the golden period, the moisture and collagen content in the skin will gradually start to lose a lot, resulting in dull, dry skin, lines and even sagging. At this time, a series of skin problems such as the slowing down of the metabolism of the stratum corneum, thickening of the stratum corneum, and decrease in firmness are coming oncoming like dominoes. If the moisture and collagen content are not replenished in time, the skin will be unconsciously step into aging. In response to this phenomenon, Curel specializes in firming and moisturizing, and rejuvenates dry and sensitive skin of all ages with safe ingredients.

Curel Anti-wrinkle firming lotion

A large amount of water loss in the skin is the number one cause of aging, so replenishing the water needed by the skin in a timely manner is particularly important. Curel anti-wrinkle firming lotion contains moisturizing ingredients Eucalyptus eucalyptus leaf extract and Luohan cypress branch extract. At the same time, ceramide functional substances are added to improve the skin’s barrier force, and the small molecules of the soft lotion can reach the bottom of the skin directly, Helps the skin regain its moist and elastic state.

Curel Anti-Wrinkle Firming Gel Cream

The reduction of collagen will weaken the skin’s elasticity, and the ability to retain moisture will decrease accordingly. Wiping the face cream after applying lotion can effectively consolidate the moisturizing effect. Curel Anti-Wrinkle Firming Gel Cream has a refreshing gel cream texture, smooth and easy to spread. It contains elastic moisturizing care ingredients, ginger root peptide and glycerin, which can gently smooth wrinkles.

Curel Anti-Wrinkle Firming Nourishing Cream

In spring, the ultraviolet rays are strengthened, the air is dry, and the dry lines and discomfort symptoms of dry and sensitive skin are intensified. Before going to bed at night, apply thick cream to moisturize the skin, which can improve the skin condition after waking up in the morning. Curel Anti-Wrinkle Firming Nourishing Cream has a delicate and smooth creamy texture. After use, the skin is moisturized and elastic. The emollient ingredient ceramide functional substance and the multiple moisturizing effect of natural extracts allow the skin to be fully nourished at night.

Curel Light Age Elastic Anti-Wrinkle Cream

The aging problem of dry sensitive skin occurs frequently, and I am worried that powerful anti-wrinkle products will increase the burden on the skin. Curel Light Age Elastic Anti-Wrinkle Cream, CG has both offensive and defensive effects, ceramide functional substances, cares for the skin’s moisture barrier, helps improve dry resistance, high concentration of ginger root peptide, protects the skin’s elastic fibers, and gently improves wrinkles. The texture of the cream is refreshing, gentle and soothing, helping the skin to remain delicate and smooth.

In the sensitive and frequent season-changing barriers, keep the skin’s defense line, insist on using Curel moisturizing to fight against the signs of aging, so that the skin can enjoy a light and unburdened moisturizing effect, and enjoy the beautiful spring scenery freely.

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