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“Spring Blossoms” New Year’s Eve romantic launch Liu Xueyi and Wu Jinyan’s first appearance attracted much attention

“Spring Blossoms” New Year’s Eve romantic launch Liu Xueyi and Wu Jinyan’s first appearance attracted much attention

Produced by Youku, co-produced by Curiosity Pictures and Perfect World Pictures, and produced by Curiosity (Ningde) Pictures Co., Ltd., the costume romance drama “Spring Flowers” is exclusively broadcast on Youku and officially launched in Hengdian on December 28. The play is produced by Wen Jia, with Meng Jun and Zeng Yingxue as co-producers, Xie Ying and Liu Lu as directors, Quan Xianglan, Huang Yanhong, and Ren Peng as chief producers, and Guo Yu and Bi Si as producers. , co-directed by Cheng Jing and Huang Weijie, written by Wen Yan, Yang Xiaohan, Wang Yizhao, Gan Hongzhu, and Xu Huimiao, starring Liu Xueyi and Wu Jinyan, Bi Wenqi special starring, Zhao Xiaotang and Chen Chuhe as special guest stars, and Huang Riying guest starred.

It is reported that the drama is adapted from the original novel “Spring Blossoms” by Hei Yan. It tells the story of Prince Murong He (played by Liu Xueyi) of Dayan, who after regaining the lost territory of Qingzhou, was rumored to have set fire to the city and massacred General Tu. Mei Lin (played by Wu Jinyan), a girl from Qingzhou who lost her loved ones in the fire, vowed to kill the culprit in the city with her own hands, so she entered the secret factory. After eight years of training, her first assassination mission was to assassinate Murong, the person she had been tormenting day and night for revenge. ?and. But what she didn’t expect was that the people behind the plan were the secret factory owners Murong He and…

The sudden change of ultimate identity caused the two people’s original hypocrisy to peel off its fragile shell in the face of life and death, revealing the soft and affectionate love hidden deep in their hearts. However, the trick of fate made the two people unable to fall in love. ?The relationship between the characters of He and Meilin has changed many times, extending the emotional entanglement and extreme tension of love and hate. The extreme contrast between the characters and the relationship between the characters has produced a strong dramatic conflict.

  Exquisite materials with a sense of atmosphere arouse strong expectations. Liu Xueyi and Wu Jinyan will perform “BE aesthetics”

During the official announcement period, “Spring Blossoms” relied on its atmospheric official announcement video and high-quality styling pictures to occupy the hot search lists on Weibo, Douyin and other platforms, becoming popular before it was aired. Among them, topics such as #春花谪官方announcement#, #李雪义 WuJinyan’s first appearance#, #春花谪Reuters# and other topics have emerged strongly, arousing strong expectations from netizens. Some netizens said: “This style, this texture, this romantic atmosphere , beautiful yet full of a sense of fate, I’m really looking forward to it!”

The sweet yet cruel story is protected by a gold medal team, and the ending of BE will also be redefined. The confusing emotional trends of the male and female protagonists have whetted the audience’s appetite, and the male and female protagonists who are highly compatible with the characters have also become the focus of attention. At the opening ceremony, the two introduced their respective roles. Murong He, played by Liu Xueyi, is absurd on the surface but far-sighted in appearance, and has a dual identity. Fans gave him a bouquet of powerful flowers, and he dealt with the dual identity in many ways. Hidden and hidden; Mei Lin, played by Wu Jinyan, is tenacious, cold-faced and warm-hearted. Although she lost her parents, she still values ​​love and commitment, and is brave and brave. The perfect bouquet she received, I hope that all good things will be given to her.

In addition, the leading actors Bi Wenxi, Chen Chuhe, and Huang Riying also received orange bouquets, which represented confidence, mango bouquets, which represented sharpness, and persimmon bouquets, which represented everything goes well. From the bouquets with specific meanings they received, we also get a glimpse of the identities and personalities of different characters, and can feel the entanglement and entanglement surrounding Dayan and Xiyan, loyalty and love.

  The gold medal team of “Protect the Heart” brings quality assurance strength and the main creative escort presents high-quality masterpieces

As a gold medal production team in the industry, Curiosity Pictures has created many masterpieces such as “Swagger” and “Protect the Heart”. Director Cheng? has directed works such as “Protect the Heart”, “Rivals” and “National Treasure Journey”. Director Huang Weijie has He has directed works such as “The Chronicles of Shushan Series”, “The Legend of the White-haired Witch” and “The Road to Awakening”. The former’s style is delicate and full of tension, while the latter is good at character portrayal. The two will work together to direct the series. Come to double quality assurance.

In addition, the photography director Zhao Yingchuan of “The Story of the Willow Boat”, “My Time Boy and Me”, “Bent Back”, the art director Dong Zhiliang of “Guarding the Heart”, “Flower Order” and “Chen Xi Yuan”, “Si Teng” and “Very “I miss you so much” and “Like the Moon” style director Li Meng, “Chu Qiao”, “Story of Yanxi Palace” and “Ning’an Like a Dream” martial arts director Wang Deming and other gold-medal creative teams have joined in, which will bring excellence and high-end to “Spring Flowers”. Quality presentation.

Currently, “Spring Blossoms” has been started and is being filmed at full capacity. It will be broadcast exclusively on Youku in 2024, so stay tuned!

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