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Spread the positive energy of finance Bohai Bank actively promotes the “Five Entry” activities of the Financial Consumer Education and Publicity Month

Spread the positive energy of finance Bohai Bank actively promotes the “Five Entry” activities of the Financial Consumer Education and Publicity Month

In order to implement the work requirements of the State Administration of Financial Supervision, the People’s Bank of China, the China Securities Regulatory Commission, and the State Internet Information Office, Bohai Bank Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Bohai Bank”) held a centralized education on financial consumer rights protection on September 26 On the Publicity Day, the “Five Entry” activities were launched in an all-round way, and branches were organized and guided to go into rural areas, communities, campuses, enterprises, and business districts to carry out financial knowledge popularization education and publicity, and continue to increase the coverage of financial knowledge popularization activities among financial consumers. , continuously enhance the financial security awareness and risk prevention capabilities of financial consumers, and create a safe, harmonious and secure financial consumption environment.

The focus of sinking education and publicity is close to financial consumers

  “Going into the countryside”, going deep into rural areas, remote areas, Shanghai islands, ridges and pastoral areas, and delivering financial knowledge and policies to benefit the people in the fields.In Ningbo, Bohai BankStaff from the Cixi Sub-branch of Ningbo Branch went to Xihuatou Village, Baisha Road Street, and analyzed typical cases to the villagers by setting up themed electronic screens and distributing promotional brochures, and explained illegal fund-raising, super-interest loans, loan sharking, routine loans and other illegal activities. Violations, remind consumers to guard against illegal fund-raising and telecommunications fraud; in Hohhot, Bohai BankHohhot BranchWent to Wulu Village and Dongbazha Village in Saihan District to explain rural revitalization to the villagers.,Anti-telecom fraud and other insurance knowledge and policies closely related to people’s livelihood protection can help villagers improve their anti-fraud awareness.Deliver financial knowledge to farmers in front of and behind their homes.  

  Go into communities, go deep into communities and streets, and disseminate financial knowledge and warn residents about financial risks through tea parties, quizzes, theatrical performances and other activities.In Tianjin, Bohai Bank Tianjin Branch Yingshui Road Branch and Wangdingdi Street Social Work Station held an anti-fraud and anti-fraud convenience market. Financial knowledge promotion volunteers and community police combined practical cases to explain in detail new online fraud techniques and preventive measures to residents. , to protect the “money bags” of community residents, care for and help the elderly, and jointly build barriers to prevent fraud; Changsha Branch, together with the Chengnan Road Police Station and the Chengnan Road Sub-district Office, jointly organized a publicity campaign with the theme of “Anti-Fraud Together, Prevent Fraud Together”. Improve residents’ awareness of fraud prevention through a fun interactive mode with prize-winning quizzes.  

  On campus, we carry out participatory and interesting “intellectual education” activities such as financial knowledge lectures, speeches, and online interactions based on the characteristics of young people of different ages and combined with current students’ interests and life needs.In Hefei, Bohai Bank Hefei Branch joined hands with the Anti-Fraud Center of the Hefei Municipal Public Security Bureau to organize consumer rights protection activities on “Stay away from illegal campus loans and avoid youth debt” and prevent telecommunications fraud at Hefei Normal University for the 2023 freshmen. Introduce the routines and prevention methods of illegal campus loans, and remind college freshmen to establish a correct concept of consumption; in Beijing, the Beijing Branch of Bohai Bank went to the Liufang Campus of Chaoyang District Experimental Primary School to use a combination of video and physical explanations to explain each of the fifth set of RMB. He explained relevant knowledge such as the pattern characteristics of banknotes and public anti-counterfeiting features, and reminded students not to spend uncontrollably in games and to be wary of fraud traps in game equipment, giving students the first lesson of financial knowledge in the new semester.

  Go into enterprises to gain a deep understanding of the financial knowledge needs of enterprises and employees, and carry out targeted financial policy and knowledge popularization and other special activities to help them better understand finance, make life easier, and protect their rights and interests.In Wuhan, Bohai BankWuhan Branch held anti-fraud education and publicity activities at the sanitation work site, through easy-to-understand anti-fraud skit performances in dialects, joint bank-police education, anti-fraud song adaptations, tell your financial story, and anti-fraud publicist appointment ceremonies. In a novel form, financial knowledge was popularized to more than 150 sanitation workers; in Tianjin, the “Financial Knowledge Promotion Volunteers” of Hedong Branch of Bohai Bank Tianjin Branch advocated corporate employees to rationally choose financial products that match risk and return based on their own risk preferences and diversify their investments , reserve emergency funds, formulate family budgets, pension plans, etc., and focus on explaining the main characteristics and preventive measures of illegal fund-raising, helping corporate employees understand the nature and harm of illegal fund-raising, and stay away from and prevent illegal financial activities.  

  Enter business districts, enter bustling areas such as shopping malls and shopping malls, and popularize financial knowledge to consumers by creating special areas, putting up electronic screens, and answering questions on-site.In Kunming, Bohai Bank Kunming Branch entered the Aegean Shopping Plaza business district on Guangfu Road, Xishan District, and jointly launched the anti-fraud propaganda theme of the 2023 autumn public security crackdown and rectification operation in conjunction with the Xishan Branch of the Kunming Municipal Public Security Bureau. Activities include “Guardian Pioneer”, “Wallet Defense”, “Smart Eyes and Quick Hands” and other level-breaking games as well as cross talk, sketches and allegro to spread anti-fraud knowledge and teach anti-fraud techniques step by step; in Haikou, the Jinmao Sub-branch of Bohai Bank Haikou Branch promoted small The team distributed promotional materials in the Guomao Nth Power Park business district and conducted on-site exchanges and explanations to popularize safe card use, safe payment, prevention of telecommunications network fraud, and investment and financial management knowledge to business district operators, while also targeting merchants’ pain points in financial activities. , difficult points, explain fee reduction and benefit sharing and inclusive financial policies, and provide them with targeted financial consulting services.

  Over the years, Bohai Bank has alwaysAdhering to the people-centered development concept, with the purpose of improving consumers’ financial literacy, enhancing financial security awareness, and promoting a fair and orderly market, we popularize basic financial knowledge and warn financial risks to the majority of financial consumers through a combination of online and offline methods. , advocating the concepts of rational consumption and value investment. This “Five Entry” event started on September 26th and will continue until October 15th. In the next step, Bohai Bank will further focus on the people’s urgent need for financial knowledge, do a solid job in promoting financial education, and improve the attractiveness and influence of activities.Contribute to building a harmonious and healthy financial environment.

About Bohai Bank Co., Ltd.

Bohai Bank is the only national joint-stock commercial bank newly established and the only foreign-funded bank to participate in the establishment since the “China Commercial Bank Law” was revised in 2003. It is the youngest among 12 similar banks and has a significant late-mover advantage. In recent years, Bohai Bank has implemented new development concepts and served the new development pattern. It has always adhered to the unity of economic and social responsibilities, proactively responded to the country’s call to benefit the real economy, comprehensively promoted the construction of a green financial system, and continued to accelerate the development of retail banks, transaction banks, The transformation of light banking has promoted the transformation of the “Fourth Five-Year Plan” and achieved good results. In the first half of 2023, it has achieved reasonable growth in scale and maintained stable asset quality. With the accelerated implementation of digital strategies and the stabilization of overall performance, Bohai Bank’s long-term investment value has gradually emerged: after being included in the Hang Seng Composite Index, it has successively received investment-grade ratings from international authoritative organizations such as S&P and Moody’s, highlighting its The market continues to be optimistic about the long-term operation and development of Bohai Bank.

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