Sports + Health + Insurance China Pacific Insurance fully protects Suzhou Jinji Lake Marathon

Sports + Health + Insurance China Pacific Insurance fully protects Suzhou Jinji Lake Marathon

At 8:30 a.m. on March 12, the 12th Suzhou Jinji Lake Half Marathon started at Wenbo Square in the park. In the morning light of early spring in Suzhou, more than 30,000 contestants met at the bank of Jinji Lake. Amidst the cheers and cheers of the masses along the way, they measured the ancient and modern city of Suzhou with their feet.

Kong Qingwei, chairman of China Pacific Insurance, and Pan Yanhong, chairman of China Pacific Life Insurance, led the way.

As the gold medal sponsor and designated insurance service provider of the 12th Suzhou Ring Jinji Lake Half Marathon in 2023, after the Shanghai Marathon, China Pacific Insurance will join hands with the Suzhou Golden Horse for the first time to provide comprehensive coverage for all participants and event workers. Fangwei insurance guarantee service, “escort” the Golden Horse all the way, and fully support the players to realize their glory and dreams in the struggle.

  The way forward,Fully Escort the Golden Horse

While waving the flag and shouting, members of China Pacific Insurance’s “Too Love to Run” collectively appeared at the Golden Horse Arena, adhering to the connotation of the Golden Horse slogan “Together, We are better”, and interpreting China Pacific Insurance’s long-term principle of “Love Tomorrow, Run for the Future” with endless running steps Spirit; Outline a unique blue landscape of the “Golden Horse”.

The “Too Love to Run” running group officially debuted at the Golden Horse.

As a partner of the Golden Horse, before the official start of the race, China Pacific Insurance’s property insurance and life insurance Suzhou Branch have tailored an exclusive insurance protection plan for the Golden Horse race, providing all staff, volunteers, contestants and spectators of the race Insurance protection with a total insured amount of more than 100 billion yuan.

During the race, contestants and staff members may experience various unexpected situations and sudden illnesses. In order to better escort the contestants, the young volunteer team of Suzhou Branch of China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Encouraging the station and terminal relay service, cheering for the “Golden Horse”, conveying the enthusiastic atmosphere of the competition, and advocating a healthy and happy life concept.

Members of the China Pacific Insurance cheering group waved their flags and shouted, and “run for love” with the passing Golden Horse contestants.

At the 3-kilometer and 8-kilometer distances, China Pacific Insurance set up two encouragement stations respectively, sending out the resounding slogan “Love tomorrow, run for the future” to cheer up the runners and ignite the passion of the race. With colorful flags waving and loud slogans, members of the China Pacific Insurance cheering group waved flags and shouted, and “run for love” with the passing Golden Horse contestants; the energetic cheerleaders danced to the rhythm of the band, motivating the contestants to take more solid steps and forge stronger strong self.

At the finish area of ​​the half-marathon around Jinji Lake, China Pacific Insurance also set up an interactive experience area and held a release ceremony of “Healthy Carnival – Vitality Suzhou Station” to present to the people of Suzhou in the form of concept release, on-site experience, and customer interaction. Release the latest products and services such as the “Golden Triangle” service system and immersive health testing, interpret China Pacific Insurance’s long-term spirit of “love tomorrow, run for the future” with enthusiastic services, and fully demonstrate China Pacific Insurance’s efforts in healthy China, national fitness, and elderly care services responsibilities and responsibilities.

  Love sports,Protect people’s good life

As an important layout of China Pacific Insurance in the field of general health, Taiyi Steward, a subsidiary of China Pacific Insurance, provided a full set of “Health Cabin” AI testing equipment for the “Health Care Carnival – Vitality Suzhou Station” event in the interactive experience area of ​​China Pacific Insurance, and professionals made on-site report interpretation; in addition , Taiyi Butler also set up a health consultation point, equipped with cardiologists, nurses, fitness coaches and nutritionists to provide health consultation, post-match stretching, exercise guidance, etc. for the contestants, and escort the people’s better life with professional services.

The on-site exhibition area of ​​”Healthy Carnival – Vitality Suzhou Station” attracted a large number of citizens to watch and stop.

It is reported that the “Health Cabin” of the imperial medical housekeeper includes dynamic ECG monitoring, bone density assessment, heart health assessment, immunity assessment, intelligent TCM pulse diagnosis, blood sugar health assessment, blood pressure health assessment, AI intelligent skin detection, VR and other nine units. AI intelligent assessment and experience equipment are all deployed this time, providing experiencers with health assessment services covering traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine and the ten major systems of the whole body.

“Health House” is certified by Guangci Taibao Internet Hospital and China Medical Equipment Association Health Management Branch. According to the person in charge of the project, it only takes about ten minutes for the contestants to experience all the equipment and obtain evaluation reports and professional interpretations. In addition, after participating in the experience, users can obtain 90-day family doctor rights of Taiyi Steward, enjoy 7*24 hours of online doctor consultation, prescription issuance, interpretation of physical examination reports, and provide corresponding health exercise guidance, etc. One-stop family doctor and health Management services to provide long-term support for health protection.

The steward staff of the Imperial Physician conducted a bone density test for the contestants.

In addition to the health assessment experience, the medical team of Taiyi Butler also provided targeted and caring services for contestants. Fitness coaches help players stretch and relax muscles after the game, and assist players to recover their physical fitness and status; professional physicians and nutritionists can answer players’ health consultations during sports and consultation on diet and nutrition; the on-site online interactive consultation experience can Connect with the online doctor of Taiyi Guanjia to get more personalized health consultation.

Mr. Chen, a contestant, said after experiencing it: “The project is comprehensive and simple, the stretching service is in place, and there are professional interpretations, which are very helpful for future scientific training. Give CPIC a thumbs up for its service!”

As a comprehensive insurance group headquartered in Shanghai, China Pacific Insurance has been concerned about health and sports for many years. The logo of “Pacific Insurance” has accompanied the Chinese women’s volleyball team in various large-scale sports events for many years.

As the official partner of the Hangzhou Asian Games, China Pacific Insurance will play the dual roles of insurance service provider and risk management service provider during the Hangzhou Games. According to the insurance requirements of the host city and benchmarking international advanced rules, a customized package of “Asian Games Insurance” will be formed. Risk solutions, delivering “responsibility, wisdom, temperature” CPIC services to thousands of households. At the same time, on the insurance track, China Pacific Insurance has also passed on the spirit of daring to fight and surpassing oneself in the sports business to the hearts of the general public and hundreds of millions of customers.

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