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Spoilers for Eleven? This media meeting at Jinwan Plaza is full of information!

Spoilers for Eleven? This media meeting at Jinwan Plaza is full of information!

Jinwan Plaza’s first media meeting in 2023 was held recently. Many media gathered at the scene to discuss the future development of Jinwan Plaza. What exciting content was revealed in this meeting? Take you to the scene directly.

How did the transformation come about behind the “City Cover”?

Jinwan Plaza is built along the river, across the river from Tianjin Station, and has a beautiful view of the Haihe River. It is many people’s “first impression” of Tianjin, and is therefore regarded as the “city cover” of Tianjin. In 2021, the Jinwan Plaza project will be upgraded and transformed, creating a series of Internet celebrity check-in points such as the Guotu·Jinwan Cultural and Creative Space and the “Hejiang IN Alley” landscape shopping street, constantly providing everyone with experiential consumption scenarios. At the same time, it has gradually formed a new business ecology of “culture + tourism + commerce”, actively introduced trendy activities, enriched the urban life experience, and has become one of the first choice destinations for citizens’ leisure and entertainment.

This year, Jinwan Plaza has been busy with activities, including the May Day Carnival, street high jump competition, tipsy market… These exciting contents have made more people discover that you can still have fun in Jinwan Plaza, and related topics have rushed to the forefront. Local hot searches have refreshed everyone’s stereotypes. Jinwan Plaza is becoming more beautiful and interesting every night.

Where to go next?

Since the beginning of this year, the fireworks in the city have become more and more intense, and various places have also “rolled up” one after another. How to turn “flow” into “retention” has become the focus of Jinwan Plaza’s future work. Next, Jinwan Plaza will introduce and cultivate new integrated development formats, introduce the “Jinwan Plaza Pier” for Haihe River cruises, and integrate “City Landmark – Eye of Tianjin, City Reception Hall – Yifeng District, City Stage – Jinwan Grand Theater, City Cover – Jinwan Plaza” four pearls are strung together to create a high-quality urban life and leisure corridor that integrates urban reception, river sightseeing and shoreside enjoyment, presenting a new look of Tianjin’s international metropolis in the new era.

At the same time, focusing on the development and construction of Tianjin as an international consumer center city, Jinwan Plaza will give full play to its role as a “city cover”, tap its own consumption potential, create more consumption scenarios, and make Jinwan a place for domestic and foreign tourists to come to Tianjin for an in-depth immersive experience. The starting point and supporting area will continue to create consumption increments that are consistent with high-quality life on the existing urban space stock.

National Day is approaching, what highlights are worth looking forward to?

According to on-site reports, in order to seize the holiday cultural and tourism consumption node of the National Day Golden Week, Jinwan Plaza has prepared a number of activities for everyone to choose from, so that citizens can still have fun at home and make the trip worthwhile for foreign tourists.

From September 29th to October 6th, Jinwan Plaza will hold “Tianjin Hand Gift·Surprise in Jinwan” – “Tianjin Gift” Jinwan’s first themed cultural week event. “Yingshou” means holding both hands full, which comes from the famous poem “Looking at the Moon and Huaiyuan” by Zhang Jiuling, a famous poet in the prosperous Tang Dynasty. Tianjin Hand-in-Hand Gift: Tianjin people hold up their own gifts and offer them to the people of the country to celebrate the birthday of the motherland. There are surprises in Jinwan: First, the surprise of Jinwan reappearing in a brand-new image. The second is the surprise brought by the colorful activities of Jinwan; the third is the surprise of the first appearance of the “Tianjin Gift” selection at the China Tourism Expo.

The overall creation of “light and shadow lighting combining technology and music, place beautification combining environment and art, and business revitalization combining culture and commerce” makes the external image of Jinwan Plaza appear in front of everyone with a new look. The lights will shine along the banks of the Haihe River along with the flowing Haihe River and the laughter of tourists. They will complement the opening of the Jiefang Bridge and create a beautiful bay.

During the National Day, an audio-visual feast integrating traditional culture and modern fashion will release the unique inner temperament of Jinwan Plaza. By then, Jinwan Plaza will be transformed into a stage full of vitality and creativity. Various large-scale performances, national parades and special markets will take turns to bring tourists and audiences a unique cultural experience. The National Day will be even more exciting, with cultural performances featuring 56 ethnic groups, which will be performed brilliantly on the waterfront of Jinwan Square. In addition, on October 2, in order to reflect Tianjin’s urban culture and urban character, Jinwan Plaza prepared a cultural performance that combined the results of Tianjin’s urban renewal and Tianjin’s intangible cultural heritage. Integrating Jinmen characteristics into urban development, through the organic integration of cultural heritage and urban renewal, complement each other, present the beautiful movement of urban cultural renewal, and further activate the genes of traditional intangible cultural heritage.

It is worth mentioning that Jinwan Plaza is making every effort to promote quality improvement. In the future, Jinwan Plaza will launch an IP solicitation competition to collect new ideas and creativity from the whole city, and continuously upgrade the image of Jinwan Plaza to make Jinwan Plaza truly relevant to the city. Integrate and communicate with tourists, and give full play to the landmark role of “city cover”.

I believe that this National Day, Jinwan Plaza will become a must-visit check-in spot during the holidays. Surprises will come one after another, so stay tuned!

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