Speak out for your dreams Many well-known restaurants in Changsha all give praise to “Hawhadui”


Last night, an article “He is so nice, I hope everyone can see how nice he is!” 》Tweets swiped the screen in the circle of friends. Tianbao Brothers, Adu Dabianlu, Dabinfu Hot Pot, Banquet Changsha, Lao Xu’s, Dabin’s and many other well-known catering brands’ official WeChat public accounts collectively represent a young man with a dream——“Hawhadui” The founder Mou Sheng gave a thumbs up.

Mou Sheng is a guy from Northeast China who studied in Hunan and took root in Changsha. Five years ago, he founded Changsha’s local tea brand “Zhadui”. From the beginning of the brand’s establishment, Hawthorn has focused on subdividing the track, focusing on hawthorn. Whether it is drinks or desserts, it insists on using cooking techniques and “ingenuity” to make products. At the same time, Hawdui adjusts according to the season, keeps updating 2-3 products every month, and develops and launches new products from time to time.

“We hope to do something special, to provide consumers with fresh and interesting choices, rather than repetition.” Mou Sheng told me, “They often say that new tea drinks are very curly, and I think internal curly is fine, but It cannot be copied or imitated. For Hawdui, we want to add different bricks to this city, so that everyone can drink things that cannot be drunk in other places. This is the meaning and value of the existence of new consumer brands, and it is also the reason for my research and development of products. Basic logic.”

At the end of 2017, Changsha Houjiatang Dingding Mall opened its first store in Zhadui. In August 2022, Zhadui entered Jiefangxi, Changsha, where Internet celebrity brands gather. In 5 years, Mou Sheng, a Buddhist family, only opened 5 stores. stores. “If you take a smaller step, you can walk more steadily,” Mou Sheng said, and what to do at what stage must be considered. As the popularity of Internet celebrities in Changsha grows, tourists flock in an endless stream. Some stores are already overloaded, and the number of stores will be vigorously expanded next. “It is planned to open 15-25 new stores in Changsha in 2023.” Mou Sheng is full of confidence in the future.

For a number of well-known restaurants in Changsha to speak out for a new tea brand, Luo Jiong, the founder of Tianbao Brothers, said, “Changsha restaurants jointly praise Hawdui and speak for their dreams.” He said that everyone with dreams and original aspirations Entrepreneurs deserve to be treated with tenderness. Looking back nine years ago, the Tianbao brothers were treated tenderly to get to where they are today. “The dream of an entrepreneur is the epitome of thousands of entrepreneurs in Changsha, a city of dreams. I look forward to more and better ingenious brands blooming in Changsha.” Luo Jiong said that every Changsha catering person loves this city very much. .



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