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“South to North” is scheduled to be released on February 6. Bai Jingting, Ding Yongdai, and Jin Chen will lead the interpretation of the changes of the times in the past forty years.

“South to North” is scheduled to be released on February 6. Bai Jingting, Ding Yongdai, and Jin Chen will lead the interpretation of the changes of the times in the past forty years.

The period emotional drama “South to North”, written by Gao Mantang and Li Zhou and directed by Zheng Xiaolong and Liu Zhangmu, was officially announced today. Starting from February 6, the drama will be broadcast on CCTV8 and iQiyi. The first trailer was released simultaneously with the green train poster and retro single poster, starring Bai Jingting, Ding Yongdai, Jin Chen, starring Liu Guanlin, Liu Jun, Zuo Xiaoqing, Jiang Yan, Hu Ke, Song Jiateng, Li Naiwen, special guest stars Ni Dahong, Wang Jinsong, special All the cast members including Wang Xun, Bao Beier, Wang Xiaoli, and Tu Songyan were invited to witness the forty years of passionate struggle.

  Bai Jingting and Ding Yongdai play the role of the old and new policemen in the hilarious “Unjust Master and Disciple” team.

“South to North” tells the story of a young and energetic police officer Wang Xin (played by Bai Jingting) and a veteran detective Ma Kui (played by Ding Yongdai) who has returned from ten years of unjust imprisonment. They unexpectedly become a master and apprentice. Through the story of fighting hand in hand and tacit cooperation, through the various aspects of life on a train, and the warmth and warmth of human relationships among a group of neighbors, we have witnessed the 40 years of development of China’s railways and the inheritance of the spirit of the new and old generations of railway police officers.

The series spans forty years and focuses on the work and life of two generations of railway police officers. It is a story passed down from generation to generation and a chapter of the fate of the characters. The first trailer of “South to North” is full of laughter. Wang Xin, who speaks with an authentic northeastern accent, handcuffs the “suspect” Ma Kui in one operation, but he did not expect that he would become his master in the blink of an eye. The two people who unexpectedly became masters and apprentices started “mutual fighting” mode. Wang Xin claimed to be the “little gun king”, but Ma Kui said “guns are useless in the car”, and the two wanted to “make gestures” from time to time. Ma Kui’s daughter Ma Yan (played by Jin Chen) also has a deep friendship with Wang Xin. They help each other and bicker with each other, and they have a close relationship. The people in the courtyard brought the enthusiastic atmosphere of fireworks, revealing a special kind of warmth with memories of the times in the ordinary.

Also exposed along with the trailer are green train multi-player posters and retro-style single-player posters. The former outlines a train picture in a warm style. The train from Ningyang to Harbin taken by Bai Jingting, Ding Yongdai, and Jin Chen is not only an important place for them to work, but also represents the “train of the times” that continues to move forward. The single poster is in the form of a stamp, with distinctive edge paper, a postmark with regional identification, and a slightly wrinkled texture, which represents the 40-year span of the series and has a strong imprint of the times.

  Describes the changes of the times in China over the past forty years and expresses the taste of life in a delicate and simple way

“South to North” focuses on the various passengers on the train and the stories of joys and sorrows in the compound, showing the various conditions of the world and the warmth and warmth of human beings from the pulse of the times and the texture of life. On this train that has gone through 40 years of changes in China, the protagonists Wang Xin and Ma Kui witnessed the development of railways from steam locomotives to electric locomotives to the era of high-speed trains during their decades of service. In the harmonious and warm compound, the neighbors experience the hardships and gifts of life. Under the warm care of helping and supporting each other, they show a sincere, warm and mission-oriented compound portrait.

Gao Manzhou and Li Zhou, the screenwriters of “South to North”, have created realistic works such as “Crossing the Guandong”, “Which North Wind Blows”, “Old Tavern”, “Family with Nine Phoenixes” and “Wenzhou Family”. Directors Zheng Xiaolong and Liu Zhangmu have directed excellent works such as “The Legend of Zhen?”, “Red Sorghum”, “The Legend of Mi Yue”, “Ferrious Service”, “Golden Wedding” and “Ice Breaking” respectively. The directors have their own characteristics in character creation and story narrative. This film Director Zheng’s leadership will bring quality assurance to the series. As can be seen from the trailer, this drama continues the delicate and simple creative style of the main creative team in the past, which includes detailed portrayal of characters and in-depth descriptions of life situations. The interaction and chemical reactions between many powerful actors such as Bai Jingting, Ding Yongdai, Jin Chen, Liu Guanlin, Liu Jun, Zuo Xiaoqing, Jiang Yan, Hu Ke, Song Jiateng, Ni Dahong, Li Naiwen and other powerful actors are beginning to emerge, which will lead the audience to look back at the magnificent events of the past forty years. Times have changed, let’s relive the passionate years of struggle.

“South to North” is produced by Beijing iQiyi Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Juxingtianxia Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., Beijing Baina Qiancheng Film and Television Co., Ltd., Horgos Wanda TV Series Production Co., Ltd., and the News and Media Center of the Ministry of Public Security Jointly produced, the drama will be available on CCTV8 and iQiyi starting from February 6, so stay tuned.

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