Sony may release 5 E-mount mirrorless cameras this year


Recently, some media sources have compiled a list of Sony’s plans to release the fuselage in 2023. The following is a detailed explanation of the guessed models:

A high-end APS-C camera may be released (or it will arrive before this summer, with a 26-megapixel sensor). Through the above description and analysis, there is a high probability that Sony will launch an APS-C mirrorless camera with similar strength to Fuji X-H2S26 million stack back-illuminated sensor CMOS.

Or will release an updated high-speed continuous shooting flagship model Sony A9III.

Or an updated iteration of the entry-level full-frame mirrorless A7CII will be released.

An unexpected and surprising E-mount camera. (It is difficult to update a new retro-looking machine similar to Nikon Zfc and Fuji XT series)

An E-mount camera mainly for video shooting (may be launched at the end of spring), some relevant media people believe that this E-mount camera for video shooting will be the entry-level model of Sony’s movie line products?? FX10. However, there are no more relevant media platforms to support the upcoming release of FX10.

According to the current status of Sony’s imaging products, the editor speculates that if the recently released model is ILME-FX10. Then it may have the following parameters:

The overall new machine idea may be ZV-E10 equipped with BIONZXR processor

Or it will be equipped with an artificial intelligence processor similar to Sony ZV-E1

It will follow the homogeneous body shape of the FX series of Sony movie camera product line

Capable of recording ultra-high-definition video at up to 4K60 frames without cropping

No mechanical shutter, no IBIS body image stabilization

Editor’s comment: From the perspective of the editor, it is unlikely that Sony will release a high-performance APS-C format mirrorless camera, and the probability of Sony releasing a new generation of high-speed continuous shooting flagship model A9III is half and half. Combining the actual parameters of the existing movie line product FX30 and the ease of operation, Sony will most likely release the entry-level product FX10 based on the FX movie line, or adapt it to the S-Cinetone picture profile and S-log3 gamma curve And CineEI movie machine operating system, it is not clear whether it can be adapted to dual native ISO.


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