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Solid push!Xinhua Insurance serves the national strategy and achieves effective results

Solid push!Xinhua Insurance serves the national strategy and achieves effective results

On January 4, 2024, New China Insurance held a company system special meeting to learn and convey the spirit of the Central Financial Work Conference and the Central Economic Work Conference, and promote the 2024 national strategy and rural revitalization work plan.

As a state-owned financial enterprise, New China Insurance has always conscientiously implemented the major decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee, implemented the spirit of the Central Economic and Financial Work Conference and the relevant requirements of China Investment Corporation, kept in mind the “bigger of the country”, and deeply grasped the political and people-oriented nature of financial work. Highlight the functions of insurance as an “economic shock absorber” and “social stabilizer”, actively integrate the national strategy into the company’s development strategy, operation management, and corporate culture, and promote the implementation of the national strategy with a strong sense of mission.

Build an overall promotion mechanism to serve the national strategy

In 2021, New China Insurance officially launched the work of serving the national strategy, and has issued a series of documents such as guidance opinions and work guides, and has initially formed an institutional system to serve the national strategy. In order to further improve the level of serving the national strategy, the company formulated and issued the “Xinhua Insurance Work Plan on Further Improving the Ability to Serve the National Strategy” in December last year, sorting out and establishing the overall promotion mechanism of “1 center, 3 mechanisms, and 5 major systems” , supporting the formation of 9 special work plans such as liabilities, investment, health care, and people’s livelihood security, and simultaneously established a three-level management structure of “Serving the National Strategy Promotion Committee-Working Group-Special Working Group” to strengthen organizational leadership, clarify responsibilities, and consolidate responsibilities .

  Solidly promote the service national strategy to achieve practical results

Form a diversified product and service supply system

In 2023, New China Insurance will form a health insurance product system covering more than 100 products in 5 categories, including medical insurance, nursing insurance, accident insurance, disability income loss insurance, and critical illness insurance, to meet the needs of different customers throughout their life cycles. Protect demand; strengthen the strategic supporting role of inclusive insurance products, form a comprehensive, targeted, and affordable inclusive insurance product system to effectively meet the public’s inclusive insurance needs; actively participate in the construction of a multi-level medical security system, and promote corporate annuities / Development of occupational annuities, personal pension insurance, and exclusive commercial pension insurance; carry out policy-based medical insurance, and promote the development of critical illness insurance and long-term care insurance businesses.

Xinhua Insurance optimizes its customer service system, establishes a company-level customer center, breaks down customer channel attribution barriers, conducts centralized hierarchical and classified management, and provides detailed customer service; through multiple service channels such as New Era, Palm Xinhua and Suixintong, Improve service capabilities in underwriting, preservation, renewal, claims and collection, and provide customers with a minimalist, ultimate and fast service experience.

As of the end of November, New China Insurance had provided insurance protection for more than 25.8 million customers across the country; provided comprehensive employee welfare protection plans for 48,500 small, medium and micro enterprises, promoting the steady development of small, medium and micro enterprises; exclusive pension insurance premium income of 1.18 billion yuan; undertook Chongqing, 12 policy-based medical insurance projects including those in Nanjing, covering more than 19.52 million insured persons; promoting 17 branches including Sichuan, Shanghai, and Shandong to participate in 39 provincial and municipal welfare insurance projects, with insured premiums exceeding 200 million yuan, covering The crowd exceeded a million.

Continue to serve the real economy

New China Insurance continues to play its role as the main force in serving the real economy, adjust investment strategies, optimize investment layout, and increase investment in areas such as assisting the development of scientific and technological innovation, green, small, medium and micro enterprises, and assisting the construction of a healthy China. As of the end of November 2023, the balance of Xinhua Insurance’s national strategic investment exceeded 240 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 15.28%. At the end of November, New China Insurance and China Life jointly initiated the establishment of Private Securities Investment Fund Co., Ltd. to further promote the development of the company’s investment business.

Promote the steady development of the health care industry

In 2023, New China Insurance will focus on expanding the construction of elderly care projects and improving the health service system to promote steady business development. In May 2023, the first phase of Xinhua Homes Yanqing Yixiang Community Project was put into operation, enriching the product line of senior care services in Beijing. So far, the company has deployed three senior care projects in Beijing Lianhuachi Exclusive Apartment, Beijing Yanqing Yixiang Community and Hainan Boao Lexiang Community. It has initially established a north-south response, combining “city center” + “suburban”, covering rehabilitation care, The senior care business layout of three product lines, continuous care and vitality health care, provides impetus to promote the development of the company’s senior care industry.

At the same time, the company has established an experiential marketing standardization mechanism to promote the coordinated development of the elderly care business and the main life insurance business. The branch promoted customers to sign more than 4,000 retirement community occupancy qualification letters, sold more than 9,800 senior care community insurance policies, and accumulated premium income of more than 6.6 billion yuan.

By building a comprehensive health management platform and introducing Internet medical resources, New China Insurance provides customers with comprehensive online and offline integrated health management services and comprehensively improves customer experience. Xinhua Rehabilitation Hospital received about 28,000 outpatient visits throughout the year. Xinhua Health provided more than 670,000 physical examination and other services throughout the year, and served more than 240,000 life insurance customers. In addition, the Rehabilitation Hospital and Xinhua Health United Lianhuachi Senior Apartment provide free clinics, health education and other services to surrounding areas, serving more than 5,000 people in total, increasing brand awareness and influence.

Do a good job in ensuring people’s livelihood

  Serving the needs of the people and serving the expectations of the people is the original aspiration of the people’s livelihood that Xinhua Insurance has always adhered to.Over the past few years, New China Insurance has always “carried on its shoulders and put its mind at ease” regarding people’s livelihood concerns.

  2023,Actively take the lead and promote the construction of first aid capabilitiesthe entire system has carried out 83 special trainings and practical trainings, and more than 3,000 first aiders have been professionally certified;Continue to support rural revitalization,A total of 10.4 million yuan of assistance funds was invested, and 7.1 million yuan of assistance products were purchased throughout the year;Introducing the China Women’s Development Foundationcontinues to carry out four assistance projects in Shibing, Guizhou, including the “Genius Mom Dream Workshop”, “Shanxing Medical Physiotherapy Room”, and “Mother Entrepreneurship Revolving Fund”, to promote the development of characteristic assistance and further consolidate the results of poverty alleviation;Multiple channels help stabilize employmentactively implement measures related to promoting employment, promote the orderly implementation of the system-wide annual recruitment plan, and help stabilize employment and protect people’s livelihood;Support consumer creditpromote common prosperity, and provide broader, better, more convenient and more efficient inclusive financial services to the majority of customers by supporting WeChat payment, consumer credit, reducing policy pledge loan interest rates, etc.

As of the end of November, Xinhua Insurance has supported a total investment of more than 1.4 billion yuan in WeChat disbursement and a total investment of more than 1.2 billion yuan in consumer credit, providing inclusive and popular financial services to new citizen groups and rural areas.

After the occurrence of previous natural disasters and safety incidents, New China Insurance responded quickly, conducted investigation and compensation claims for disaster-stricken customers, and carried out care and condolences. When earthquakes occurred in Gansu and Qinghai in December, New China Insurance immediately donated 1 million yuan in cash to the China Charity Federation through the New China Life Insurance Charity Foundation to assist the earthquake-stricken areas in Gansu and Qinghai.

In 2024, New China Insurance will continue to consolidate existing work achievements, further deepen and implement the work, ensure that the company’s efforts to serve the national strategy are not reduced, and the effectiveness is not reduced, forming a good situation of systematic promotion, full participation, and remarkable results.

On the liability side, we continue to build a unique product and service system to enhance our core competitiveness. On the investment side, the investment layout will be optimized and support for people’s livelihood protection will be increased. The health care end focuses on developing community elderly care, providing inclusive services and meeting the public’s elderly care needs. Continue to pay attention to people’s livelihood and family affairs, do a good job in ensuring various people’s livelihood services, promote the company’s service to the national strategy to a new level, and contribute to China’s economic and social development.

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