SM Plaza “Sloth Camp” is officially open The Urban Slow Enjoyment Program leads young people to experience the multiple possibilities of shopping centers

SM Plaza “Sloth Camp” is officially open The Urban Slow Enjoyment Program leads young people to experience the multiple possibilities of shopping centers

Youth, outdoors, sports, camping, spring, enjoyment… The emerging lifestyles of contemporary young people are regenerating and colliding with current hot spots. SM Tianjin Binhai City Plaza (hereinafter referred to as SM Plaza) created the “SM City Slow Enjoyment Plan” in the spring of April, using the unique slow culture opening method of young people. The opening of Qianping’s professional “sloth camp” gives urban youth an exclusive space for a “slow” life. The SM pet-friendly shopping mall project also started, providing a cleaner and safer companion space for pet lovers, and continuing to create multiple possibilities for shopping malls.

In the SM City Slow Enjoyment Plan, there are five slow enjoyment-themed activities, a passionate collision of various outdoor sports, on-site interviews with six club managers, a professional outdoor camp in Qianping that is open for free, and pets that are very accepting of fur children Friendly Paradise! This sloth camp project is SM Plaza’s first long-term investment and construction of a super-large-scale professional camping sanctuary based on the successful experience of using its unique outfield advantages to build a large-scale IP. Throughout the weekend in April, the sloth camp will have different ways to open youth life, such as speed Frisbee, sunset cinema, land surfing, pet-friendly activities, free camp reservations, exclusive camping catering services, etc.

On the afternoon of April 1st, at the SM Square Sloth Camp, the Urban Slow Enjoyment Program – SM Tianjin Binhai City Square Sloth Youth Camping Festival officially opened. At the event site, the head of the North District of SM Plaza, more than 20 media teachers from Tianjin, Mr. Fu Fei, the manager of KTM in Beijing and Tianjin, and members of the KTM club, national elite athletes, silver medal winners in the National Games, nuclear bats Ms. Liu Jiaping, the manager of baseball, attended the event.

In Part 1 of the SM City Slow Enjoyment Program, the slow-speed competition brought by KTM motorcycles, the super-decompressed slow-speed firewood chopping competition, the frisbee gooka experience, the frisbee competition, and nuclear baseball athletes will teach you the first baseball in your life Classes and other colorful outdoor activities, between fast and slow games, easily grasp the camping CHILL atmosphere. At the event site, in addition to these professional and exquisite outdoor sports experiences, there are also picnic feasts, grass concerts, interactive lucky draws, etc. With the sunshine in the afternoon, the suitable air and temperature, all the guests at the scene enjoyed all kinds of beautiful things in the spring in the SM sloth camp.

Today, SM Plaza has become a trendy new landmark loved by young people. The creation of the sloth camp will also become one of the most exclusive and unique campsites in Tianjin this year, and it will open up a unique slow lifestyle for Tianjin citizens. If you can’t travel far, sloth camps are definitely a good place for migrant workers to escape the stress temporarily. Let go of the concept of time, live a good life, make an appointment with three or two friends, and come here to enjoy the convenience of the city and experience the fun of camping at the same time. Take your camping equipment and enjoy the joy of camping without traveling far, implement the health concept of outdoor sports, and create more impossible shopping malls!

After the slow enjoyment plan in April, in the coming May, the SM Plaza Annual Competition 2023SM Child Star Selection will also start registration and audition simultaneously. SM Children’s Star Selection, as SM Group’s annual large-scale children’s charity event, started in Xiamen in 2003 and has accompanied children through many springs, summers, autumns and winters full of joy and harvest. The theme of the 2023 tour stage, “FUN Light! Star Baby”, also means that every child is a FUN light star. They are versatile, good at singing and dancing, witty, brave and confident, and have unlimited potential. The field is full of FUN splendor. This year is the sixth consecutive year held in Tianjin, and it has already received high attention from parent-child families and kindergarten institutions in Airport, Huaming, Dongli Lake and further regions. Winning the title of child star, you can get a scholarship of 5,000 yuan, a super paradise tour and a happy growth spree. SM Plaza also encourages Tianjin residents, parents and children aged 4-6 to call


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