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“Siping Police Diamond Heist” is scheduled to be released on February 6. The original cast of Siping Police will make a hilarious return

“Siping Police Diamond Heist” is scheduled to be released on February 6. The original cast of Siping Police will make a hilarious return

The movie “Siping Police: The Diamond Robbery” jointly produced by Foshan Naifei Film and Television Co., Ltd., Tianjin Rabbit Hole Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd., and Beijing Haona Xuanyao Film Co., Ltd. will be officially released on February 6. Premiere. The film is directed and starred by Zhang Hao, starring Wu Erwo, Huang Junpeng, Wang Shuangbao, Baduo, etc. Tengger, Dong Zheng, Xu Yajun, Tan Qiao, and Da Mo also star in the film. The luxurious lineup opens the first installment of the Spring Festival comedy film !

  The robbers made a big fuss, and who got the diamond?

Zhang Hao and Wu Erwo were about to rob the gold store. Unexpectedly, another group of robbers took the lead and robbed the cash transport truck escorting the diamonds. In the chaos, the two were actually regarded as one of their own by the robber gang, and unexpectedly got the priceless money. The diamond was lost during the escape due to panic. In order to achieve sudden wealth, the two officially embarked on a journey to recover the diamond. At the same time, the real robbers Big Cat and Spoon also launched a city-wide search for them. The police were also confused by Zhang Hao’s sudden appearance and mistakenly regarded the two of them as Big Cat Spoon to investigate. Several people move forward together, and a three-day and two-night cat-and-mouse game begins!

Brother Hao’s journey of “treasure hunting” can be described as difficult. Sometimes he transforms into a school inspection team member to confuse teachers, snatch students’ handmade stickers and run away after being discovered; sometimes he transforms into a leader of the fire brigade and battles wits with unscrupulous store owners. Not only do you have to adapt to various disguises, but you also have to be careful of being caught by the police at all times. The whole process is full of laughs, such as being bounced off while sitting on a seesaw, being hit by a car several times, etc. It can be said that every scene is hilarious and high-energy.

  The original cast returns to celebrate the New Year with a luxurious lineup

This film is part of the “Siping Police” IP series of films. Since 2018, the official short video account of the Siping Municipal Public Security Bureau “Siping Police” has packaged the legal education work in an interesting and popular way, using online jokes to educate and entertain. It has received widespread attention from the public and successfully made its mark. It has become a phenomenon-level Internet celebrity and a classic IP for Internet entertainment content. Zhang Hao, the core character in this IP, has become famous in recent years with his works such as “Erlong Lake Love Story” and “Siping Police Rush Hour”. He has developed a distinct personal style and has long occupied a place in the comedy film market.

In addition to the starring Zhang Hao, the other actors in the movie cannot be underestimated. This film not only brings together the original members of the Siping police team, Wu Erwo and Dong Zheng, but their tacit cooperation with their own sense of humor ensures the film’s laughs. In addition, the joining of Tengger, Tan Qiao and Xu Yajun has also become a highlight of “Diamond Heist”, doubling the New Year effect. In addition, Rabbit Hole Culture, one of the producers of the film, is a youth label under Netflix that focuses on online movies. It has been deeply involved in the online film and television industry for many years. It has always adhered to the creative concept of “making good stories into good works” and exported ” “Legend of the Xing’anling Hunter”, “Surprise Attack: Tunnel Warfare”, “Evil Must Be Eradicated” and many other high-quality innovative masterpieces.

“Diamond Heist” will premiere simultaneously on the entire network on February 6, so stay tuned!

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