Sino-Dutch Life Honey Club Shanghai Branch held a DIY handmade event with dried flower fans

Sino-Dutch Life Honey Club Shanghai Branch held a DIY handmade event with dried flower fans

In the spring of March, the fragrance of flowers is overflowing. In this season of flowers and a festival that belongs to goddesses, Misi Club of Sino-Dutch Life Insurance Shanghai Branch will join hands with Shanghai Branch through agency channels and Xinshan Insurance Sales and Service Company to jointly create a wonderful goddess. , on March 4, the activity of “‘Lotus’ fan swaying in the spring breeze and ‘Xin’ light goddess shining together” handmade dried flower fan was carried out. When the petals meet the round fan, the slender hand holds the fan and shakes it lightly, frowning and smiling as if startled.

On the day of the event, many invited guests came to the event site early and chatted enthusiastically with other partners and staff. The atmosphere was lively and joyful. The person in charge of the Economic and Representative Department of Sino-Dutch Life Shanghai Branch introduced the brand concept and service characteristics of Sino-Dutch Life to the guests, explained the eight rights and financial knowledge enjoyed by consumers, and introduced the Honey Club of Sino-Dutch Life in detail. Let the concept of Miss Club go deeper into the hearts of all guests.

At the beginning of the manual activity, under the guidance of the teacher, everyone carefully thought about the composition of the picture. A few leaves and dried flowers were fiddled with and pasted carefully, and the pictures were beautifully presented. In this romantic, warm and artistic event, everyone gained not only an exclusive and unique dried flower fan, but also felt the joy of hand-made, truly relaxing, cultivating sentiment, and expressing the elegance of women Feelings, let the exquisite artistic creation add color to the busy work and life, which is also the beautiful feeling that Misi Club hopes to bring to customers. The whole event was successfully concluded, and the customers expressed that they still had more to say, and hoped that they could continue to be invited to participate next time.

As the first women’s club in China’s insurance industry that focuses on women’s self-growth, Miss Club aims to lead women to discover all kinds of fun in life, gain fun and beauty, health and confidence. Sino-Dutch Life Honey Club Shanghai Branch will continue to launch activities with various themes in the future, leading women to feel the sense of ritual in life and bringing various forms of life experience to honey girls. Join Sino-Dutch Life Honey Club, you will regularly receive novel and interesting “fun” news about honey, get the opportunity to participate in various interesting themed parties with your girlfriends, and deeply experience life in many fields such as family, career, and entertainment of extraordinary fun.

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