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Singapore’s visa exemption has sparked a boom in cruise travel in Southeast Asia, and “Genting Dream” has welcomed Chinese tourists

Singapore’s visa exemption has sparked a boom in cruise travel in Southeast Asia, and “Genting Dream” has welcomed Chinese tourists

Singapore and China have mutually exempted visas, making outbound tourism in Southeast Asia quickly become “hot”.

  March 6, 2024(Zhang Ling and Feng Muyuan) With China and Singapore exempting each other from visas at the beginning of this year, outbound tourism in Southeast Asia has become increasingly popular during the Spring Festival. The “Genting Dream” owned by Singapore’s local brand Resorts World Cruises, which connects the “Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand” tri-country routes, has also welcomed many Chinese tourists.According to Wu Mingfa, president of Resorts World Cruises, since the Spring Festival this year, cruise ships have20%of passengers are from China.

The picture shows Resorts World Genting Dream.

Watching the sunset on Sentosa Island in Singapore is a romantic thing.

A corner of the living room of the “Genting Dream” Palace Villa.

Resorts World Cruises is a brand extension of Resorts World, which has more than 46 hotels in eight countries and four continents. Founded in Singapore, Resorts World Cruises is Asia’s leading luxury cruise line, known for its exceptional service and unique maritime travel experiences. Resorts World Cruises’ Genting Dream has homeports in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur and offers a range of 2- and 3-night sailings to popular destinations, including Kuala Lumpur and Penang in Malaysia, and Phuket in Thailand.

Thanks to the visa-free policy implemented by “Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand” for China, tourists traveling on the “Genting Dream” only need to bring their passports and tickets to board the ship, experience the food, entertainment and services on the cruise, and arrive as soon as they wake up New destination.travelingNo need to transfer flights, change hotels, carry luggage, a more relaxed way of travel for travelers who are looking for a comfortable vacation, as well as family tour groups with older parents and young children.

Singapore’s large public buildings are very distinctive.

Singapore’s time-honored Bak Kut Teh brand “Song Fa”.

  Genting Dream is an 18-story skyscraper with all-inclusive food, accommodation and entertainment at sea.

The 18-story “Genting Dream” cruise ship with a displacement of over 150,000 tons is comparable to a majestic skyscraper and can carry approximately3500 passengers. Entertainment on a cruise ship is refreshing on many levels. It includes a huge water park with 6 water slides and swimming pools, a challenging rock climbing wall, a sea ropes course, a mini golf course, a bowling alley and other entertainment and sports facilities.

Entertainment at night is also exciting. Visitors can enjoy performances by professional performers at the theater, or watch a movie at sea and dance to the beats of the DJ at the Zouk Beach Party Club. Of course, taking a cruise is not just about having fun. On the Genting Dream, tourists can also enjoy duty-free shops with international brands, spa treatments, and a fully equipped maritime gym with personal guidance from qualified coaches.

The entertainment facilities on Genting Dream are refreshing. The picture shows the cruise ship model.

Phuket, Thailand is also one of the shore excursion destinations of the Genting Dream.

Tourists on the “Genting Dream” landed in Phuket and started shore excursions.

As a gourmet cruise ship, “Genting Dream” has as many as 35 dining concepts, ranging from authentic Chinese and Asian cuisine to international cuisine. It includes three free restaurants serving Chinese and Western food and buffets. In addition, there are also specialty restaurants such as outdoor hot pot, Chinese creative dishes, Haima Japanese cuisine, and Blue Lagoon cuisine that provide Southeast Asian flavors that “Chinese stomachs” love, allowing tourists to taste flavors from all over the world. The food was different throughout the trip.

In terms of accommodation experience, tourists can enjoy1674 roomsChoose from staterooms including interior cabins, ocean view cabins, terrace cabins with ocean views without leaving your room, and the iconic Palace Suite. Each suite is designed with luxurious artistic atmosphere and equipped with high-end toiletries, European brand furniture, etc. Guests staying in the Palace Suites can enjoy exclusive restaurants, pool decks, gyms, etc., as well as round-the-clock European-style butler concierge service to realize their cruise vacation.

  Genting Dream sails Southeast Asia routes and enjoys Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand in one trip

After the cruise ship arrives at the destination port, tourists can go ashore for sightseeing activities. Following the route of the “Genting Dream”, tourists will have the opportunity to visit popular attractions such as Merlion Park, Gardens by the Bay, and Universal Studios in the Lion City of Singapore; climb the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, and explore the century-old imperial city of Klang. Authentic Bak Kut Teh; immerse yourself in the art atmosphere of Penang’s street murals, learn about the Peranakan culture of the past at the Peranakan Museum; enjoy the warm sunshine and beaches in Phuket, check out the Michelin restaurants on the old streets, etc.

At the same time, “Genting Dream” has also launched more destination combination products, such asSingapore+Malaysia, Singapore+Thailand, Malaysia+Thailandand other diversified combinations to provide passengers with flexible, convenient and diverse travel options. Currently, Chinese tourists can board the Genting Dream from any city in Singapore or Kuala Lumpur to start a wonderful cruise vacation.

“Genting Dream” launched the Singapore-Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia route.

  [About Resorts World Cruises]

Resorts World Cruises is a newly established luxury and dynamic lifestyle cruise brand in Asia. It has rich traditional Asian culture and provides personalized cruise lifestyle and diverse international experiences.

[Genting Dream]a subsidiary of Resorts World Cruises, is a “vacation cruise at sea” that provides modern cabins, as well as the iconic “ship-within-a-ship” classic palace suites, a spacious sunbathing deck, a gym, spa treatments, 6 slides and There is a huge water park in the swimming pool, a rock climbing wall, international musicals and a variety of leisure and entertainment activities at your own expense; there are also duty-free shops of well-known international brands, 35 restaurants and bars, and many facilities. In addition, the cruise ship has complete business equipment and can hold meetings and business incentive events.

Resorts World Cruises made its debut in Singapore on June 15, 2022. The[Genting Dream]which can carry 3,352 passengers and has a displacement of 150,695 tons, also started operations on the same day; the[Genting Dream]which can carry 1,856 passengers and has a displacement of 75,338 tons, also launched operations on the same day. Resorts World One]will enter its home port of Hong Kong on March 10, 2023. The Resorts World Cruises brand was established to position itself as the leading cruise line for Asian customers in the region, focusing on the Asian customer market, and providing the highest standards of customer-centric service, safety and preventive measures.

On the route of the “Genting Dream” cruise ship, you can enjoy the intoxicating sunset almost every day.

The “Genting Dream” cruise ship is anchored in the waters near Phuket, waiting for tourists to return.

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