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Sincerely launch a selection of seafood and preserved meats, the time-honored Jiexingzhuang’s first choice for New Year’s goods

Sincerely launch a selection of seafood and preserved meats, the time-honored Jiexingzhuang’s first choice for New Year’s goods

(Penang News) The Chinese Lunar New Year is coming soon, it’s time to buy new year’s goods! The time-honored Jiexingzhuang (M) Co., Ltd. sincerely launches cheap and high-quality New Year products and gifts, as well as selected seafood cured meats, which are definitely your first choice!

Introducing Chinese Sichuan soy sauce

Cheng Peiying, business development manager of Jiexingzhuang (M) Co., Ltd., said that this year the company has newly introduced China’s Sichuan Qianhe brand zero-new soy sauce series, including 180-day soy sauce, dark soy sauce, light soy sauce, and glutinous rice white vinegar.

He said that the characteristics of the Qianhe zero-added soy sauce series are that during the production process, there are no added preservatives, no MSG, no additives, and no colorings, and the taste is excellent. This product is currently being promoted locally.

Zheng Peiying said that sea cucumbers are particularly popular during the Spring Festival, and some people have already bought them. Among the many types of sea cucumbers, the most popular is the sea cucumber, which is selling faster than last year, which is unexpected.

He also particularly recommends the Hong Kong Shoutao brand pure hand-pulled noodles (noodles). This noodle is full of texture and can be eaten simply by filling it with hot pot soup. It saves time and effort and is not easy to become mushy. It is worth trying by consumers. Try.

As for the price of canned abalone, Zheng Peiying said that China’s canned abalone production is large this year and the price is low, but the quality is uneven.

He reminded consumers to pay attention to the size, quality, quantity and price of abalone, and not to be attracted by cheap prices. “The price of canned abalone in China has also softened the price of imported canned abalone in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Mexico, with prices falling by 10% this year.”

Zheng Peiying also said that the prices of scallops and dried oysters have remained unchanged this year, with the exception of extra-large dried oysters, which have slightly increased in price.

Jiexingzhuang has everything you need for New Year’s goods and gifts!

The price of “White Pigeon” cans remains unchanged

In addition, Jiexingzhuang sells “White Pigeon” cans at the same price as last year. Other products include Unicom, Walrus, Gaolou, AAA, Lion Dance, Maepranom, GOGI, MAMA brands, etc.

In addition to the general agency and sales of fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, canned braised pork, beans, seafood, hot and sour soups and bergamot MSG, Jiexingzhuang also specially introduces new products for gifts or for home enjoyment, giving customers more choices.

Jiexingzhuang (M) Co., Ltd., which has excellent reputation and good reputation, has been in business for 60 years. The company’s own brand “White Pigeon” canned food has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people for a long time and won the “2005 Super Brand Award” (Super Brand), everything from production to packaging is carefully handled, and high-quality materials are used. The quality is deeply recognized by all walks of life.

Pig ginseng is the most popular, and its sales are faster than last year, which is unexpected.

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