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Simmons? Simmons calls for a new start to reshape the beauty

Simmons? Simmons calls for a new start to reshape the beauty

March 12, Simmons®Simmons’ “Calling the New, Reshaping the Beauty” event was held at the North Fourth Ring store of Beijing Easyhome. As far as the spring is concerned, everything is beautiful, wake up the new life with good sleep, explore the direction of the heart, and feel the new power together.

Recently, Simmons®Simmons and oil painting artist Yang Wan Art cross-border cooperation, with the theme of “Dream Calls for Rebirth”, both parties have a romantic imagination of spring sleep, using oil painting art as a carrier, intending to freeze the vitality and colorful colors in spring, and vividly interpret it The LOHAS proposition of “awakening the senses with good sleep and awakening the wonderful life” was launched, and then took the opportunity of the annual “World Sleep Day” to arouse the public’s attention to high-quality sleep and its positive impact on oneself. This highly aesthetic visual art presentation is not only for Simmons®The interpretation of Simmons’ integration of contemporary art and life aesthetics model also shows the brand’s original intention of moving towards newness, unremitting innovation and the beautiful vision of creating a dream of future life and sleep.

Artist Yang Wan and the work “Dream Calls for New Life”

This time Simmons®Simmons invited Yang Wan to co-create the “Dream Calling New Life” work also appeared at the event site. At the same time, the on-site yoga expert’s “Wake Up Yoga in the Morning” and the work “Dream Calling New Life” constitute a beautiful scene of movement and stillness. charm. Every deep breath can not only promote the flow of oxygen in the muscles, but also obtain a calm and peaceful state of mind, just like the layered dreams foreshadowed by the abstract double-layered petals deep in the painting; every stretch, the blood of the body The circulation will be smoother, as if the moment a flower blooms in a painting, or the moment a butterfly flutters its wings, the vivid charm is ready to come out. Awaken the body, fully perceive the power of nature, achieve the unity of body, mind and spirit, reshape yourself, and start a beautiful life facing the sun.

Also a sports enthusiast, Simmons®Ms. Zhou Hong, General Manager of Simmons Beijing Company, mentioned that people have formed a new way of life nowadays, paying more attention to home, health and sleep. Body and mind depend on.” Simmons®As a brand that has rewritten the history of mattresses and human sleep habits, Simmons has paid more attention to this point, paying special attention to the emotional value of consumers, and creating more refined sleep experience and services through continuous innovation and technology. At the same time, I shared my personal experience. There are two important points to maintain a good state, sleep and exercise. High-quality sleep recharges the body and mind, and awakens the vitality of the body with exercise.

At the same time, Simmons was also brought to consumers®A wake-up gift from Simmons – Black® black brand series clear mattress. Award-winning independent pocket cable spring technology support structure provides good support,"FilCare"Antibacterial anti-mite deodorization insulation hollow fiber and"e-ION CRYSTAL®" The combination of negative ion technology seems to accept the pure and fresh baptism of nature; with the temperature adjustment of diamond particle memory foam, you can stretch and relax physically and mentally, pursuing a comfortable and comfortable dream.

Every sweet dream night is worth looking forward to, just like the beauty of every spring will come as expected. As World Sleep Day approaches, Simmons®Simmons accompanies you to call for a new start and reshape the beauty.

About Simmons®Simmons

I. Brand story

As a brand included in “Ci Hai” and interpreted as “a refined spring steel wire bed” brand, Simmons®Simmons first entered Shanghai, China in the 1930s, and its unprecedented foreign-style soft beds and dreamy sleep experience swept across China in one fell swoop. Since then, the word “Simmons” has become synonymous with “exquisite spring mattress” in the hearts of Chinese people.

People spend 1/3 of their time sleeping, so this 1/3 of life should be a kind of enjoyment. In 1870, Mr. Simmons (Mr. Zalmon G. Simmons) founded Simmons in the United States with his unique vision.®Simmons brand, and began to produce spring mattresses in 1876, rewriting the history of mattresses and human sleeping habits.

For more than 150 years, Simmons®Simmons has created many honors. It is the leader in the development of spring mattresses, the designer of sofa beds, and was the first to be collected by the National Museum of American History. From the top cruise ship Titanic in the last century, inventor Edison, car tycoon Henry Ford, writer HG Wells, etc. To this day, royal families and nobles in Europe, Asia and other countries, as well as five-star luxury hotels around the world, all recognize Simmons®Simmons mattresses have always been palace-level mattresses in the hearts of world celebrities.

Adhering to the brand concept of “Creating with Ingenuity, Sleeping Dreams”, we use our strength to practice the constant promise of “creating a completely relaxing sleep scene and providing healthier and more comfortable sleep” for consumers. Simmons®Simmons continues to innovate continuously. After nearly a century and a half of continuous innovation including machines, technologies, and materials, as well as excellence and almost demanding ultimate craftsmanship, Simmons®The quality of Simmons far exceeds the industry standard and has become a global model in the mattress industry, aiming to bring consumers an extraordinary sleep experience.

Combining cutting-edge technology, fine craftsmanship and strict quality control, each Simmons®Simmons mattresses have many characteristics of fashionable and classic design, noble and gorgeous appearance, exquisite manufacturing technology, comfort and durability, health and environmental protection, and are the best among mattress boutiques. The legend never stops, as the pioneer of comfortable and extraordinary sleep, Simmons®Simmons will create a dream sleep in the future world.

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