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Si’an Yunchuang releases SiACT MeOS, the world’s first comprehensive energy operating system, driving the high-quality development of smart integrated energy services

Si’an Yunchuang releases SiACT MeOS, the world’s first comprehensive energy operating system, driving the high-quality development of smart integrated energy services

On March 21, the “2024 Sixth Integrated Energy Service Industry Innovation and Development Conference” organized by Polaris Power Network was held in Shanghai. Si’an Cloud Creation was one of the co-organizers and shared the development vision of integrated energy digitalization and intelligence at the meeting. , and released its latest product: SiACT Multi-Energy OS™, an integrated energy operating system, to explore the concept of user-side integrated energy development in the context of “dual carbon” with all participants.

The conference invited experts and scholars from the two major power grid companies, provincial and municipal integrated energy service companies, the power industry and related enterprises to interpret the current development status of the industry and share successful cases of integrated energy services. With the theme of “Sharing Zero-Carbon Ecology, Sharing Green Energy”, the conference jointly builds a zero-carbon energy service ecosystem and leads the innovative development of the comprehensive energy service industry.

Si’an Yunchuang releases the world’s first comprehensive energy operating system

Qiao Kuanghua, deputy general manager of Xi’an Si’an Yunchuang Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a keynote speech on “SiACT Multi-Energy OS™, the driving engine for the development of the user-side energy digital industry.”

Qiao Kuanghua pointed out that there is a price asymmetry problem in the current energy digitalization industry. From the perspective of industrial and commercial enterprise customers and comprehensive energy service providers, the cost of energy digitalization in the project accounts for a relatively high proportion, which directly or indirectly affects the project income. From the perspective of energy digital suppliers, project returns are low, and some business-enabling application products with indirect (hidden) value are difficult to find positioning and anchor points in the industry or projects. Based on this problem, Si’an Yunchuang proposed the concept of comprehensive energy operating system. Through in-depth research and practical application of industrial operating systems, configuration systems, automation control equipment and other products, it absorbed its excellent design concepts and engineering experience, and integrated Advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual control build a comprehensive energy operating system, promote the refined division of labor in the energy digital industry, and help experts, schools, enterprises, and institutions transform knowledge and skills into production driving forces.

In terms of innovative practical cases, Qiao Kuanghua said that Si’an relies on many years of management experience in the energy industry to cooperate with artificial intelligence high-tech enterprises, colleges, institutions, research institutes, equipment manufacturers, industrial and commercial enterprise customers, and comprehensive energy service providers, based on comprehensive energy operations The system has built many typical cases: park centralized cooling, park micro-grid virtual power plant, electrical equipment manufacturing factory product carbon footprint, steam system, industrial kiln energy consumption optimization and control, etc., providing users with operation monitoring, optimized scheduling, All-round one-stop smart integrated energy digital products and services including smart operation and maintenance, energy consumption monitoring, and carbon emission management.

Sian Yunchuang won two awards for comprehensive energy services

At this meeting, four major awards were selected: Outstanding Case Enterprises in Comprehensive Energy Services, Outstanding Service Providers in Comprehensive Energy Service Platforms, Influential Enterprises in Dual-Carbon Practices, and Pioneer Enterprises in Comprehensive Energy Service Innovation. After many rounds of screening, Sian Yunchuang won the comprehensive award. Two awards: Excellent Energy Service Case Enterprise and Excellent Service Provider of Comprehensive Energy Service Platform.

During the conference, Sian Yunchuang demonstrated the latest E-DOMs™SE and E-COMs™SE edge intelligent control terminals, covering refrigeration, heating, steam, air pressure, optical storage and charging, hydrogen energy and other system scenarios, and won widespread attention from attendees.

Xi’an Si’an Yunchuang Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Si’an New Energy Holdings and a leading domestic provider of industrial Internet software and application solutions in the energy field. The company relies on Si’an Holding Group’s accumulated success in the fields of industrial control systems and industrial software over the past 30 years. experience, as well as more than 10 years of construction and operation and maintenance experience in the field of integrated energy services, gathering experts in multiple fields such as power, heating, clean energy, energy storage, digitalization, and artificial intelligence to build an integrated energy operating system (SiACT Multi-Energy OS™) as the core product system, focusing on digital, product-oriented, intelligent, and service-oriented application practices in the energy field, helping users achieve safe, efficient, and clean energy management.

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