Shunyou Logistics FBA Youyitong: Helping the globalization of Chinese brands? Be a solid backing for sellers to go overseas


Recently, Shunyou Logistics’ self-operated US shipping line “FBA Youyitong” – a faster, more stable and cost-effective shipping logistics solution, was launched after a year of preparation. This product is self-operated throughout the entire chain, and the terminal is dispatched by a professional fleet, covering 9 warehouses in the western United States. It not only has efficient customs clearance, but also has terminal guarantee.

This product combines three major advantages and quickly attracted the attention of many sellers after its launch:

Faster: Shunyou Logistics Mesuyi’s self-operated dedicated line, shipping + Kapai full-link escort, direct delivery to the warehouse on the same day of arrival at the port, guaranteed timeliness!

More stable: After door-to-door collection, the products are uniformly issued from the Dongguan warehouse. The professional customs clearance inspection rate is low, the high-quality last-mile transportation capacity is sufficient, and all links are stable and controllable!

More economical: The same price for bulk cargo is discounted for the entire container, with regular shipping as low as 2.95 yuan/KG and fast shipping as low as 4.5 yuan/KG. The price is transparent and you can save money with a variety of choices!

In recent years, as the globalization process of the Chinese market continues to accelerate, more and more Chinese brands are seeking opportunities to expand overseas. In this process, efficient cross-border logistics services have become a key factor in the success of enterprises. Shunyou Logistics, as a leading domestic cross-border logistics solution provider, is committed to providing solid logistics support for Chinese brands on their global journey.

Shunyou Logistics, founded in 2008, has established a global logistics network after more than ten years of steady development, with services covering more than 200 countries and regions. The company not only provides a full range of logistics services including air, sea, land and multimodal transport, but also focuses on providing customized logistics solutions for cross-border e-commerce companies.

Shunyou Logistics is well aware that the challenges faced by Chinese brands going overseas are not only the control of logistics costs, but also the stability of the supply chain, customs clearance efficiency, and an in-depth understanding of the international market. Therefore, the company continues to improve service efficiency through technological innovation and process optimization. At the same time, Shunyou Logistics has also established a strong partnership network to ensure that customers’ logistics needs around the world are responded to in a timely and effective manner.

In the past year, despite the volatile global trade environment, Shunyou Logistics still achieved good business growth, which benefited from the company’s keen insight into market changes and its deep understanding of customer needs. As the global influence of Chinese brands increases, Shunyou Logistics is continuously expanding its service scope to include emerging markets such as Southeast Asia, South America and Africa. The company believes that through continuous innovation and excellent services, Shunyou Logistics will be able to provide more solid logistics support for the globalization strategy of Chinese brands.

For Chinese brands, the official launch of Shunyou Logistics FBA Youyitong means a broader market space and more solid backing support. Through the professional services of Shunyou Logistics, Chinese brands can go to overseas markets more confidently and demonstrate the charm and strength of Made in China.


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