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Shuijingfang “Meeting Friends at the Table” IP column? Hangzhou station update!On-site tasting by city tasters, chatting about how digital technology can empower a better life

Shuijingfang “Meeting Friends at the Table” IP column? Hangzhou station update!On-site tasting by city tasters, chatting about how digital technology can empower a better life

On March 8, the third issue of the IP column “Meeting Friends at the Table” created by Shuijingfang was updated. The new episode of the program came to Hangzhou in the south of the Yangtze River. Three guests from different industries read Hangzhou face to face, and launched a round-table discussion on urban inheritance, innovation and cultural development.

Since the broadcast of the “Friends at the Table” IP program, each episode reads a city, explores the core of the city, and empowers a better life. On the night of the launch of the third program, Shuijingfang also invited Hangzhou local media and kol as city tasters to watch movies around the table and taste Shuijingfang, continuing to continue Shuijingfang’s “meeting friends at the table” IP.

(The third issue of Shuijingfang’s “Meeting Friends at the Table” was launched on Tencent Video)

  Gathering big names, reading about Hangzhou, chatting about the beauty of numbers

As the starting point of the canal, Hangzhou’s business genes have been written for thousands of years. From ancient times to the present, many Zhejiang merchants have changed the fate of their families and the image of Zhejiang people by virtue of the “Four Thousand Spirits”.

Since the existence of the Internet in China, Hangzhou has developed at the speed of light and has become China’s leading “e-commerce capital”, “Internet capital” and “cloud computing capital”, making great strides towards the list of global information technology cities. It can be said that the city of Hangzhou carries our infinite expectations for creating the future.

“My ancestral home is in Jiaxing. Once a project in Hangzhou went to Beijing to attract investment, so I was recruited to Gongshu.” “In 1977, I came to Hangzhou because of playing table tennis.” “I grew up crying in Hangzhou.”

In the third episode of Shuijingfang’s “Friends at the Table” IP column, distinguished guests from different industries shared their own stories with Hangzhou:

World table tennis champion Lu Lin has a connection with Hangzhou due to his career. He said that he has been playing and living in Hangzhou since he joined the Zhejiang Provincial Table Tennis Team in 1977. The fate he formed with Hangzhou when he was young also made him choose to return to this city after retiring. Hangzhou Lingling Technology CEO and founder Wang Mengqiu was born in Hangzhou, grew up in Hangzhou, and finally started a business in Hangzhou to become a new generation of Zhejiang businessmen.

(City appraisers watch “Friends at the Table” Hangzhou Station, chatting about digital technology)

From their stories, we can see that everyone has a different fate with Hangzhou, but in the end they all became part of the “construction” of the city.

In the 30-minute program, the guests also shared the unique urban culture of Hangzhou, the impact of the Zhejiang merchant spirit on urban development and their own industries.

Finally, focusing on “how the development of digital technology can empower a better life”, starting from the industry in which they work, Lu Lin talked about the “Internet of Things” from the living security of the disabled, and Wang Mengqiu talked about “artificial intelligence” from drones, and jointly discussed digitalization. Bringing infinite possibilities and changing people’s lives.

  Resonating with the Times, City Tasting Officials Discuss at the Roundtable

In Hangzhou in March, the spring and the scenery are bright, misty and rainy. When night fell, Shuijingfang met friends at a table by the Qiantang River, gathered Hangzhou city tasting officials, and tasted the IP column of “Friends at a Table” Hangzhou Station, chatting about how digital technology empowers the industry and empowers a better life.

In the land of Hangzhou, there has always been a spirit of “dare to be the first in the world, brave to be the world’s strength”, and this spirit has been concentrated in countless Zheshang entrepreneurs. The stories of the guests in the program also deeply touched the urban tasters who are entrepreneurs.

At the dinner tasting meeting, Li Jiahui, senior vice president of Quantuo Data, as a city appraiser and entrepreneur, expressed his feelings after watching the show. He said, “In a good era, a good industry atmosphere, combined with the spirit of Zhejiang merchants in Hangzhou, the right time, place and people, I believe that we will be able to create a grand blueprint in the fields of ‘digital economy’ and ‘data industry’.”

It is reported that Quantuo Data is the first company to discover opportunities in “data”. Founded in 2002, through continuous exploration, Quantuo Data empowers social governance through digitization and technological innovation, comprehensively improves the efficiency and functional quality of urban governance, and continues to empower a better life in the city.

Digital technology has empowered entrepreneurs and drawn a blueprint for a better life for mankind. Shuijingfang walks into the city with table friends, meets a group of “friends” through different “tables”, and talks about a better life together, shortens the distance between people, and continues to demonstrate the unique spirit and achievements of urban development more beautiful.

(City taster tastes Shuijingfang)

As one of the city appreciators, after watching the program, a local We-Media person from Hangzhou said, “It is a kind of beauty to meet friends at a table, appreciate the city, share life stories, and discuss urban life.”

  Integrating innovation into Hangzhou, Shuijingfang continues to contribute to a better life

In August 2022, Shuijingfang’s “Meeting friends at a table to achieve beauty” city forum was held in Hangzhou Station. At the same time, the fourth round of the “Shuijingfang” strongest table tennis team • 2022 China Amateur Table Tennis Team Competition was held in Hangzhou. Before that, the Shuijingfang Cup·City Tennis Tournament was also held in Hangzhou…

Make friends at the table and seek common development. As the pioneer of the aesthetics in wine, Shuijingfang has been practicing and spreading the health concept of being positive and striving.

Hangzhou is a city of entrepreneurship. The Hangzhou people who have entered the game have always practiced the combined power of dreams and hard work, and continue to write the upward momentum of urban development. It can be seen that the activities of Shuijingfang have landed in Hangzhou many times, which stems from their common pursuit of this spirit.

In recent years, through competitions on the ball table, development discussions on the round table, and circle exchanges on the wine table, Shuijingfang has innovatively integrated into Hangzhou, gathered the wisdom of elites from all walks of life, and continuously deepened the IP of “meeting friends at the table” to continue to build for Hangzhou. The new attitude of a better life provides assistance, and also creates more possibilities for Hangzhou’s urban development and better life.

As the host Jiang Changjian said in the third episode of “Meeting Friends at the Table”, “Through meeting friends at the table, you can see the city’s diverse style from different perspectives, and hope to continue to exert influence in more cities. With a strong sense of social responsibility, we will contribute to the high-quality development of my country’s economy and cultural inheritance and innovation, and achieve more beauty for the future of the city.”

Online and offline, the IP of “meeting friends at the table” continued to be deepened. Shuijingfang conducted one after another thought exchange and collision on the ball table, wine table and round table, reaching a wider consumer group and achieving a better life.

In the future, Shuijingfang will go deep into various scenes and continue to convey the beauty. The IP column of “Friends at the Table” is updated on Tencent Video every Wednesday at 12:00, and will focus on Changsha, Nanjing, Chengdu and other cities, so stay tuned!

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