Shenzhen Gifts and Home Furnishing Exhibition in April will help high-quality development of cross-border e-commerce


The 32nd Shenzhen Gifts and Home Exhibition will be held from April 25-28, 2024 at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Baoan New Hall). As China’s cross-border e-commerce industry rapidly sweeps the global market, this exhibition will bring significant assistance to Chinese cross-border e-commerce sellers in the international market.

  Cross-border export e-commerce enters a blowout period and this opportunity cannot be missed

A series of major policies continue to support the development of cross-border e-commerce, providing important support for stabilizing the scale of foreign trade, promoting innovation, and increasing momentum.

China Customs data shows that in the first three quarters of 2023, my country’s cross-border e-commerce exports were 1.3 trillion yuan, an increase of 17.7%. The proportion of China’s cross-border e-commerce exports in total exports has surged from less than 1% to 5%. China’s export cross-border e-commerce business has brought broad growth opportunities to the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Since 2023, multiple e-commerce platforms have provided increasingly convenient business infrastructure for overseas companies in terms of marketing, logistics and other services. These infrastructure improvements have continuously lowered the threshold for cross-border export e-commerce, opened up new business space, and strongly supported the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce. The cross-border export e-commerce business has truly become a “new model” for small and medium-sized enterprises to accelerate their overseas expansion. channel”.

  Supply chain is the key, Shenzhen Gifts and Home Furnishing Exhibition is a one-stop solution

The most critical thing in cross-border export e-commerce business is to select the right products. More than one-third of product sales by Chinese sellers on Amazon come from new selections created within 12 months. The supply chain is the unparalleled chain advantage of China’s cross-border export e-commerce industry, which provides strong support for cross-border e-commerce companies to go global.

If you want to build the strongest supply chain and innovate quickly in product selection, you should not miss it and rely on the Shenzhen Gifts and Home Exhibition for a long time, a full-category, diversified and authoritative exhibition platform that can include the latest products in the industry. If the e-commerce platform has created a strong marketing and logistics infrastructure for cross-border export e-commerce, then the Shenzhen Gift and Home Exhibition can provide a strong supply chain infrastructure for cross-border export e-commerce.

After 30 years of growth, Shenzhen Gifts and Home Exhibition has developed into a flagship exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region. This exhibition covers an area of ​​260,000 square meters, with 13 theme exhibition halls and 5,500 high-quality brand exhibitors. The exhibits are rich in complete categories and gather 1 million+ high-quality hot products. It is highly matched with the best-selling categories of cross-border e-commerce, including consumer electronics, fashionable kitchens, outdoor products, organic food, household products, smart home appliances, sports and fitness, toys and other popular cross-border e-commerce categories, and can help cross-border e-commerce on the scene. Businessmen can easily and accurately select products.

The well-known cross-border e-commerce platform has always attached great importance to the Shenzhen Gifts and Home Furnishings Exhibition. On-site survey data from the exhibition from 2019 to 2021 shows that the proportion of cross-border buyers who come to select and purchase products has increased from 5% to 12%. It is expected that in 2024, cross-border buyers will Buyer attendance will continue to rise.

  Practice! Sell ​​goods!Shenzhen Gifts and Home Exhibition focuses on business success

All major cross-border e-commerce platforms use traceability industry belts as a key means to expand supply chains and demonstrate the strength of suppliers. The Shenzhen Gifts and Home Furnishings Exhibition has already fully integrated the upstream and downstream industrial chains, helping companies build a multi-category supply chain with both depth and breadth, and bringing a comprehensive, one-stop, efficient and convenient purchasing experience to professional buyers such as cross-border e-commerce merchants.

Distinctive source industries and supply chains from all over the country gathered at the Shenzhen Gifts and Home Furnishings Exhibition, including digital consumer electronics from the Greater Bay Area, small commodities from Yiwu, small household appliances from Cixi, toys from Chenghai, baby products from Dongguan, luggage from Xiamen, Chaozhou More than 30 characteristic industrial zones across the country, including ceramics and tea sets from Fujian, were all unveiled.

With many advantages such as source quality, high cost performance, and rich resources, the Shenzhen Gifts and Home Exhibition provides excellent convenience for cross-border e-commerce product selection. Comprehensive and perfect display is only a static part of an authoritative industry exhibition. Really promoting the dynamic completion of transactions is the consistent core exhibition purpose of Shenzhen Gifts and Home Exhibition.

In 2024, Shenzhen Gifts and Home Exhibition will join hands with many professional buyers from cross-border e-commerce industry giants. During the exhibition, the Shenzhen Gifts and Home Exhibition will gather a large number of factories of origin, source suppliers, and supply and marketing resources accumulated over the years for direct face-to-face negotiations. Efficiently and accurately link demand, connect domestic high-quality goods, help Chinese cross-border e-commerce players go overseas with high-quality domestic products, and share the dividends of cross-border export e-commerce opportunities.

The pre-registration channel for on-site visits is now open (WeChat public account: Shenzhen Gift Exhibition). Register in advance to get free tickets.

The 32nd China (Shenzhen) International Gifts, Crafts, Watches and Household Products Exhibition

Time: April 25-28, 2024

Venue: Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Baoan New Hall)


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