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She was called a genius poet in Asia by the Italian media

She was called a genius poet in Asia by the Italian media

Chinese poet Hei Wen has been published in Italy by the famous Italian publisher Gordiano Lupi. Her personal poetry collection[Poesia Celeste]Chinese name (天诗), is about to be released globally. The book is translated by the famous Italian translator Francesco De Luca; Italy-China Cultural Exchange Development Center Chairman Sean White serves as the book’s executive producer.


In the past one thousand years, this is the first poet to re-write the three most important realms in human history: hell, purgatory, and heaven; she is Heiwen, a poet from China. She uses her unique imagination and talent to convey the true and profound world. Emotions are reflected in this three-dimensional space, just like the poetic signal of reincarnation, enabling her to develop immortal mystery and legend. She combines pain and joy to combine dreams and fantasy, once again sublimating poetry to the level of ancient and modern times, fully demonstrating the contribution of Eastern poets to the world of poetry. Presenting this sacred classic[Poesia Celeste]she is also the only Eastern female poet today who has truly entered the international literary world with her artistic poetry. During the translation of this book in Italy for nearly a year, she She is called Asia’s genius poet by the Italian media and professionals, and is also called a born poet.

[Poesia Celeste]takes Heiwen’s own experience as the starting point, and through her regret and grief for her parents and brother who died young, she uses vivid and delicate brushwork to reveal her long-standing longing for her emotions. and the complexity and mystery of life; in struggle and loneliness, she expresses the deep hidden love, family affection, friendship, separation, detachment, despair, Zen, death, dreams, redemption and the poet’s time and space of parallel worlds in her soul. Experience, and the humanities and physics, mysticism and the use of the core ideas of Zen are included in this collection of poems.

Her poems alone span the horror from hell, the comfort from heaven, and the growth in purgatory. She tells readers how a lonely soul wanders in the world. This work reflects the poet’s understanding of theology and classical literature. Original thinking. The large number of historical allusions, metaphors and symbols in the work are another feature of this work. The artistry and theology of this work go beyond today’s general poetry collections and literary works, and incorporate the mythical beasts, darkness, desolation and sin of ancient times. , both sacredness and reality will be the biggest highlights of this book.

This book will be an important literary work[Poesia Celeste]that cannot be ignored in Italian history, and she is a poet from China – Heiwen.

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