Shanhaipao, the first batch of car owners in the country to deliver the car, the king of outdoors, has been recognized for its extreme strength

Shanhaipao, the first batch of car owners in the country to deliver the car, the king of outdoors, has been recognized for its extreme strength

Since its launch at the end of last year, the large-scale high-performance luxury pickup Shanhaican has continuously gained a large number of fans with its three ultimate product strengths of “high performance, ultra-luxury, and super fun”, and is deeply loved by the majority of pickup players. Today, Shanhaipao has been launched in Sichuan, Zhejiang and other regions across the country, and has been delivered to the first batch of ordering customers in Nanjing and other places.

“The first time I saw the Shanhai Cannon was at the Guangzhou Auto Show. I was deeply impressed by its domineering shape, but what fascinated me more was the core. The 3.0T V6+9AT power is matched with a hard-core four-wheel drive system. There is no such thing at the same price. One that can be used! Coupled with a luxurious cockpit and a super practical trunk, it is simply tailor-made for me! The rest of the happiness will be contracted by Shanhaipao!” said a Shanhaipao car owner from Nanjing. Another Shanhaican owner is a senior pickup truck player: “I chose Shanhaican because of the 3.0T V6 engine and 9AT gearbox. The rear trunk is also very suitable for our family to go camping and picnic. In addition, the NVH performance in the car is also quite superior. .”

Nowadays, unloading the burden of life and work and embarking on a free outdoor trip has become a way for more and more people to heal themselves. Shanhaipao has unparalleled traversal ability, versatile modification ability, outstanding towing ability, and full-scenario leisure adaptability. It is an excellent companion for outdoor exploration.

3.0T V6 with hard-core four-wheel drive to fight mountains and seas

The reason why the sea, mountains and rivers are fascinating is not only because of the beautiful scenery, but also because it is extremely challenging. Going to the mountains and seas requires enthusiasm and strength. Shanhaipao provides two power versions, 3.0T V6 high-performance gasoline engine and 2.4T diesel engine. Among them, the 3.0T V6 engine has been rated as the “China Heart” Top Ten Engines in 2022 for its excellent performance. Its maximum power reaches 260kW, peak The torque reaches 500N•m, endowing the Shanhai Cannon with strong power, and it is full of confidence in “going up the mountain and going down to the sea”.

In the transmission part, Shanhaipao is equipped with Great Wall’s new self-developed longitudinal 9AT transmission, which is currently the most high-end self-developed transmission in China, with a maximum torque carrying capacity of 750N•m, and the tight gear ratio brought by the 9th gear makes it smooth Sex is better. With the cooperation of the 9AT transmission, the performance of the engine can be brought into full play, bringing abundant power output while also taking into account fuel economy.

A set of hard-core four-wheel drive system can make the mountain and sea trip even more powerful. All Shanhai Pao series are equipped with BorgWarner 4A+MLOCK hard-lock four-wheel drive system as standard, together with electronically controlled tooth differential locks on the front and rear axles, so that the vehicle has powerful off-road passing performance. In the process of exploring the outdoors, even in the face of extreme environments such as potholes, sand dunes, soil slopes, and mud, the Mountain Sea Cannon can take you forward bravely.

Extremely quiet and luxurious cockpit Traveling in mountains and seas can also enjoy comfort

Going to the destination you want, the time on the road is not to be missed. Shanhaipao creates a high-quality cockpit with luxurious standards, so that users can enjoy the time on the road even more. The body size of Shanhaipao reaches 5440mm*1991mm*1924mm, with a super long wheelbase of 3350mm, and the driving space is very spacious.A large area of ​​the car is covered with soft materials, and the seats are equipped with heating and ventilation functions. It is the first electric adjustment of the rear seats. It adopts a wide 4+2+4 block design, and the seats on both sides can be electrically slid, which is convenient for users to get up and down. The car also allows the maximum seatback angle to reach 33 degrees, making it easy to “lie flat”“, indulge in comfort.

Shanhai Pao pays special attention to the sound insulation of the cockpit. The whole car adopts double-layer sound insulation glass, and through the fully sealed design of the trunk and the body, the seat belt is moved backward, the labyrinth design of the air outlet of the rear wall, the hidden rear door seam + the door seam is moved back, and the tail diversion , Active Noise Reduction and other innovative technologies have optimized the NVH level of the vehicle in an all-round way. Once the door is closed, the hustle and bustle of the outside world stops abruptly, and the rest and conversation of passengers in the car will not be disturbed.

As a luxury pickup truck, Shanhaipao is equipped with high-value configurations such as 64-color rhythmic ambient light, brand audio, wiper heating, front and rear wireless charging, electric side steps, rear row and rear windshield privacy glass, etc. It is also an industry leader in digitalization and intelligence. It is equipped with a 14.6-inch central control screen + 12.3-inch instrument, and the car and machine are integrated with coffee intelligence Coffee? AI, which can realize “barrier-free communication” between people and vehicles. In terms of driving assistance, the whole series of Shanhai Pao is equipped with ACC adaptive cruise control, 360 high-definition surround view + transparent undercarriage, and the optional Coffee Pilot system, which makes driving easy and safe.

Flexible and changeable expansion space activates more new ways of playing at any time

The reason why pickup trucks can shine in outdoor life is inseparable from their super loading capacity. Shanhaipao fully integrates the actual scene of pickup truck users, and adopts the first rear door opening + flat opening design in China. The rear door opening design allows users to get closer to the interior of the car, and it is more convenient to pick and place objects. The flat-opening design of the tailgate can form a straight-through expansion space, which is convenient for storing large objects, and can also be transformed into a temporary “table board” at any time, showing its talents in camping scenes. The carriage also supports electric control, which can be easily controlled by all ages, women and children without any effort.

Outdoor travel, there are always times of wind and rain. The rear compartment of Shanhai Cannon adopts the first three-door flat-covered rainproof shed in China, which supports electric control and a detachable partition to protect the compartment from wind and rain at any time. The carriage also reserves 24 matrix anchor points, which can be used not only for fixing objects, but also for expansion and modification of the carriage. Both inside and outside the car provide 220V power ports, which can provide power for outdoor camping, and outdoor lighting, outdoor movies, and outdoor KTV are easily realized.

For the equipment party, Shanhai Cannon is their gospel. Shanhaipao has the C6 trailer towing qualification, which can meet the certification qualification of 3.3 tons of trailers. The power outlet and rear towing device are reserved for the trailer. It can be towed to the cabin and go on the road. Yachts, motorboats and other outdoor equipment allow unlimited expansion of outdoor play.

When the spring is warm and the flowers are blooming, you may wish to walk with the mountain and sea cannon, measure everything in the mountains and seas with a wheel, and see the surprises in life! Now you can enjoy a minimum 20% down payment when purchasing a car in the store, and a financial gift with no interest for up to 36 installments. You can also enjoy a replacement subsidy of 6,000 yuan. Action is worse than action. Let the king of outdoors, Shanhaipao, explore the ultimate life with you!

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