[Shanghai Bank is by your side]Learn from Lei Feng and establish new trends. Shanghai Bank’s volunteer activities are heart-warming


Taking the opportunity of learning from Lei Feng, Bank of Shanghai continues to explore and innovate, integrate various resources, continue to improve high-quality financial supply, and use the “Better Life Studio” as a starting point to write new practices in serving people’s livelihood.

  Bank of Shanghai Head Office Sales DepartmentCarry out activities with the theme of “Carrying forward Lei Feng’s spirit and gathering volunteer power – 3.5 Learning from Lei Feng Memorial Day”. Use anti-fraud brochures to explain the characteristics, types, common methods and countermeasures of the latest online fraud cases to residents participating in the event, effectively improve residents’ “immunity” to prevent them, and make every effort to protect the people’s “money bags”.

  Bank of Shanghai Pudong BranchWalked into Weifang Xincun Street to participate in the street’s “Learning from Lei Feng in March, volunteering first” activity, introducing the Better Life Card to residents, conducting anti-fraud education, popularizing smart payments, etc., and providing gifts to residents through interactive games Exquisite gifts.

  Bank of Shanghai Puxi BranchJoint enterprises carried out joint construction and anti-fraud lectures on the theme of “Learning from Lei Feng”. Use real cases to guide citizens to analyze and identify false information. Doctors from Tongren Hospital were also specially invited to conduct free expert consultations for the elderly on site, answering questions and giving reasonable suggestions based on the elderly’s physical conditions.

  Bank of Shanghai Shinan BranchVisiting the Chaoyang Neighborhood Committee of Guangming Community in Qingcun Town, we enhanced community residents’ vigilance against telecommunications fraud by distributing brochures and providing on-site answers. Young employees of the branch patiently provided financial consultation to residents in surrounding communities, popularized scientific financial management knowledge, and provided guidance on elderly care. We have promoted our financial services and deposit products to provide warm financial services to our elderly customers.

  Bank of Shanghai Ningbo BranchYoung employees actively participated in the “Youth Must Be Frontal – Love Yongcheng·I’m Young·I Donate Blood” financial youth free blood donation activity, using their youth and blood to promote Lei Feng’s spirit and actively fulfill their social responsibilities.

  Bank of Shanghai Nanjing BranchParticipated in the 2024 volunteer service theme practice activity of “Carrying forward the spirit of Lei Feng and blooming the glory of the times” in Bei’anmen Community, a co-construction unit. Branch staff provide citizens with knowledge promotion in the fields of anti-fraud, anti-counterfeiting, anti-money laundering, and consumer rights protection.

  Bank of Shanghai Hangzhou BranchSet up a “love station” to provide outdoor workers with heart-warming services such as rest and drinking water. It has served more than 300 outdoor workers in total. The branch has a “Volunteer Service Point that Learns from Lei Feng”, which aims to continuously carry forward Lei Feng’s spirit so that employees can serve customers with the concept of “closer, closer and warmer” in their daily work.

As the anniversary of learning from Lei Feng approaches,Bank of Shanghai Chengdu BranchWe jointly organized the “Smart Financial Anti-Fraud into the Community to Make Your Life More Safe” event with Jinguan Xincheng Community, providing small change to shops and providing on-site anti-fraud knowledge to community residents.

  Bank of Shanghai Tianjin BranchParticipated in jointly carrying out publicity activities with the theme of “Carrying forward the spirit of Lei Feng and conveying the power of civilization” with the sub-district office. The staff conducted a rich and lively on-site financial knowledge lecture for the customers present, allowing customers to feel the warm service of Bank of Shanghai and bringing closer the relationship between financial industry practitioners and consumers.

  Bank of Shanghai Beijing BranchUnited Hepingli Street carried out an in-depth volunteer service street activity with the theme of “forge ahead and learn from Lei Feng, continue the struggle and inherit it forever”. At the event site, Beijing Branch employees provided health consultation and blood pressure measurement services to the middle-aged and elderly people who came to participate in the event. The smiling service and considerate care made the residents feel warm.

  Bank of Shanghai Shenzhen BranchA financial knowledge publicity event with the theme of “Preventing Telecom Fraud” was held to popularize telecom fraud, anti-fraud knowledge, network security, etc. on-site. This event was designed to help corporate employees improve their awareness of risk prevention, guard their “wallets”, and popularize science Telecom fraud methods, and cultivate the risk prevention awareness and identification capabilities of corporate employees.

  Bank of Shanghai Suzhou Branch“Learn from Lei Feng” volunteers went to Zhonghai Community in Suzhou Industrial Park to provide financial knowledge popularization and other services to residents, especially the elderly. They patiently answered residents’ questions, explained how to use bank cards safely, prevent online fraud and other practical information to help improve public awareness. financial security awareness.


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