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Shanghai Bank for the People | Protecting the Healthy Growth of Children

Shanghai Bank for the People | Protecting the Healthy Growth of Children

Enjoy a better life with helping children.

On the occasion of the 73rd “Six Day” International Children’s Day, as the only vice-chairman unit of the financial institution of Shanghai Children’s Foundation (hereinafter referred to as “UNICEF”), Bank of Shanghai donated 1.2 million yuan to UNICEF , targeted for charitable public welfare projects such as summer nursery classes, youth psychological care, rare disease diagnosis and treatment; and the UNICEF special fund was officially upgraded to the “Shanghai Bank Children’s Enjoyment Special Fund”, through targeted assistance, from ” From body to heart, we protect the healthy growth of special children in an all-round way, and share a good life with helping children.

  Love has a glimmer, hand in hand, children enjoy happiness

Summer vacation is the expectation of every child, but it is “suffering” for parents with dual careers. In order to solve the summer troubles of dual-earner families, the UNICEF “Safe Summer Nursery School” project came into being. The project provides summer care services for the children of dual-earner families in special positions, and is undertaken by professional educational institutions with the support of social forces.

The Bank of Shanghai has funded the “Reassuring Summer Nursery School” project for many years, effectively solving the worries and practical difficulties of families with dual-earners in special positions, and was successfully approved as an excellent summer job project for minors in Shanghai. In addition to donating funds, Bank of Shanghai gave full play to its professional advantages and relied on its outlets “Beautiful Life Studio” to carry out financial knowledge dissemination, improve financial security awareness, and help children spend a fulfilling and happy summer vacation.

In 2023, after discussions between the two parties, Bank of Shanghai decided to donate 1.2 million yuan for UNICEF public welfare projects. Among them, there are not only traditional projects such as “Anxin Summer Nursery School”, but also new projects that fit the model of Shanghai’s child-friendly city construction. The Bank of Shanghai Children’s Enjoyment Special Fund will help teenagers who need medical treatment due to mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, and emotional disorders, but cannot afford medical treatment due to family difficulties through the “Untie Thousands of Knots” mental illness youth assistance project; “Ai Wu’ Rare” Children’s Rare Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Project helps children in difficult families who suffer from rare and unknown diseases to obtain timely diagnosis and treatment of children with specific types of rare cases. Let them rekindle their love for life and yearning for the future with the help of professional strength.

  Profound friendship, walk towards the sun and build a dream for the future

Xiaomi (pseudonym) is a child living in need in Chongming, and is also a caring object of UNICEF’s “Mother Next Door” project. In 2022, Bank of Shanghai and UNICEF will jointly carry out the 29th “Love under the Blue Sky” Sending Warmth to Three Islands Project, helping 87 children without guardianship and 86 mothers next door in Chongming District to achieve “love pairing” through one by one Pairing, home visits, etc., give children emotional comfort and care, so that every child can “live toward the sun” in adversity.

In addition to targeting local children in Shanghai, the Bank of Shanghai is also targeting the children and students in Yanshan County, Yunnan Province that Bank of Shanghai has paired up with. UNICEF will move the youth public welfare activity “Shanghai Bank Love Yanshan Dream” from offline to online , while improving the responsiveness of paired student aid, relying on the professional platform of UNICEF to gather more forces for good.

As the earliest children’s public fundraising foundation established in Shanghai, UNICEF has been engaged in public welfare activities for a long time, and has set up a number of funds such as education aid, medical aid, and growth aid. The cooperation between Bank of Shanghai and UNICEF has been going on for a long time and the friendship is far-reaching.

With the purpose of “everything for children”, Bank of Shanghai has insisted on contributing to the construction of warm Shanghai for many years, actively responded to and participated in various public welfare and charity activities of UNICEF, and donated funds to parent-child marathons and sports games, poverty-stricken children, etc. Medical projects such as major diseases, artificial auditory implantation for hearing-impaired children, construction of children’s palliative care ward, etc., provide more social care for children in need, pave the way for the growth and development of children in need to be healthy, grow up, and realize their dreams the road.

At the moment of in-depth study and implementation of the theme education of Xi Jinping’s socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, as a municipal financial state-owned enterprise, Bank of Shanghai will consciously practice the people-centered development concept, relying on the “Shanghai Bank Children’s Enjoyment Special Fund”, in On the road of children’s public welfare, we will persevere in hard work and forge ahead, make children’s public welfare projects concrete and detailed, and accurately care for families and children in need, so that every flower bud can bloom to the fullest, and every good thing will come as scheduled.

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