Shahepu is very popular, and Tianjin Bank’s “Smart Little Two” comes to help

Shahepu is very popular, and Tianjin Bank’s “Smart Little Two” comes to help




As night fell and the lights came on, the “Shahepu” Shiguang Night Market located in Wenhua Plaza, East Second Ring Road, Jinjiang District, Chengdu slowly became lively. Standing at the entrance of the night market, all kinds of stalls are lined up, bright neon lights are shining brightly, delicious and fragrant are coming out.

As night falls, the passenger flow of the “Shahepu” Shiguang Night Market gradually increases.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Hu Xu

The Shahepu area was originally an ancient post station. Since modern times, it has gradually developed into a livelihood industrial zone. There are bicycle factories, grain machinery factories, and clothing factories along the street, as well as tile-roofed bungalows and small courtyard houses. The atmosphere of life is very strong. In recent years, with the expansion of the city and the withdrawal of factories, this tight-sought location has already been full of traffic and high-rise buildings.

“Shahepu” Shiguang Night Market can be described as an excellent fusion of modern fashion and street life. There are a lot of emerging consumption scenes such as “cooking tea around the stove”, handmade cultural creations, music performances, open-air movies, tent taverns, and trunk coffee. Tasty barbecue, hand-made shrimp slippery, spicy crayfish, and iron plate squid are all available. The more than 60 stalls are all exquisitely arranged and quite Internet-famous.

As the night deepened, the passenger flow increased. There were friends laughing and cursing, young couples walking hand in hand, and families looking around. “We built this night market next to the business district and around the community to bring fireworks back to urban life.” Tan Xuan, director of the Shahe Sub-district Office in Jinjiang District, Chengdu, said that young people can come here to check in after work. There is also a place to sit and relax when you go out of the house.

A corner of Shiguang Night Market in “Shahepu”.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Hu Xu

A stall named “Xishuangbanna Dai-flavored Chicken Feet” is full of characteristics and business is booming. The diners gather around a large tree stump half a person’s height, and an oversized stone mortar is placed on it. Capable, skillfully add ingredients, pound, and plate.

The guy’s name is Wang Langping. He is a “post-00s”. He graduated from university in June last year. “Grandma is from Xishuangbanna, and I have liked to eat the pounded chicken feet made by her since I was a child.” Wang Langping said while busy, “Now I have learned the skills of the old man, so I can cook something different for everyone.”

Previously, Wang Langping had traveled to many streets, and sometimes he couldn’t squeeze in a slightly better booth even half a day in advance. The “Shahepu” Shiguang Night Market has been led by the government from the very beginning and operated exclusively by a third-party company. It has a clear theme, orderly management, and fixed stalls. Wang Langping decided to use this as his base.

“Now the daily turnover can reach about 600 to 1,200 yuan, and it will be better on weekends.” Wang Langping said, “The stall is 4 square meters, and the monthly rent is 2,500 yuan, which is affordable. This account is better than going to work, and I like it myself. A state where you can control your own work and life rhythm.”

In “Shahepu”, there are college students who have just graduated and set up stalls, couples who have moved to the city to make a living, fitness coaches who resigned to start their own businesses, singers with dreams in their hearts, corporate white-collar workers with part-time jobs, and veterans who are self-employed. soldier. They carefully decorated their stalls with their hands, and worked hard for their future.

The special stalls of the “Shahepu” Shiguang Night Market have attracted many customers.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Hu Xu

“Cooking tea lightly and slowly” “Being a romantic person starts with buying flowers”… At a pink container stall, many passers-by were attracted by these literary and thoughtful store signs, and stopped and sat down. There is a clay stove on the table, and a pot of clear tea on the stove. There are potatoes, sweet potatoes, chestnuts and other snacks roasted slowly together beside the pot, and the aroma is overflowing.

Four or five small tables, a dozen camping chairs, full of guests. Cui Shiwei, the owner, trotted around serving tea and water, very busy. He served in the army before. After retiring from the army, he worked in catering, opened a flower shop, and ran a party hall. He originally made a good income, but due to changes in the general environment, he not only lost money, but also owed a lot of debt.

When spring comes and the night economy recovers, Cui Shiwei pulls his comrades in arms to start all over again. “I like these shop signs very much. Sometimes I suddenly see or think of an interesting sentence, and I will record it in my mobile phone.” Cui Shiwei said that people who resonate with these words may walk into his stall. Have a cup of tea and chat for a while.

The government is also trying to find ways to gather popularity and wealth for small shops. Tan Xuan introduced that the night market has introduced the “Smart Little Two” service platform of the Bank of Tianjin. Every payment at the stall is credited to the account in real time, free of handling fees, and can analyze profit points through income data, improve sales categories, and use flow records. Obtain credit loans to provide financial support for operating and starting a business.

“Judging from the changes in income data, some categories may not be suitable for the current weather. I have already planned new consumption scenarios and shop signs.” Cui Shiwei said, a down-to-earth, high-quality, and policy-supported night market must be It will attract more customers, and the shop owners believe that this place will prosper and become better and better. (Hu Xu, Chen Juwei, Zong Yixi)

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