SF Express’s local knight helped solve the case: He abided by the platform’s regulations and helped the police find a breakthrough


Recently, SF Express’s customer service in the same city received a call of thanks from the police. All this stems from the professionalism of a knight, and is inseparable from his carefulness and sensitivity as an auxiliary police officer.

Back to more than three months ago, on this day, Xiao Zhang (pseudonym), a local rider of SF Express, received a direct delivery order from a dedicated person. He needed to deliver 200 grams of gold to the entrance of a store in a shopping mall. After arriving at the order location, Xiao Zhang was extremely vigilant.

“Because his way of receiving things is a bit weird. It’s definitely not the way a normal person would receive valuables.” It turned out that the consignee put the gold aside casually. Xiao Zhang repeatedly reminded me to check, but did not open it for inspection.

“As a normal person, you have to check how many grams there are, right? After all, it is several pieces of gold.” Xiao Zhang strictly followed the platform’s regulations and took photos of the receipt. Unexpectedly, this “routine operation” helped the police a lot.

Not long ago, the platform received a call of praise from the police. It turned out that the order delivered by Xiao Zhang that day was actually a suspected money laundering operation by a criminal gang. It is reported that the suspect placed a total of more than 60 orders for intra-city delivery on multiple platforms. The police used the receipt photo taken by Xiao Zhang to identify the suspect and successfully arrested him.

It is understood that before joining SF Express, Xiao Zhang was an auxiliary police officer and had been involved in daily anti-pocket arrests for many years. His previous professional sensitivity made him aware of the “unusualness” of this order, which also “paved the way” for him to strictly follow the platform’s specifications to receive and deliver items and help the police find a breakthrough.

“Take photos of valuables and keep records. Whether it is training or regular meetings, the webmaster will repeatedly emphasize it to us. On the one hand, it is to be responsible for customers, and on the other hand, it is also to protect the knights.” Xiao Zhang said that he did not expect to strictly abide by the platform regulations and still be able to I feel very proud to help the police solve the case.

Persistence allowed Xiao Zhang to bring better services to customers, and he also unintentionally contributed to the police’s fight against illegal and criminal activities. SF Express also recognized and rewarded Xiao Zhang’s professionalism and encouraged SF Express riders to continue to deliver professionally while vigorously promoting the “good person culture”.


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