Seven stores across the country opened within 28 days, Vienna International helped speed up the recovery of China’s business travel market

Seven stores across the country opened within 28 days, Vienna International helped speed up the recovery of China’s business travel market

In the past February 2023, Vienna International Hotel once again ushered in a bright moment. In just 28 days, there were Vienna International Hotel·Suzhou Guanqian Street Branch, Vienna International Hotel·Tianjin International Exhibition Station Mi Cube Vienna International Hotel Changsha Leifeng Avenue Wuyue Plaza Store, Vienna International Hotel Xi’an Xianyang International Airport[5.0 New Version]Vienna International Hotel Hubei Macheng Stone Park Store[5.0 New Version]Vienna International Hotel Bengbu Wanda Plaza Vienna International Hotel[5.0 new version]Vienna International Hotel Chengdu East Railway Station West Square store[5.0 new version]opened seven stores one after another, ushered in a good start after the Spring Festival, and further strengthened the competitive advantage of Vienna International in the mid-to-high-end hotel brands.

Vienna International Hotel Xi’an Xianyang International Airport[Version 5.0]

The hotel is located to the west of Xianyang International Airport, the transportation hub of the ancient capital Xi’an, in the commercial district of Xi’an Xianyang International Airport, adjacent to Shangguan Wan’er Park, Thousand Buddha Iron Tower, near Fenghe Jinwan South Beach Scenic Spot, Xianyang Yunjian Flower Sea Scenic Spot, Shuangzhao Lake Park, Xianyang Lake, the environment is beautiful, and it is convenient to reach famous scenic spots such as Terracotta Army, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Bell and Drum Tower.

As a mid-to-high-end hotel carefully built in accordance with 5.0 product standards, the store is equipped with various room types such as business rooms, landscape rooms, and luxury suites for passengers, and provides comfortable bathrooms, 24-hour hot showers, and soft bedding to help Travelers “sleep in the glory of classical art”. In addition, the hotel also provides special delicacies in catering, and provides local specialties and daily necessities in the business center, bringing passengers a stay experience of classic art, extreme comfort and respect for dignity.

Vienna International Hotel Hubei Macheng Stone Park[Version 5.0]

The hotel is a mid-to-high-end hotel built in accordance with the product standard of Yena International Hotel 5.0 in Macheng area. It is located in the center of Minji Town, Macheng City, Stone Circular Economy Industrial Park. It is adjacent to Baiya Mountain in the east, Mabai Road in the west, and Maxi in the south. River, north to Tangling Highway, the traffic is very convenient, Macheng Station, Macheng North Station, Wuhan Tianhe Airport can be reached quickly, and it is only an hour’s drive from leisure tourist attractions such as Guifeng Mountain, Luotian Tiantangzhai and Sanlifan Hot Spring , is an ideal choice for travelers on business trips and leisure.

Vienna International Hotel Bengbu Wanda Plaza[Version 5.0]

The hotel is adjacent to Zhanggongshan Park, a national 4A-level scenic spot. The hotel has a total area of ​​more than 5,000 square meters. It is equipped with various types of fully intelligent room types, and is also equipped with business facilities such as breakfast room, meeting room, gym, and laundry room. It is a local hotel designed according to the new version 5.0 of Vienna. Renovated landmark hotel. It is equipped with the new “five-sense sleep aid space” system of the Vienna International Hotel brand, which brings classic art, extreme comfort and respect for the decent experience to passengers from the senses of smell, hearing, vision, taste and touch.

Vienna International Hotel Chengdu East Railway Station West Square[Version 5.0]

The hotel is located in Mengmofang Square of East Railway Station on the 2.5th Ring Road in the east of Chengdu, adjacent to the intersection of several subway stations, and only 15 minutes away from core business districts such as Tianfu Square, Chunxi Road, and Taikoo Li. The hotel is equipped with more than 100 business double beds, business twin beds, chess and card rooms, smart rooms and other room types. Come to touch the classic European life, more unforgettable lodging experience with warmth and texture.

As a leading brand of mid-to-high-end hotels in China, Vienna International Hotel, which is positioned to “reproduce the classical European life style”, has been constantly surprising consumers and hotel investors since its establishment. While insisting on integrating western classical art aesthetics into the hotel space and providing the general public with elegant, decent, comfortable and artistic accommodation services, it also always focuses on the constantly upgrading living needs of tourists, and continues to launch iterations with forward-looking vision and excellent product strength hotel products. In the future, Vienna International Hotel will consistently base itself on the three brand pillars of “Classicism, Elegance, and Noble Taste”, and join hands with investors to popularize classic aesthetics, so that every customer can “sleep in the glory of classical art”!

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