Serving Tianjin Branch of Minxing Industrial Bank to carry out anti-counterfeit currency publicity activities

Serving Tianjin Branch of Minxing Industrial Bank to carry out anti-counterfeit currency publicity activities

In order to further enhance the public’s anti-counterfeit currency awareness and improve the anti-counterfeit currency capability, Tianjin Branch of Industrial Bank launched the “Eliminate Counterfeit Money and Build Harmony” cash knowledge popularization campaign. The campaign focuses on popularizing RMB anti-counterfeiting knowledge and safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the masses. It has formulated a variety of publicity campaign plans with substantial content for key groups, optimized the “online + offline” and “concentration + position” publicity combination, and selected High-quality publicity materials can effectively improve the effectiveness of anti-counterfeiting publicity work.

Based on typical cases, the branch compiled, directed, and acted in the micro-video “Anti-Counterfeit Currency and Building a Harmonious Society” by itself, calling on the public to be vigilant against the “trap of counterfeit currency” in daily life. At the same time, according to more than ten publicity points such as the method for the elderly to distinguish counterfeit currency and the touch characteristics of RMB for the visually impaired, from the perspective of people-oriented, we have produced promotional videos or animations that are popular with different audiences, so that the audience can watch them if they are willing. Understand and gain.

In order to make the knowledge of anti-counterfeit currency really serve the people, the anti-counterfeit currency promotion team of the branch went deep into key places that are vulnerable to counterfeit currency, such as tobacco shops, convenience stores, and fruit shops, to publicize the anti-counterfeit knowledge of RMB and the characteristics of counterfeit currency to merchants, and at the same time Converting and refusing to accept RMB is an illegal act, etc., as the main points of publicity, effectively improving the ability of small and micro merchants to identify and prevent counterfeit currency. At the same time, analyze the characteristics of rural suburban counties, cooperate with village committees, party-mass service centers, and production brigades in Wuqing, Baodi, Jizhou, and Jinghai to carry out joint publicity on currency-related knowledge such as counterfeit currency handling methods and virtual token risk prevention, and go deep into agricultural trade Markets, bazaars and other densely populated areas widely disseminate knowledge of RMB circulation and counterfeit currency prevention methods to local merchants and the public through leaflet distribution and explanations, effectively combine anti-counterfeiting publicity with inclusive financial work, and help reduce RMB cash in rural areas Knowledge blind spots.

Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch has effectively enhanced public anti-counterfeit currency awareness and anti-counterfeit skills through in-depth anti-counterfeit currency promotion activities, effectively safeguarded the financial rights and interests of residents and consumers, enhanced the people’s sense of security and happiness, and effectively created a positive RMB circulation environment.

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