[Service]Make every effort to complete the five major articles on pension finance. China Merchants Bank Tianjin Branch will come to solve problems and improve pension financial services.


Recently, an old man came to the counter of the sales department of the Tianjin Branch of China Merchants Bank for business consultation. He said that his mother needed to redeem the funds in her all-in-one card, but was unable to do so using mobile banking, so she came here to seek help.

After teller Wang Jinyuan inquired about the customer’s information, he found that the customer’s all-in-one card was missing the communication address information because his ID document had not been upgraded, which triggered the suspension of all business. In order to restore the normal use of the all-in-one card, customers need to complete their personal information, but this matter must be handled by the customer himself. After further inquiry, the customer said that his mother was 90 years old and had limited mobility and could not go to the counter to handle the matter in person, but he was eager to redeem the fund, so he rushed to the bank to give it a try. In line with his original intention of serving customers, Wang Jinyuan took the initiative to introduce to customers the door-to-door extended service for the elderly provided by the Tianjin Branch. The service was recognized by the customer and he applied to assist his mother in handling related business.

Teller Wang Jinyuan immediately reported the customer’s situation to manager Wang Yiping, and then Manager Wang coordinated the marketing team members to come to handle business for the customer at the agreed time. At the customer’s home, the arrival of the CMB service staff made the old man feel warm. Afterwards, the customer went through the relevant procedures, the card returned to normal, and the related products were successfully redeemed. The old man was all smiles and responded to CMB’s meticulous, enthusiastic and thoughtful service. Special thanks for the service. The next day, the customer came to the branch business department again to express his gratitude and presented him with a banner embroidered with the words “Customer first, sincere service, enthusiasm and efficiency, heart-warming”.

It is reported that the business outlets of China Merchants Bank Tianjin Branch provide customers with many convenient facilities, including love seats with backrests, love windows, reading glasses, magnifying glasses, first aid kits, wheelchairs, and love strollers. For special groups of customers, branches have barrier-free passages and give priority to providing them with financial services. In addition, for customers who are unable to attend in person due to special reasons, Tianjin Branch has opened a green channel to provide door-to-door processing and other extended services.

China Merchants Bank Tianjin Branch has thoroughly studied and implemented the spirit of the Central Financial Work Conference, practiced the political and people-oriented nature of financial work, always adhered to “customer-centered”, implemented the requirements of “age-appropriate” financial services, upgraded pension financial services, and improved elderly customers The experience of service allows the elderly to enjoy a greater sense of gain and happiness in the process of enjoying financial services.


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