Seminar on the documentary “The Story of the Eye”: Pay attention to eye health with a scientific and rational attitude



  On September 8, under the guidance of the Department of Physical Education, Health and Art Education of the Ministry of Education, jointly produced by Hunan Satellite TV, Mango TV, and People’s Daily Video Client Vision, the first eye health science documentary “Story of Eyes” produced by Mango Boy held a seminar in Changsha meeting.Experts, scholars and media present conducted in-depth discussions on the program concept, innovative expression, social value and other aspects of eye health science documentaries.,rightIn-depth prevention and treatment of eye-related diseasescomminicate.

  State Council Special Allowance Expert,Sun Fengyuan, deputy leader of the Oculoplastic and Orbital Disease Group of the Ophthalmology Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, Secretary-General of the 13th Ophthalmology Professional Committee of the Hunan Provincial Medical Association,Tang Qiongyan, deputy director of the Youth Committee of the Ophthalmology Professional Committee of the Hunan Provincial Medical Association, is a national first-class director and one of the top ten female directors of Chinese TV series.,Wu Yueying, government subsidy expert of the State Council, honorary chairman of Hunan Writers Association, president of Hunan Prose Society, director of China Prose Society, vice president of Chinese Writers Association Painting and Calligraphy Institute, expert of special allowance of the State Council Liang Ruichen, member of China Writers Association, Hunan Literature and Art Critics Association Honorary Chairman, Chairman of Yueyang City Federation of Literary and Art Circles Yu Sanding, Member of the Presidium of Hunan Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Chairman of the Provincial Evaluation Association, Secretary-General Chen Shanjun, Editor-in-Chief and Senior Editor of Hunan Daily “Xiangjiang Weekly” Yang Dan, Member of the Hunan Provincial Political Consultative Conference Liu Ming, No. 1 Primary School in Kaifu District Party Secretary and Principal Cheng YiIndustry experts and relevant persons in charge of Hunan Satellite TV attended the meeting.

  An in-depth interpretation of the new format of the program  Unleash program value in all aspects

  Documentary “The Story of Eyes”It will be broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV and Mango TV at 19:30 from August 28th to 31st. As the first scientific documentary on eye health, the film has made great breakthroughs in themes and themes, and at the same time radiates multiple circles to highlight the social temperature. .The documentary carries out science popularization through four chapters, starting from the familiar and unfamiliar eyes of the public, exploring the composition principle of the eye and the formation mechanism of related diseases. A total of 18 professors, expert consultants and 21 doctors were invited during the productionandThe postdoctoral team provides support. The audience can not only understand the scientific principles, but also see the actual effects, so as to take more active eye protection measures.

  Zhu Yan, deputy director of Hunan Satellite TVIn his speech, he stated,The documentaryApart fromOn Hunan Satellite TV, MangoBroadcast on TV and linkedPeople’s Daily Video Client VisionSimultaneous live broadcast,and with the China Organ Transplantation Development Foundation,Mango Charity Platform launches cornea donation campaign.To arouse everyone’s attention to eye health,It is the unshirkable responsibility of dual platforms.Meiland data shows that during the broadcast of the program, the influence of integrated communication ranked first among documentaries on the entire network, and the program spread exceeded300 million times, reputation 95.program broadcastexistCSM’s national network has an average ratings of 0.14 and a share of 0.65%; ranks first among provincial satellite TV in non-drama projects at the same time period.  

  Executive producer Li Yuyan introduced that during the shooting process, balancing the professionalism of popular science documentaries and the popularization of dissemination is a problem that the main creative team has been thinking about for a long time.“Using the perspective of ordinary people to feel the acceptance of the public, so that popular science documentaries can not only have a threshold, but also allow the public to easily pass through” is the biggest difficulty in the early stage of creation.With the support and help of the expert team, the creative staff explored the source to overcome difficulties and build a bridge of communication and understanding between the medical field and the public.,And achieve breakthroughs and innovations in the expression of scientific documentaries.  

  Deeply cultivate content that cares for the elderlyHuang Cailiang, member of the party branch and deputy general manager of Aiwan ChannelIt was also raised at the meetingsuggestionI hope that “Story of Eyes” can enter every grassroots unit and every community.  

  Experts, scholars and media gathered  Joint call for attention to eye health

  At the event, ophthalmologist Sun Fengyuan shared more eye knowledge,like“Many other orbital diseases or other eye diseases do not directly cause vision loss, and if you are not careful, it will cause a delay in treatment,” thereforehe thinks,“From the publiceasy to understandangleThe significance of popular science educationverymajor“.according toPracticing40 years of experience and currentTeen Eye HealthSituation, Sun FengyuanThe professor called on the whole society to pay close attention to the problem of myopia.“Although awareness of the prevention and control of myopia among young people is increasing, educational institutions, health and epidemic prevention institutions, parents, and teachers have taken many measures to prevent myopia among young people, but the current data have not clearly reduced the percentage of myopia. This is a long process.”

  expertTang Qiongyan also shared her behind-the-scenes experience in assisting in the filming of the documentary. She said that the documentary is a process of co-creation, supported by professional ophthalmologists, and at the same time presents obscure ophthalmology knowledge in a more accessible and visual way.

  The speeches of ophthalmologists inject professionalism into this seminarand freshperspective, many scholars from all walks of life have also sharedown perception.Yu Sandingprofessorexpress:“The Story of Eyes” is a very timely, meaningful and valuable feature film. It visualizes and concretizes professional things, turns scientific things into art, and sounds the alarm for everyone in easy-to-understand language.I just had cataract surgery and I’m over 10 years old80-year-old first-level directorWu YueyingI also feel deeply about this, and I would like to express my personal experience that you must take good care of your eyes, and believe that:“This documentary sees the big from the small and constantly explores new expressions of scientific documentaries. It is a masterpiece.” He also believes that ““The Story of Eyes”Not only is it innovative in story content, but it also uses popular science+Visual expression to achieve a balance between scientific and popular.Science popularization and social value are cleverly integrated, and the influence of the media and public welfare value are closely practice public welfare responsibilityWorthy of praise.

  Chen Shanjun, member of the presidium of the Hunan Federation of Literary and Art Circles, chairman and secretary-general of the Provincial Critics Association, shared from a more macro perspective:“”The Story of Eyes” is a high-level and healthy eye science documentary, which is scientific, artistic, humanistic and popular. A technical work that reaches a new level of light and shadow presentation with video themes that are often shot and often new.”  

  Yang Dan, editor-in-chief of Hunan Daily’s “Xiangjiang Weekly”, from the perspective of media communicationanalyze“The Story of Eyes”.As a media person,She witnessed Hunan Satellite TV and MangoTV’s efforts in bearing social responsibility and the release of scientific documentaries demonstrate the high sensitivity and sense of responsibility of the producers, leading the whole society to pay attention to eye health.sheI think the documentary is very informative and practical, with easy-to-understand words and vivid and clear images, explaining profound medical issues.Veryclear.  

  Provincial CPPCC member with experience in media industryLiu MingAfter watching the documentary three times, I used many aspects toConductedInterpretationhe said:“The topic of “The Story of Eyes” is very good, and it focuses on the blind eyes..The film uses small things to see the big things, explores the causes and treatments, and uses analogous shooting techniques to show it. The seemingly plain language, coupled with beautiful shots, suddenly adds a golden sentence to make it easier for the audience to understand.

  From the frontline of educationCheng YiheadmasterBased on his own experience in education, he elaborated on the promotional significance of this documentary and its educational value to young people..shetalking about:“The problem of myopia among teenagers has become an urgent issue in the field of education and health in my country. Hunan Satellite TV and Mango TV launched “The Story of the Eye”, which uses scientific principles and life experience to tell the physiological structure of the eyes, eye diseases, myopia, etc., which are closely related to the public. content. The school also carried out a series of activities,Not only publicity and education are in place, but myopia prevention and control work is also in place.Guide students to develop healthy eye-use habits, strengthen physical exercise and outdoor sports, vigorously improve the visual environment, and protect students’ visual health.  

  At the end of the event, Liang RuichenChairmanMade a closing speech for the projectexplaining the success of the documentary:“It’s hard to tell complex things simply, but it’s easy to make simple things complicated. “The Story of the Eyes”This can be donevery good.He also suggested that in the futureIf you enter schoolEnter the classroomyou can put thisdocumentarycut to30 minutesVersionto arouse young people’s awareness of eye care.  

  The holding of this seminar,Aiming to gather more social forces,Awakening the public’s attention to eyes, “The Story of Eyes”Although the broadcast has come to an end for the time being, the popularization of eye health education will never stop.Hunan Satellite TV, MangoTV will continue to exert its influence as mainstream new media.To spread eye health knowledgebuilding a healthy ChinaContribute to the media.


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