Seize the opportunity of industry development and develop new tourism projects

Tourism is a labor-intensive industry that develops rapidly and involves a wide range of areas. With the continuous expansion of the industry scale, the continuous increase of employees, the continuous innovation of the management system and the continuous improvement of the business environment, the tourism industry has become one of the important service industries in my country to stimulate economic growth and expand employment channels.existTourism project development fieldmiddle,Zhou Xixianggentlemenfocus ontravel comfortandquality,WillIntegrating customer needs into project developmentinPersonalizationfor the forward direction, fortourismcontribute to its development.

The development of tourism projects is based on the tourism project’s own resource base, led by the tourism industry, guided by the market, driven by funds, and centered on resource integration, through the concentration of land, capital, technology, transportation, labor and other production factors to promote Land development, transportation construction, and infrastructure construction form a public service for population gathering and supporting development. In this regard, Mr. Zhou Xixiang analyzed: “The development mode of tourism projects can be divided into three modes according to the development area structure, namely the single project development mode, the integrated development mode of the whole area, and the overall development mode of the destination. The single project development mode is for a certain A specific individual tourism project, within a certain period of time and within a certain budget, is a mode of tourism development for the realization of tourism activities or tourism regional development goals. The overall development mode of a piece of land is to obtain the land use right, according to the planning of the piece of land A model for holistic tourism development and construction. The overall development model of a destination is a regional or cross-regional integration of multiple tourism elements such as food, housing, transportation, travel, shopping, entertainment, etc., and multiple leisure, vacation, sightseeing, etc. A comprehensive development model with integrated functions.”

(Zhou Xixiang, a famous tourism project development expert)

in everydevelopment projectmiddle,Mr. Zhou Xixiangpay great attention tooverall travelofcomfort and experiencealways uphold the rigorousto developmanner.Mr. Zhou Xixiang shared: “In the process of choosing a tourist attraction, the two dimensions of experience and comfort are the most important. In my opinion, experience refers to how many novel experiences tourists can get during the tour; comfort refers to It is whether the tourists are comfortable in the accommodation, eating and other links during the tour. For example, the beach scenery in various places is relatively close, and there will be no obvious difference. The scenery and food experienced are roughly similar. Therefore, generally travel to tropical island beaches , I pay more attention to comfort, not experience. Considering the above factors, when I develop tourism projects, I will combine the local tourism elements and the overall needs of customers to plan. At the same time, according to different tourist destinations, There are different emphases on experience and comfort. Traveling with only comfort and no novel experience will look very pale. In addition, if comfort is ignored, travel will become very hard.” Tourists’ needs are new tourism The original impetus for project development, Mr. Zhou Xixiang usually collects creative suggestions for new tourism products from tourists by conducting surveys on tourists, and then organizes and screens them to capture valuable ideas and innovate tourism projects.

also,Mr. Zhou Xixiang said that the success of tourism development depends on the innovation of recreational methods, the implementation of business models, the unique landscape design and the reality of operation planning. In the development of tourism projects, whether the planned projects are operable is the first standard to test the pros and cons of a tourism project. Today, when the tourism market is not yet fully mature, the planning of tourist areas must not only be creative, but also cannot be completely divorced from reality. It must start from a realistic point of view and combine local tourism resources and market needs to formulate an operable plan. plan. Mr. Zhou Xixiang said: “Tourism planning is an activity that fully considers the existing conditions and development trends of scenic spots through planning, creativity and demonstration, and proposes goals with great value and the best plan that can be implemented on the ground through top-level design. For a tourism project For tourism, it is very important to do a good job of planning in the early stage, so as to make tourism projects more attractive.”

At present, the development of tourism has prompted relevant departments to continuously improve and perfect various facilities, increase service items, and improve service quality. With the development of society, the tourism industry increasingly shows its important position in the national economy. The development of tourism can meet people’s growing material and cultural needs. Through tourism, people can rest physically and mentally, improve their health, broaden their horizons, increase their knowledge, and promote the development of social production.Mr. Zhou Xixiangto domestictourismFull of expectations and confidence for the future development of the company, he believes:“With the continuous development of the tourism industry and the increasing awareness of people’s travel, traditional, routine and similar tourismprojectIt has been unable to meet the ever-changing market needs, in order to adapt to peopledaybeneficialcarryHighplay needsto develop new types of tourismprojectIt is imperative. Any kind of industry can only survive and develop if it meets the needs of the market, and the same is true for tourism.cruelcompetition for uscarryThere were all sorts of problems,butAt the same time, the development of the market has also created more and better products for us.developChance. “

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