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Seek progress while maintaining stability, maintain integrity and innovate to deepen strategic transformation and promote high-quality development of the whole bank? Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank held the 2024 Party Building and Operations Work Conference

Seek progress while maintaining stability, maintain integrity and innovate to deepen strategic transformation and promote high-quality development of the whole bank? Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank held the 2024 Party Building and Operations Work Conference

On January 19, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank held the 2024 Party Building and Operation Work Meeting to comprehensively summarize and analyze the work results in 2023, arrange and deploy various key tasks in 2024, and evaluate the advanced units, advanced collectives and advanced individuals of Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank in 2023. be commended. All members of the leadership team of the Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank Head Office, managers above the team leaders of each department, and heads of branches, Nanyang Rural Bank, and Jinnan Rural Bank attended the meeting at the main venue. Relevant leaders from superior units and regulatory authorities attended the meeting to provide guidance.

The main venue of the 2024 Party Building and Management Work Conference

In 2023, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank’s business scale will grow steadily, with total assets of 428.7 billion yuan, a growth rate of 5.3%; the growth rate of all deposits and loans exceeds 10%; operating efficiency has reached a record high, with a net profit growth rate of 7.65%; asset quality Maintaining the “four reductions and one improvement”, the main regulatory indicators continue to meet the standards, and the quality of development is further improved.

The meeting pointed out that the Central Financial Work Conference gave the financial industry a new mission of building a strong country and rejuvenating the nation, and also pointed out the development positioning of small and medium-sized banks and the direction of future medium- and long-term strategic transformation, which is to “carry out characteristic operations based on the local area.” This requires Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank must return to its roots, delve deeply into the local area, tap local market characteristics and development opportunities, and carry out characteristic operations. The entire bank must regard 2024 as the year of strategic transformation, strengthen confidence in development, comprehensively deepen reforms in all aspects, and use strategic transformation to promote faster and greater progress in the agricultural and commercial undertakings on the road of high-quality development.

The meeting held that in 2024, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank will adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, fully implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the Second Plenary Session of the 20th Central Committee, resolutely implement the decisions and arrangements of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, and deeply grasp the The essence of the “five persistences” of economic work and the “eight persistences” of the financial development path with Chinese characteristics, implement the deployment requirements of the “eight overall coordination” of the Municipal Party Committee’s Economic Work Conference, adhere to the principle of seeking progress while maintaining stability, promoting stability through advancement, and establishing first After breaking through, the work direction is to do a good job in technology finance, green finance, inclusive finance, pension finance, digital finance, industrial finance, and shipping finance; to support the ten actions and “technological innovation industry renewal and urban renewal” as the service content, Deeply promote the deepening reform and upgrading of state-owned enterprises and the work of “revitalizing existing stocks, cultivating increments and improving quality”, focusing on localized, characteristic and digital operations, focusing on the strategic goal of “transformation”, giving full play to the advantages of “small, excellent, fast and agile”, and closely Focus on the three key points of focusing on small and medium-sized enterprises, strictly preventing and controlling hidden risks, and maintaining reasonable interest rate spreads, and lay the “first shot” of strategic transformation; focusing on the business goal of “income generation”, the focus is on expanding revenue sources and improving profitability. , improve service quality and efficiency, improve management efficiency and other aspects to promote reform and innovation, do everything possible to enhance value creation capabilities, ensure the “major premise” of high-quality development, truly promote high-quality development through strategic transformation, and create a financial innovation operation demonstration zone for Tianjin Contribute to the construction of Tianjin as a modern socialist metropolis and provide strong financial support for the comprehensive promotion of financial power and the realization of the great cause of rejuvenation of a powerful country.

The meeting emphasized that the entire bank must always adhere to party building to lead integrated development, and solidly promote the reform cause with a high sense of responsibility and mission to achieve new breakthroughs; build new growth points for transformation based on the local area, create new advantages for characteristic operation and development; and effectively grasp At the key points of revenue generation, we must make precise efforts to steadily increase revenue levels; focus on optimization of layout structure and improvement of management quality and efficiency, and build a solid foundation for transformation and development with refinement and digitalization; we must strengthen the construction of talent teams and quality capabilities to create a company that meets the requirements of the new era. Agricultural and commercial power. Comprehensively implement the “six modernizations” business philosophy of “differentiated operations, distinctive services, standardization of processes, professionalization of teams, efficient operations, and digital empowerment” to continue to inject strong impetus into the high-quality development of rural commercial banks and create new opportunities for rural commercial businesses. situation.

The meeting made it clear that in 2024, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank will focus on solving the two problems of “there are still many hidden economic and financial risks” and “the quality and efficiency of financial services for the real economy are not high”, and will adhere to the principle of returning to the origin, returning to the local area, serving the real economy, small and micro enterprises and the market positioning of “agriculture, rural areas and farmers”, use more financial resources to promote technological innovation, advanced manufacturing, green development and small, medium and micro enterprises, vigorously implement innovation-driven development strategies and regional coordinated development strategies, and comprehensively carry out business structure optimization and asset enhancement The “four major projects” of quality control, formalization of risk compliance management system, and improvement of operation and management quality and efficiency will explore a path to high-quality financial development that is in line with the characteristics of rural commercial banks!

Commend the advanced units, advanced collectives and advanced individuals in 2023

This conference is divided into the main venue and 13 video sub-venues. A total of more than 600 people in charge from the business department of the head office, Binhai branch, central branches, internal departments of Nanyang Rural Bank, internal departments of Jinnan Rural Bank, second-level branches and above attended the meeting.

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