Science and Technology Cloud Report won the “Annual Fusion Reporting Innovation Award” at the 3rd China Digital Economy and Technology Conference

Science and Technology Cloud Report won the “Annual Fusion Reporting Innovation Award” at the 3rd China Digital Economy and Technology Conference

On February 25, 2023, the 2022 Third China Digital Economy and Technology Conference was successfully held in Yancheng, Jiangsu. At this conference, Science and Technology Cloud Report won the “Annual Fusion Reporting Innovation Award” at the 3rd China Digital Economy and Technology Conference.

This is another award that Technology Cloud Report has ushered in this year after winning the 2013-2022 10th Anniversary Special Contribution Award of the Global Cloud Computing Conference “Cloud Ding Award” and the “2022 Outstanding Author Award” by the Tencent Cloud Developer Community.

  Science and Technology Cloud Report won the “Annual Converged Reporting Innovation Award”

The conference is co-sponsored by East China Jiangsu Big Data Trading Center and Yancheng Big Data Group Co., Ltd., guided by the Management Committee of Yannan High-tech Zone, Jiangsu Province, Shanghai Modern Service Industry Federation Financial Technology Committee, Shenzhen National Financial Technology Evaluation Center Co., Ltd. and Guizhou Sai? Industrial Information Research Institute Co., Ltd.

In order to commend the groups that have made outstanding contributions to China’s digital economy industry and have innovative spirit, so as to promote the healthy, rapid and orderly development of the digital economy in China, and help Chinese enterprises to enter the world stage, this conference awarded awards to various groups corresponding awards.

With its influence in the enterprise-level technology field and outstanding content originality, the technology cloud reporting team won the “Annual Fusion Reporting Innovation Award”, which confirms the outstanding contribution and excellence that technology cloud reporting has made to China’s enterprise-level technology industry over the years Performance.

  Intensively cultivate enterprise-level technology reports, technology cloud reports are recognized by the industry

As the digital economy has become the key transformation direction of my country’s high-quality development, how to better build a vertical platform for learning and development in the global digital economy, cooperation and exchanges, accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises, and help industries to coordinate digital transformation and innovation have become the key factors for the development of my country’s digital economy. important issues.

As a vertical industry media in the field of enterprise-level technology, Science and Technology Cloud Report has been focusing on the new digital economy infrastructure fields such as cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain with its unique and in-depth views and solid original writing capabilities. unanimous approval.

It is reported that Science and Technology Cloud Report was established in early 2015. It is a Top10 media in the cutting-edge enterprise IT field. Become an official partner of authoritative conferences such as Trusted Cloud Conference, Global Cloud Computing Conference, Cloud Open Source Industry Conference, Data Expo, INSEC WORLD, IDC Conference, etc., and support important events in the industry with multiple identities such as conference co-organizer, in-depth cooperative media, and guest host. pound meeting.

Since its establishment eight years ago, Technology Cloud Report, as a disseminator of high-quality content in the field of digital economy new infrastructure, has interviewed and reported hundreds of cutting-edge technology companies, including Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud, Amazon Cloud Technology, Huawei Cloud, Sangfor, Nvidia, etc. Well-known technology companies, as well as many cutting-edge companies in the enterprise-level technology field, will showcase leading digital technologies, products, and services to the industry, helping the coordinated transformation of the entire digital industry and contributing to the development of new infrastructure.

As a popular subscription account of Toutiao, Netease, Sohu, Phoenix, Baidu and other self-media platforms, Technology Cloud Report has formed an all-round, multi-channel, and three-dimensional communication offensive to ensure that news is effectively delivered to targeted audiences. Since its establishment, the number of users has maintained High growth, so far the cumulative reading volume has exceeded 15 million. Team members are all well-known media, Top500 companies and other industry practitioners with more than 10 years of experience. They have core communication resources including journalists and expert groups, and have great influence in the technology circle.

Ms. Zhang Ying, Executive Editor-in-Chief of Technology Cloud Report & Vice President of Ximan Media, said that Technology Cloud Report is deeply involved in the field of enterprise-level technology and is good at in-depth industry observation and reporting. In the future, it will continue to focus on cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, network security, and 5G , Blockchain and other cutting-edge technology fields, bringing readers both in-depth and interesting industry views, helping to promote the rapid and healthy development of China’s digital economy.

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