Schneider Electric held the Closing Ceremony of the Green Smart Manufacturing Win-Win Program to Accelerate the Integration of Data and Reality through Innovation

Schneider Electric held the Closing Ceremony of the Green Smart Manufacturing Win-Win Program to Accelerate the Integration of Data and Reality through Innovation

  Recently, the Closing Ceremony of the Third Season Green Smart Manufacturing Win-Win Program, co-sponsored by the International Economic and Technical Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Schneider Electric, was successfully held in Shanghai.This event brings together the important achievements of the past three years, with constant highlights: 5 companiesacceleratecampInnovative small and medium-sized enterprises demonstrated joint innovation PoC solutions around 5 major scenarios; 4 companiesgrowth campThe company demonstrated the latest achievements of continuous innovation and iteration around four major scenarios; at the same time,Green Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Convergence Innovation Expert CommitteeBig releaseGreen Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Convergence Innovation Report”, based on in-depth and solid research on technology fusion innovation, provides useful enlightenment and reference for the development path of industrial innovation.

From the exploration in 2020 to the simultaneous development of innovation and scale in 2022, in the past 3 years, the green and intelligent manufacturing win-win planAttracted more than 350 small and medium-sized enterprises focusing on high-tech fields to sign up, and nearly 40 enterprises entered the jointcreative planphase, covering 20an industrial scene,From 0 to 1, from 1 to small-scale replication, and then to full marketization, it will promote the integrated development of large and medium-sized enterprises and accelerate the digital transformation of industries.

  Schneider ElectricSenior Vice President, Head of Industrial Automation Business ChinaPangXing JianSaid: “With the deepening of digital and real integration, industrial development needs the support of technological innovation more than ever before.Green Smart ManufacturingWin-win plannot onlyyesimplementinnovationdrivePromote the integrated development of small and medium-sized enterprisesa strategic move byis also afacingfutureindustryforward-looking layout.Relying on this platform, Schneider Electric will combine production, learning, research and application, continue to explore the path of technological innovation, accelerate the construction of an innovation ecosystem, promote the transformation of innovation achievements, and provide a steady stream of innovation momentum for industrial digital transformation. “

Pang Xingjian, Senior Vice President of Schneider Electric and Head of Industrial Automation Business China, made an opening speech

Mao Tao, the International Cooperation Department of the International Economic and Technical Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said: “Currently, international competition is becoming increasingly fierce, but the global industrial chain pattern of ‘I am in you, and you are in me’ has not changed.Only by strengthening the cooperation between the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to form a symbiotic and win-win industrial ecologyIn order to lay a solid foundation for winning the future.The green intelligent manufacturing win-win plan is implying the adoption ofinnovation‘and’winmeaning of the future, focuscooperateand innovation, enabling enterprises to obtain more opportunities to win the future.At the same time, more and more win-win results have begun to serve the economy and society, contributing more and more “win-win” power to the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry. “

  aimindustrial scene straighthit customerPain points

To seize the strategic opportunity of industrial digital and intelligent transformation, Schneider Electricspeed up breakthroughin the industrial scenekey pain points,for“Specialized and new”SMEsProvide more scope for use.After nearly 10 months of acceleration camp training, scene visits and joint program development, under the full escort of industry experts and the Green Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Integration Innovation Expert Committee,5HomeThe innovative technology enterprise successfully completed the preliminary program verification and demonstrated the co-creation program at the closing ceremony.Shanghai Hongpu Information Technology Co., Ltd.With its outstanding performance, it won the gold medal in the finals of the third quarter green intelligent manufacturing win-win plan.

On-site awards for the gold medal enterprises in the third quarter finals of the Green Intelligent Manufacturing Win-Win Program

From the cement industry to the water industry, light industry and daily chemicals, from virtual maintenance of industrial equipment to traffic dispatching, the accelerated enterprises that have created joint innovation solutions “from 0 to 1” have handed over brilliant answers. Among them, Jingteng Technology integrates Schneider Electric’s deep insight into the industry and its own technical advantages to create an equipment virtualization maintenance solution based on remote collaboration and workflow guidance of mixed reality technology, which remotely empowers operators for equipment debugging, maintenance and The whole process of training brings the development vision of “Industrial Metaverse” into reality.

At the event site, Schneider Electric andShanghai Jingteng Information Technology Co., Ltd.,Rediscovery (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.,Beijing Collaborative Innovation Smart WaterServicelimited companyto signcoupletcreative plancooperation agreement,In the future, it will continue to deepen theEquipment virtual maintenance, traffic dispatching and warehouse management experts,Precise aeration system for sewage treatment plantCooperation and large-scale replication and promotion in the field.

growing upcampcontinuediterationReplicate at scalefurther

  at the same time,Focusing on the growth camp from 1 to small-scale replication, it marks the in-depth advancement of the green and intelligent manufacturing win-win plan from the creation of joint creation solutions to the large-scale replication of innovative achievements. Schneider Electric joins hands with growth companies based on scenario requirements and in-depth practice to continuously iteratively optimize joint innovation solutions around scenarios such as personnel active safety management platform, snack food industry APS and scheduling system, etc.from1 to small-scale replication,furtherpromoteindustryDigitizingDo deep and solid.

  By virtue of beingOutstanding performance in the Win-Win Plan, Shanghai Huidu Intelligent System Co., Ltd., Chengdu Jingwei Technology Co., Ltd., Qingyanxunke (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. and Youhualin Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. won the “2022 Green Smart Manufacturing Win-Win Plan – Gold Medal Innovation Ecological Partner” Award.

  technologyFusion innovationEmbrace the industry of the future

The advent of the digital economy era has brought vigorous impetus to the intelligent transformation and digital transformation of the industry.The high-quality development of industry must find answers from technological innovation and stand on the “high ground” of innovationconductface to the futureForward-looking layout,ThatFootholdIt is the integration and innovation of technology.The “Schneider Electric, Amazon Cloud Technology, Chuangda and Smart Factory Research Institute experts”Green Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Convergence Innovation Expert Committee“Provide entrants with “full life-cycle” system planning and support from market demand research, technology integration guidance, achievement transformation and replication, market expansion, etc., not only empowering joint innovation of various projects, but also on-site After the research, we will help companies promote technological integration and innovation from a higher perspective, and empower the long-term development of the companies entering the business.

  On the day of the final,Committee of ExpertsBig releaseGreen Smart ManufacturingWin-win planInnovative research results:“Green Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Integration and Innovation Report”, focusing on OT, IT, DT, ET,CT,Let technology better focus on industry scenarios for innovation, outline the panorama of manufacturing technology integration and innovation, provide executable and practical suggestions for industry decision makers and relevant researchers, and contribute to future industrial innovation and development.

Technology integration and innovation, building and activating the ecosystem are the keys to realizing digital and low-carbon dual transformation. With the continuous emergence of innovative achievements, the Green Smart Manufacturing Win-Win Program has become one of the most concerned and valuable platforms for entrepreneurial incubation, technological innovation and achievement transformation in the industrial market. The fourth season of the Green Smart Manufacturing Win-Win Program will be launched in April 2023, and will bring richer scenarios and stronger ecological “support”. Innovation never stops. Schneider Electric hopes that through the platform of “Green Smart Manufacturing Win-Win Plan”, it will attract more specialized and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises and leading enterprises in the industry, integrate innovation, accelerate the integration of data and reality, and join hands in the future industry.

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