Save one air conditioner in ten years!Haier’s variable shunt technology is energy-saving and healthy


Today, air conditioners have become an indispensable household appliance in people’s lives. However, the electricity bills caused by the use of air conditioners continue to rise, which has also become a pain point that is difficult to solve for countless users. How to choose an energy-saving air conditioner that is easy to use and saves money?

On March 14, at the 2024 China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo (AWE), Haier Air Conditioning exhibited Jinshuang Air Conditioning’s new aldehyde removal product. This air conditioner applies the first variable shunt technology, which greatly improves the cooling and heating efficiency and reduces power consumption. For users, they can save money on an air conditioner in ten years. In addition, through the two major health technologies of sterilization, self-cleaning and aldehyde removal, it not only efficiently meets the energy saving needs, but also brings users new formulas for healthy life.

  Does cooling consume a lot of power?Variable splitter saves one air conditioner in ten years

At a time when the concept of low-carbon environmental protection is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the amount of electricity consumed by air conditioners has also become a topic frequently asked by visitors at this exhibition. In people’s general understanding, high cooling and heating of air conditioners are often accompanied by high energy consumption.

In the Haier air conditioner exhibition area, an air conditioner subverted the perceptions of all on-site visitors. It was Haier Jinshuang air conditioner. The disruptive green technology used in this air conditioner – variable shunt technology, can increase the cooling capacity and heating capacity of the air conditioner by 8% and 10% respectively, meeting the user’s strong cooling and heating needs. At the same time, just as variable lanes at urban intersections can improve traffic efficiency, variable diverting technology has also greatly improved the operating efficiency of air conditioning.

As efficiency increases, energy consumption will naturally decrease. According to calculations, Haier air conditioners using variable shunt technology can save more than 400 degrees of electricity per year under the national standard working conditions of 1,136 hours of cooling and 433 hours of heating. Calculated based on the user’s usage time, the cost of an air conditioner can be saved in ten years, which is a real savings. After actual machine testing, this technology has obtained the “Low Carbon Product Certification” and “Energy Saving Test Report” certifications from China Electronics Research Weikai Testing Technology Co., Ltd., proving the energy-saving strength of Haier’s variable split air conditioner.

  Is energy saving enough?Haier air conditioning healthy air experience upgraded

“I can’t wait to move into my new home, but the smell just after decoration is too strong and the formaldehyde cannot be dispersed cleanly. I have never dared to live in it with my family.” Mr. Wang, who came to visit, said that a good air conditioner should not only save energy, but also create a natural and pleasant atmosphere. Air to ensure healthy breathing for your family.

So can Haier’s Jinshuang air conditioner meet Mr. Wang’s health needs? Haier Jinshuang Air Conditioner has fully upgraded the formaldehyde removal version, subverting the traditional formaldehyde removal model and innovating the formaldehyde purification technology, which catalytically decomposes formaldehyde pollutants in the air into water and carbon dioxide, achieving formaldehyde removal when the air is supplied, and purifying the air in the whole house once an hour. , long-term and complete removal of formaldehyde, bringing a new healthy and comfortable new air experience to newlyweds like Mr. Wang.

In addition, this air conditioner also applies sterilization and self-cleaning technology. As a pioneer in this field, Haier air conditioners have upgraded sterilization and self-cleaning technology through 5 iterations, achieving triple sterilization of water, fire, and electricity. The air sterilization rate is as high as 99.9%. It can keep the air conditioner and air clean, ensuring that the air that blows into the home is clean. The wind is fresh and healthy.

Whether it is health technology that is continuously upgraded to keep up with user needs, or variable shunt technology that actually saves users money, Haier air conditioners rely on this precise insight into user needs and continuous innovation to achieve success. recognized by global users.



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