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Salute to the most beautiful retrograde man!Yueyang Road Primary School walks into the fire rescue station

Salute to the most beautiful retrograde man!Yueyang Road Primary School walks into the fire rescue station

In order to cultivate students’ awareness of safety precautions and firmly establish the concept of fire safety, on the occasion of the 32nd National Fire Protection Day, on the afternoon of November 9, students from Yueyang Road Primary School came to the North Road Fire Rescue Station of the Sports Institute to carry out the “Yueyang Primary School” The children participated in the “Fire Protection and Life Safety Escort” activity.

The firefighters opened the side door of the fire truck in turn, and the secrets in the car were revealed one by one: fire extinguishers, water spray guns, firefighting suits, air breathing apparatus and other fire-fighting equipment. The “dazzling array” of modern rescue equipment amazed the students. The detailed explanation and reenactment of the situation by the staff amazed everyone even more.

Afterwards, the students visited the garage and slider demonstration, and witnessed the uniform and rapid response of the firefighters. The firefighters quickly descended to their positions from the sliding pole, put on their equipment, inspected the vehicle, started the accelerator, and were ready to go. The firefighters also demonstrated how to lay fire hoses within the specified time, set up a ladder and climb to the second floor as quickly as possible, etc. The students present applauded and cheered.

The firefighter uncle vividly explained safety knowledge to the students, and taught theoretical knowledge such as the importance of fire safety, daily fire prevention precautions, fire rescue work content, and scientific methods of personal self-rescue; on the other hand, during the teaching process, Firefighting and rescue equipment such as firefighting suits and how to use them were also displayed. The students were deeply attracted by the fire-fighting equipment that they cannot touch in daily life. During the process of trying on the fire-fighting uniforms, the students deeply felt the tediousness and hard work of fire-fighting rescue work.

From the moment the siren sounded, the children’s heartstrings tightened with the soldiers, as if they were on the battlefield. Everyone couldn’t help but sigh that it was precisely because of their “retrograde” without fear of life and death that thousands of families had peace. The Rongwa Huiwa were moved to present banners to the firefighters, and presented briefings and handicrafts made by themselves to express their admiration for the firefighting work. The students intuitively understood fire rescue equipment through on-site listening, personal experience, on-site visits and other methods, enriched fire safety knowledge and improved fire safety awareness. They yearned for and admired “Flame Blue” more, and also had a strong sense of responsibility and mission. Have a deeper understanding and appreciation!

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