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Salute to the Fourth Chinese People’s Police Day? Shanghai Bank implements the concept of “People’s City, People’s City Building People’s City for the People” and supports the public security cause with high-quality financial services

Salute to the Fourth Chinese People’s Police Day? Shanghai Bank implements the concept of “People’s City, People’s City Building People’s City for the People” and supports the public security cause with high-quality financial services

January 10, 2024 is the fourth Chinese People’s Police Day. As a local financial state-owned enterprise, the Bank of Shanghai has always insisted on providing high-quality financial services to support the public security cause and contribute to creating a harmonious and stable social environment for many years.

  Police and banks join forces to protect citizens’ money bags

Recently, an elderly customer, Mr. Qin, went to the Tianshan Branch of the Bank of Shanghai to request a transfer service. In accordance with the anti-fraud risk prevention and control requirements, bank staff prepared fraud prevention tips and “four inquiries and one notification” before handling the business. Mr. Qin said that because he needed to pay his grandson’s tutoring fees, he had to withdraw a time deposit of 100,000 yuan in advance. During this period, the staff noticed that the customer had repeatedly received suspicious messages on WeChat urging transfers, and immediately reminded the customer that they might have encountered fraud.

After repeated persuasion failed, the outlet immediately contacted the nearest police station, and the police rushed to the outlet immediately. After joint verification by the police and staff, it was confirmed that Mr. Qin had indeed suffered a fraud.

No coincidence. When the Baotong Branch of the Bank of Shanghai handled an advance withdrawal and transfer involving one million yuan for a customer, he keenly noticed something strange about the people accompanying the customer. During the process of asking about the purpose of the transfer, both the supervisor and the teller discovered something unusual. After repeated persuasion to no avail, they notified the local police station as soon as possible.

After a joint investigation by multiple departments of the Public Security Bureau, it was verified that it was a case of illegally attracting public deposits. Thanks to the timely interception and quick handling by the Baotong Branch, the money was saved for the citizens, and it was highly recognized by the local police.

  Police and banks work together to build a strong anti-fraud barrier

There are many similar cases in Bank of Shanghai.

In the face of various new fraud methods, Bank of Shanghai actively practices “finance for the people”, and the police and banks work together to build a solid barrier to prevent electronic fraud.

The first is to strengthen publicity. For example, the Puxi Branch and Shinan Branch of the Bank of Shanghai invited Police Officer Huang Yi, a senior anti-fraud propagandist of the Public Security Corps of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau, to conduct a number of financial anti-fraud presentations. As the largest pension issuance bank in Shanghai, the Bank of Shanghai invites police officers from the branch’s security detachment to distribute anti-telecom fraud leaflets at 365 outlets during peak pension periods to vividly popularize financial knowledge and strive to enhance citizens’ anti-fraud awareness. The second is to strengthen linkage. Bank of Shanghai branches have strengthened the establishment of a long-term linkage mechanism with the local police to make the security barriers of branches stronger. For example, Puxi Branch cooperated with police officers from the local police station to successfully intercept many new telecommunications frauds and successfully kept the “money bags” for elderly customers; Shibei Branch cooperated with the public security organs to intercept cases of illegally attracting deposits from the public, effectively protecting the safety of customers’ funds. . The third is technological empowerment. The Bank of Shanghai has cooperated with the Shanghai Anti-Fraud Center to build a prevention system for funds involved in telecom network fraud. In 2023, the Bank of Shanghai successfully intercepted more than 10,000 suspicious transactions involving fraud, with a cumulative amount of more than 100 million yuan.

  Police-bank cooperation better supports public security

The People’s Police Force is a force with glorious traditions and fine styles. It is also the force that sacrifices the most and contributes the most in peacetime. Over the years, Bank of Shanghai has continued to carry out extensive cooperation with the Shanghai Public Security Bureau in financial services such as budget fund management, salary payment, and joint credit cards. In 2023, the two parties cooperated to launch an online operation cash management platform for special collection accounts within the municipal bureau of the Public Security Bureau, which not only improved the efficiency of special payment account management, but also provided convenience for paying users.

In order to increase its efforts to love and benefit the police, the Bank of Shanghai donated 5 million yuan to the Golden Shield Foundation of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau. The fund aims to “comfort heroes, promote righteousness, gather police morale, and inspire police spirit.” By raising donations from the society and the public, it will be used for public security care work, commend and condolences outstanding police officers and their families, and those who are injured or injured while assisting public security work. Auxiliary police personnel with particularly outstanding performance.

Help summer care and solve the worries of guards

Since 2010, the Shanghai Children’s Fund has focused on the key tasks of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, adhered to the principle of being demand-oriented and close to people’s livelihood, in order to alleviate the practical difficulties and worries of the city’s front-line staff in special positions, and solve the summer “caregiving problems” for children of families in special positions. To solve the “difficult” problem, the “Safety Home·Safety Summer Nursery” has been carried out for many years, and the beneficiary groups include children from families with two police officers.

As the only vice-chairman unit of a financial institution of the Shanghai Children’s Fund, the Bank of Shanghai has funded the “Safe Summer Nursery” project for many years, effectively solving the practical difficulties of dual-income families in special positions. In addition to donating funds, Bank of Shanghai also relies on the “Better Life Studio” of its outlets to carry out financial knowledge popularization and popularization of financial knowledge in the classroom to help children spend a fulfilling and happy summer vacation.

The People’s City is built by the people, and the People’s City is for the people. As a local bank rooted on the banks of the Huangpu River, the Bank of Shanghai has co-existed with the city for 29 years. It will always adhere to its original intention of serving the people in finance, come from the people and go to the people, and use high-quality financial services to protect the most lovable people in the city.

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